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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Hosnian Hostilies Coverage
Hacked by: Lahasa Fy, Corporate Sector Commodities
Date: Year 19 Day 201 Location Unknown
I apologize for this transmission being text only. However, due to evolving circumstances, in order to transmit news in the most efficient form possible, we are sticking to the basics.

I am Lahasa Fy, broadcasting on behalf of a network of independent reporters uniting under the Shili Free Radio public broadcasting license. We are diligently covering the unfolding events in the newly discovered Hosnian system.

We are still investigating what triggered the galactic-wide realization that a previously undiscovered system existed so close to the core.

Currently, tens of thousands of sentients have flooded the system trying to secure a section of the system for their gain. We are learning details on a whole host of topics. For ongoing coverage please turn your commlink or communications array to this frequency to keep up to date on all the breaking events.

In summary of the largest news items to date:

Despite the Imperial proclamation, individuals both typically aligned with and against the Empire continued to claim land as their own in defiance of the Emperor and Moff Carinae.

The first colonies have been established on Raysho, but no formal governing or leadership system has been formed. we expect that within a standard day or so, barring any new developments or clashes.

The New Republic had attempted to puchase a large portion of two planets, but were swindled out of almost 3 billion credits by Randall Blackheart, Dain Vel Iblis and the rest of the greed-driven religious group called Midas.

The Flower Company, believed to be the first group on scene in the Hosnian System, has claimed full ownership of the moon around Hosnian Prime, and other territory across the system, but is reportedly looking to cash in on their efforts, as opposed to holding their newly acquired terriritory long term.

Deaths of sentients involved in attempting to construct power plants, living quarters and other structures continue to mount, easily over a thousand deaths have likely occurred to date, with many more to come, however we have yet to learn of the death or capture of any prominent commander at this time.

Stay tuned for continued breaking news as the hostilities continue.

Stay safe. Good luck. If you are in system and have news to report to the galaxy at large, please do not hesitate to contact myself, or one of our team of reporters.

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Events in Brief
Year 19 Day 229: Today marked the ascendency of Nova Blades into Courtsilius politics, as they managed to secure their own candidate's legitimacy was respected by the planet's previous ruling powers long tied to Zann Consortium.
Year 19 Day 229: The ease with which Alpha Medical Corporation had visibly improved the economy of Dakuyl has made it increasingly obvious to Dakuyl's citizens that Alpha Medical Corporation would make more than sufficient leadership, and have called together a council, intended to hand over authority to Alpha Medical Corporation.
Year 19 Day 229: Change of Government on Dakuyl
Year 19 Day 228: O.R.I.O.N. was dissolved today due to inactivity.