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Political Unrest in Former Anzatan Space
Posted by: Sion Plagueis, Anzatan Resurgence
Date: Year 19 Day 323 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser {AR} Anzatan Freedom in system n/a (68, -323).

A young Anzati reporter stood in what looked to be a dark, shady back alley, illuminated only by the light coming from the camera itself. “ Hello and welcome to the Anzatan News Network. I am here today, on my home planet of Anzat, to talk to an anonymous source about the political situation arising across this planet as well as the rest of the territory formerly owned by the Anzatan Commonwealth and now owned by the Tresario Star Kingdom.


The camera panned over to reveal a figure standing next to her, the face was blurred out, which made it impossible to make out any clues as to their identity. “ I would like to first point out that the blurred face and the scrambled voice you will hear are in place to keep the identity of our source anonymous and out of harm's way.” She turned her attention away from the camera and instead focused on the blurred figure instead. “ As we have discussed off camera, you are here to talk about the current underground political struggle that has begun to run rampant ever since the formation of the new group Anzatan Resurgence lead by former Minister Sion Plagueis.” There was a pause to let the words sink in and to allow the tension to build slightly, “ Let us get right down to it then. What exactly has the response been to this new Anzatan group?

The figure spoke for the first time, the voice came as a strange, deep, scrambled voice which made it slightly difficult to understand. “ There has been much discussion going around about what this could mean, especially in back alley conversations such as these.” It was hard to tell with the blur over the figures face, but it seemed to look at the camera and smile. “ Many are wondering what this could mean for the former Anzatan Commonwealth owned territories.

What are the people's current views on the Anzatan Commonwealth?

That is a tricky question indeed, there are definitely mixed feelings, especially after what took place with Tresario. There is definitely a struggle to forgive the former Chancellor Isard and his Privy Council for selling out to Tresario. The population was outraged throughout the territory when the Privy Council decided to go against its long-standing beliefs and joined the Imperial Union. Even that doesn't compare to the decision of the Privy Council to sell out its population and everything else it controlled to Tresario. Still, time has passed and with new leadership, the population could easily be swayed back to Anzatan Control. It is after all our home, our family, and our culture.” He seemed to have a hard time getting out those last few words.

What about under Tresarian rule? Would the population say that things have gotten better or worse since Tresario took control?

I would say that most would believe that the stability and economic prowess that Tresario has brought to the world, and to all of the worlds, has definitely improved the economic situation. They have put economic growth above all else. This of course came at a price, however, and one that has caused great ripples throughout the populations. The price, of course, was that of our culture. It has been completely destroyed by Tresario, and not only that, they have even tried to force their own culture upon us. In the end, many believe they care more about the money and power they gain from being in charge of these territories and not about the people and their cultures.

Let me shift the direction of this interview a little. I want to know what you have heard in these back alley discussions that you have had on this matter.

Well, as I said before, there are mixed feelings on the subject. Most do not believe anything will come of it, knowing that Tresario is very powerful and will not easily hand over the territory. However, I have heard many in support of Chancellor Plagueis taking control of former Anzatan Territory. He has made it clear that he stands for the people and for restoring the culture that we have lost. That has gained him much respect among the people on a personal level.” The figure shifted in the seat slightly, the body language alone giving off a nervousness, “I have even heard rumors of an underground group known as the Anzatan Liberation Army that has already begun rallying throughout former Anzatan Space.

The broadcast went black, for a moment, and then suddenly reappeared with the banner of the Anzatan Liberation Army. It was only a flash before the screen went black once more, cut off by some unknown force. 

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 144: Today marked the ascendency of Bando Gora into Remsh Moon politics, as they managed to secure their own candidate's legitimacy was respected by the planet's previous ruling powers long tied to Mecrosa.
Year 20 Day 144: New Tent Order has been renamed to Jawa Industrial Magi. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 144: Fleuf Naze, the leader of New Tent Order was replaced today by Jic Uiji.
Year 20 Day 144: Today marked the ascendency of Mecrosa into Remsh Moon politics, as they managed to secure their own candidate's legitimacy was respected by the planet's previous ruling powers long tied to PURE.
Year 20 Day 143: A new military force emerged today. Bando Gora is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Darin Byrch. The first headquarters of Bando Gora opened today in [AS] Minneapolis on Maldra II.