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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
GSA Announces New Overlord
Posted by: Orion Jenru, The Trill Imperium
Date: Year 19 Day 332 Onboard the Verpine-class Heavy Cruiser [PURP] TrapStar in system Lorrd (99, 357).
GSA announces new Overlord

“Hello, this is Lava Lovestruck, reporter for the Galactic Slugging Association. Several weeks ago, commentators expressed confusion and disbelief as the Overlord of the Galactic Slugging Association, Altair Lopez, posted a listing on the Trade Federation Market to purchase a chance to become the new Overlord of the Association. The listing has recently been pulled and a press statement was released."


Altair raises his hands "I quote from our founding document, 'The Galactic Slugging Association or GSA is founded hereby to serve as a slug breeding program to keep galactic slugging populations in check so hunting of the creatures in the annually slug hunt will not cause local extinctions, thereby preventing the need for costly re-population efforts.' These were the founding principles of the Association. In recent years, due to the increase in subscribers to aid the operational efforts of the GSA, it has become an organization more focused on trade and marketing. We have enough eggs to invade a small planet and safeguards have been set in place to ensure slug population will not go extinct by the annual hunt. Therefore, I must conclude that my work here is done. The GSA is now a thriving organization and so I have chosen to hand over the reins of the Galactic Slugging Association to a successor."

"My bold move to offer the highest bidder a chance has been met by none other than Orion 'The Trilla' Jenru, and since he has been the only acceptable candidate to come forth in this meeting, the board of the GSA has decided it will forgo further payment and ignore any further offers to be made. In the coming days we will transfer the GSA to The Trill Imperium and give Overlord Jenru the stage to announce his future plans for the organization."

Orion puts one of his four arms around Altair’s shoulder and gives him a good hug.

“Change is here. Can you dig it?“

Altair smiles and concludes "Subscribers of the GSA will be well looked after by Orion, of that I am certain, if you are not a subscriber yet you can become one today by sending 10,000,000 credits to The Trill Imperium. Join an elite group of savvy investors who take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the Galactic Slugging Association. Change is here! But can you dig it?"


Altair turns himself loose and walks into the darkened background while Orion seemingly admires the Gluteus Maximus of his new blue secretary.

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Year 20 Day 112: The Kingdom of Elysia has been renamed to Czerka Corporation. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 112: Czerka Corporation has been renamed to The Kingdom of Super Ling. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
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Year 20 Day 112: Melwyn Ebonsbow, the leader of Preraditi Industries was replaced today by Drax Whittler.
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