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Hacked by: Greyson Abrams, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 19 Day 205 Location Unknown



Today, Zann Consortium addressed via live broadcast the Hosnian crisis citing foul play at the hands of the Galactic Empire.

Zann Consortium, a crime syndicate known for its staunch anti-Imperial position, stated that the only organization to take any losses despite a proclamation made by Emperor Seele was indeed the Empire and even with their best efforts, the Imperails are suffering from lack of expertise in areas of hand-to-hand combat, especially with their leadership.  The claim has drawn questions to how well the so called "galactic super power" trains its troops if it can be bested by what many Imperial unionists regularly refer to as "common criminals" or "plebeians" like that of Zann itself.

Among the losses Fede Vonrico, the 3rd Imperial Legion Commanding General, was captured by Cell 5 Leader Seth Haze.  Cell 5 is a special tactical cell known for its rapid deployment in times of war and capturing of enemies.

Jic Uiji of The Exchange captured Vladamir Vesolov, another Imperial General.

Kuga Morgul, an individual connected to Eidola, also captured Olifa Omicron who is also another ranking officer of the Empire.

"The Empire's proclamation only resonates with mindless husks who rather submit to a dictatorship under the guise of fealty, than stand on their feet and fight for their freedom. Let our execution of Fede like that of his brethren in past, remind the Empire again, we give no quarter to human supremacists especially the so-called "Galactic Empire ".  Crime Lord Ximaro Jix stated briefly in a broadcasted recording.

The Zann Consortum also cited that the Empire have begun to deploy members of the 3rd Imperial Fleet along with 3rd Imperial Legion troopers onto planet Loedorvia 2 in the sector of Weemel. The Empire also have begun introducing slavery to the populace, a practice Zann has long embraced.

“Are they trying to help us or do the Imps need work?” Zann Consortium Master Slaver Hondo Walker stated in a brief recorded transmission.

With the Empire's employment of the same skull thuggery they condemn others for along with offering payouts to all alleged enemies of throne, anti-Imperial critics watch patiently to see just how far the Empire will allow itself to sink into the same depths as its enemies before it returns to its former glory. This poses the question, is this the Empire's new glory to become like the scum they cannot ever quell?

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 81: A new information group began broadcasting today. Moebius Ventures will be led by Nat`rhon L`uukh and opened its first headquarters in Moebious Centre on Trasi Companion B.
Year 20 Day 81: From today on, a new group will offer medical services to the beings of this galaxy. Azeneth Medical is led by Nikolaj Eyre and opened its first headquarters in Vlemeth Port II 1,2 on Vlemeth Port II.
Year 20 Day 81: Siejo Kutol, the leader of Kutol-Chan Industrial was replaced today by Kran Chan.
Year 20 Day 80: Tomas O`Cuinn, the leader of DefenStar Ltd was replaced today by Corwyn Zythor.
Year 20 Day 80: Taranjeek O`Cuinn, the leader of Lardanis Survival Systems was replaced today by Pursh Greene.
Year 20 Day 80: Darin Byrch, the leader of Veilhal Nomads was replaced today by Ylvia Skelgard.
Year 20 Day 79: Redjon Mirrabel, the leader of Black Curs was replaced today by Caedmon Gaines.