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Chimaera Consulting News Release
Posted by: Tyr Kratos, Chimaera Consulting
Date: Year 19 Day 261 From the Command Centre The Kochik Building in FFC Kenosha 08 01 on Kenosha (123, -100).

KENOSHA, Tynna - Industry experts and major news media representatives from around the galaxy gathered at the Chimaera Consulting headquarters complex on Kenosha today for a special press conference regarding the defense contractor’s future. An obvious air of excitement could be felt as anticipation for the announcement grew within the gathered crowd, including some of the company’s largest investors and clients, just days before the next annual meeting of the Board of Trustees. Speculation was high as to what the Board planned to announce; anonymous sources have claimed that a large acquisition was in the works after a series of strong earnings were rumored from the private corporation the past three fiscal quarters.

The young company has seen steady growth as corporations and local governments have rushed to replace traditional security services with more innovative and cost-effective systems offered by contracted firms. It is rumored that a number of galactic powers have contacted the security consultant inquiring into their services. Chimaera has been at the forefront of this shift, founded by decorated former Imperial officer Nikai Tonnak and led by some of the industry’s most iconic names. By offering a full suite of security and other defense-related services, the company has been able to edge out smaller firms incapable of offering such a wide range of services at a competitive rate with impressive turnaround times.

Speculation surrounding the corporation’s future remained high as Ars Bastra, Acting Chief of External Affairs, took the podium and announced that Director Tonnak would be resigning from Chimaera and that Deputy Director Tyr Kratos would be taking over as Director of Chimaera Consulting and President of the Board of Trustees. According to Bastra, the decision was approved unanimously by the Board of Trustees during a late-night executive session. While Director Kratos had assumed the duties of Director unofficially several weeks prior, after former Director Tonnak was forced to step back for personal reasons, the move could not be finalized until the Board weighed in.

Bastra further announced that Director Kratos has also purchased the faction from former Director Tonnak for 500,000,000 credits plus guaranteed office space and secured transport in a deal that closed just days ago.


“We thank former Director Nikai Tonnak for his contributions to Chimaera Consulting and wish him the best of luck in future endeavors,” Ars Bastra said during the announcement. “It is always difficult to see a founding figure of his magnitude leave, but with his legacy of leadership we are confident the company will continue to flourish and there is none better than Director Kratos as his successor.”

Reporters were quick to speculate and inquire into the reasons for Tonnak’s departure. During his inaugural address, Kratos addressed these concerns. “Mr. Tonnak has decided to return to active service in the Empire. At this time, he and his family request privacy but he leaves knowing Chimaera is in capable hands.” Flanked on either side of the man was Evan Crawford, Chief of Directorates, and Alun Tringad, Special Assistant to the Director. “We have the most experienced team in the industry.” 


As a teaser for the upcoming annual meeting, Kratos hinted at structural changes coming to the security firm, namely the much-anticipated reorganization of the Office of Personnel Management and Office of Public Relations into the Offices of Internal and External Affairs respectively. Kratos noted that this was just one of several upcoming changes that will streamline efficiency and ensure that clients receive ever improving service.

Kratos surveyed the room, “We strive to change the status quo within the galactic market. We embody a culture of excellence within our company. We offer every service one could need, and we are growing by the day.  As Chimaera’s new Director, it will be my greatest pleasure to be your guide through this wild enterprise-- to ensure that we forge on and seize the moments that lie before us.” Tyr smiled slightly as he left the stage, not taking any further questions.

Ars Bastra only returned to comment that anyone in the Office of the Director or the Office of External Affairs may be reached to discuss contracting or employment opportunities.


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