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Raas-Moretti Industries Mourns Loss at the Hands of Corporate Attackers
Posted by: Chrii`kkt Raas, Raas-Moretti Industries
Date: Year 19 Day 340 Onboard the Corona-class Frigate [RMI] Widowmaker in system Asher (122, 302).


"Good evening, I'm Sidara Navin, reporting on behalf of Central North News, your source for local and galactic news. Tonight's highlight: Raas-Moretti Industries issues a statement regarding the disappearance of one of it's employees. We go live now to RMI headquarters, where CEO Chrii'kkt Raas is speaking to the press."

The camera cuts to a dark stage and a podium, behind which stands a Chadra-Fan, flanked by two robed Jawas and a Zeltron, towering above the other three. To one side, a large picture of a female Kiffar sits on an easel, with a wreath laid beneath it.

"Early on Day 339, we received a brief distress call from a company ship piloted by Miss Illyana Blacklock, a long time co-worker and a personal friend. A rapid reaction force dispatched to the site of the call revealed extensive wreckage and signs of an attack. At this time, the level of destruction her freighter sustained leads us to believe that Miss Blacklock was killed in the attack."

"Recovery of the flight data recorder, as well as the nature of the wreckage, has led us to the conclusion that this was an act of corporate warfare, waged by a competitor. The recent easing of restrictions on business registration in the galaxy has given a certain criminal element an illusion of legitimacy, operating what appear to be upstanding businesses as a front for piracy, theft, kidnappings, and worse. While the identity of our attackers remains a mystery for the moment, we stand unwavering in our determination to learn the identity of those who perpetrated this cowardly attack on peaceful galactic commerce."

"Raas-Moretti Industries will continue to do business as normal. We will not be cowed by attacks, nor will we allow thugs and bullies masquerading as legitimate businesses to act with impunity on our operations. However, we will remember our losses, honor those who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, and have our revenge on those who wrong us."

"Tonight, in concert with my fellow board members, and with the approval of our CFO, I have directed that a new ship will be added to our defensive fleet, which now more than ever is an important, even crucial, element to doing business in a tumultuous galaxy. The Corona-Class frigate will serve as a bulwark against aggressors, and in honor of our first employee to fall, will be christened the Illyana's Shield."

"Thank you, and goodnight."


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