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A Farewell to Arms
Posted by: Kalzel Gryjiss, The Krath
Date: Year 19 Day 234 Onboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser KMS Arrakis in system Shesharile (70, -450).

Krath Royal Palace
Palace City
Shesharile 3
Shesharile system
Minos sector

Krath's Lord Protector to step down

Earlier today, Kalzel Gryjiss, one of the most prominent members of the Krath military apparatus, announced his upcoming resignation and subsequent retirement. Following the closure of Krath's first ever Grand Convent of Faith, a religious melting pot aimed at establishing definitive answers to numerous problematic spots of the Krath canon, the Krath government issued an empire-wide broadcast with the purpose of celebrating Krath's newfound religious unity in spite of rogue influences threatening to disrupt the talks. Gryjiss was the last of the five speakers set to take the stage of the Imperial Plaza. However, instead of an expected commendation of the coordinated efforts on behalf of the Holy Krath Legion and the Order of Krath, he dedicated his five minutes in the spotlight to a different issue altogether; that being his discontinuation of service as the Lord Protector of Krath.





"It's been three years, but it feels more like thirty," he noted in the initial phase of his monologue, "[...] and I find myself being unable to give it the amount of effort necessary to keep things running. I just lost steam and I need to cut back before it gets even worse." In the subsequent moments, he cited his reasoning behind the decision, drafted a vague impression of his envisioned future and ultimately thanked the people of Krath, both common folk and the elite, for their support. He also pre-emptively addressed the concerns of the opposition in regards to his relationship with the Krath command. "This is not something I'm doing without thinking it through. We've talked about it with Talak [Kasra, Gryjiss' superior] and we've reached an understanding. I will still remain a citizen of the Krath Empire. There doesn't have to be a looting every time a member of our high society decides to ditch his spot," he glossed with a smile, clearly a remark to his predecessor's infamous departure from Krath and later Kagurazaka Yoi's attempt to cripple Minos-Mestra Munitions, Krath's lead arms manufacturer.

What does this mean for the Krath Empire?

As far as the military is concerned, not much; the usual procedure is to appoint another suitable officer of rank for a probation period, during which he will be instructed on how to best handle his new privileges and responsiblities. However, it has not been uncommon for the Legion to fall directly under control of the Lord Imperator himself for prolonged periods of time until a sufficiently experienced candidate could be found. Gryjiss had expressed his full support of Talak Kasra's decision in the matter, leaving him with the responsibility of either finding a new Lord Protector or scrapping the title indefinitely.

When examining the situation through the eyes of the civilian populace, most experts agree that Mr. Gryjiss' actions will likely result in a net loss for the Empire. Despite his quarrelsome nature and a less-than-sensitive approach towards other members of Krath's elite (as well as the Galaxy's elite in general), he has more often than not used the resources available at his disposal to directly promote cultural and economical prosperity across the Empire. Over his 22 standard months of leadership, he became somewhat of a public staple, often advocating on behalf of Krath and its people both within and without the Empire's borders. Along with Lord Imperator Kasra and Cuyan Hulo, he'd been responsible for the restoration of Krath's rim territories, complete restructuralization of the Holy Krath Legion and its rank structure and his actions ultimately assisted the capture and execution of Varro Belle, an accomplishment rewarded by the Shesharile Star, Krath's highest military accolade. It is unknown how much he'll be able to contribute without the means associated with his former position.



What next? "Who knows?"

It is too early for the Galaxy to determine if and how much will Gryjiss's departure affect both his superiors and subordinates, but he'd pledged do everything in his power to make the transition as smooth and manageable as possible. During an interview held for the representatives of mainstream Krath media, Gryjiss had noted that "[He] would still be around if time allows. There's still a couple of ongoing projects left to finish. After that, who knows?" He claimed that his future career path was an open field, jokingly likening the amount of his opportunities to "the total sum of unsuccessful rash treatments on Drup II, each more disappointing than the last." Gryjiss also mentioned the possibility of finally visiting Hosnian, for a first-hand experience of "what all the fuss is about." When pressed for a serious answer, he admitted he was inclined to take a break from high-profile duty that came with his former title, instead looking for a more civil, low-key assignment. He himself belives that: "[His] face is not really something any sensible person should put on the Holo."





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