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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
How the Hosnian System was discovered
Hacked by: Lahasa Fy, Corporate Sector Commodities
Date: Year 19 Day 205 Location Unknown
Hello, gentle beings. Before we begin today’s news, I would like to remind all our loyal listeners, that our annual fundraising campaign has officially begun. If you wish to donate to help keep Shili Free Radio on the air and support our vital efforts to bring you the news of the galaxy, please contact Lahasa Fy. As the fundraising campaign’s honorary chairman and donations coordinator, Lahasa can discuss membership programs and donation options with you. Your support keeps our vibrant programs such as “The galaxy in which we live,” “Newshour with T4R2,” and “Wait, hold on, don’t tell me” on the air.

Now to our special report on the Hosnian System.

Ever since the surprise broadcast of the existence of the Hosnian system, two questions have been on minds of many:
“Who found the system?” and
"Why did they not claim it?”

These questions have gone unanswered, until today. It is an interesting tale to say the least, and the tale starts about eight standard months ago. Events leading to the discovery began unfolding even before that point, but that is the point where we pick up the story.

Around that time, Kez Aak, the founder of Endless Endeavors, had just acquired a G-1A transport, named the Spirit of Huk. This ship was burdened with a questionable history of reported insomnia, paranoia, and terrible luck for pilots and passengers. That history has been previously recorded; see the attached file for additional info.

Aak, whose manufacturing group also runs a respected transportation division, assigned a pilot to collect the ship and transport it to his central base of operations. However, before the pilot could arrive, the ship’s flight control systems apparently glitched, sending the ship off into hyperspace. Unmanned and uncontrolled, the Spirit of Huk traveled of its own accord.

Dimitri Halden, and the technical crew at Endless Endeavors eventually managed to shut down and wipe the Spirit of Huk's main computer. This action shut down the hyperdrive and the ship reverted to normal space. Disturbed by this event adding to the ship’s spooky history, Aak listed the ship for auction through Ortolan business man Narmo Colmven. The ship was bought at auction, but sat idle for 6 months, when its new owner was finally able to take a break from his duties and retrieve his ship.

Exactly what happened to the ship after its computer banks were wiped remotely is a bit of conjecture. We reached out to some of the galaxy’s best stellar mechanics and physicists to recreate the Spirit of Huk's movements. These experts determined that when it was ripped from hyperspace in an uncontrolled fashion, it maintained some amount of forward thrust. Eventually, this thrust carried the ship toward the Hosnian sun, where the ship settled into a mostly stable orbit at the very outskirts of the Hosnian system. After being able to remotely start up a homing beacon, the subject of our story was thrust into the spotlight of the galaxy.


While on leave from Tresario Star Kingdom, petty officer Kellen Deming was finally able to collect the ship he had won in an auction a few months ago. Excited to be leave, and on an extended hyperspace trip, he did what any self-respecting junior officer with more money than free time would do; he threw himself a bit of a party featuring a little bit of sabacc on the holowebs, a few drinks, maybe a video or three that we can’t talk about over public airwaves. In case children are reading, we will not say more about the activities aboard his ship.

In the evening hours of Day 188 (Galactic Standard Time), Deming, asleep following his recreational activities, awakened to the alarm klaxons that signaled the end of his hyperspace trip. Quite literally crawling to the cockpit to work the controls with a pounding headache and eyes red and bloodshot from poor sleep, he exited hyperspace and unknowingly became the first sentient life to visit the Hosnian system.

His mind, although less than fully alert, was focused on seeing his beautiful new ship for the first time. Therefore, he paid no attention to his scanners showing nearby planets. Having served aboard ships in the Anzat system, seeing planets nearby was nothing unusual. Satisfied with his new ship’s appearance, he slaved the Spirit's navigational controls to his current ship, and promptly set a course back for Tresario space. Deming immediately headed back to sleep to ensure he was fit for duty upon his return.

As The Spirit of Huk, properly following Deming’s flight path, winked out of existence back into hyperspace, it left behind the glittering jewel of the Hosnian System. Shining oceans rippled with gentle waves. Majestic peaks stood serenely, ringed by wispy clouds. Fields of tall grasses swayed in a light breeze. Until one week later, when the scanning records from Deming’s travels were automatically crosschecked with the galactic standard gravitational computers, per typical operational procedure. The automated system verified that his scanners recorded several planetary bodies that had not yet been charted. At that moment, the automated alerts spread across the galaxy like wildfire as navigational computers everywhere were updated with the new information.

There it is, folks, the story of the discovery of the Hosnian system. It took just a fluke accident, a single malfunctioning datacenter on a single, small transport to lead to the ruination of a pristine system. Whole ecosystems are now devastated, having been flattened, stripped, paved, duracreted and plasteeled over, in the name of greed and domination. All of this, because of one glitch in a computational matrix.

This is Lahasa Fy, on behalf of Shili Free Radio, wishing you safe travels and good luck in your journeys.

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 87: The Cooperative, holding numerous systems, today claimed their independence. The Cooperative is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.
Year 20 Day 87: The eXiles has been renamed to Cooperative. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 87: Aeyris was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 20 Day 87: Rick Fias, the leader of Blackskull Trading was replaced today by Hondo Walker.
Year 20 Day 87: Raptor Cardel, the leader of Aeyris was replaced today by Mason Eyre.
Year 20 Day 87: Nikolaj Eyre, the leader of Azeneth Medical was replaced today by Atom Mirrabel.
Year 20 Day 86: From today on, a new group will offer medical services to the beings of this galaxy. Asher Institute for Medical Research is led by Stephanie Kershaw and opened its first headquarters in [Cybot] Perrotown on Asher III.
Year 20 Day 86: Grubo Besadii Korrda, the leader of Byblos Developments and Yields was replaced today by Remington Steele.
Year 20 Day 85: After a daring and perhaps brash political move on the part of Falleen Federation, The Jedi Order has decided to cede the reins of power, leaving the citizens of Ando B under the control of Falleen Federation.