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Tragic loss of one of the finest: Chani Mournfire.
Posted by: Xyre Weltmon, PURE
Date: Year 19 Day 342 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [LK] Black Allure in system Nimban (340, 60).

This is Xyre from PURE, live from memorial processions in Tamra II for Baronetess of Revyia, Countess of Krmar, Chani Mournfire. News of he Countess' passing was kept silent within the Archduchy while investigations and preparations for funeral services were made, but now that the tragic truth has been revealed, a wave of emotion has carried throughout the realm. Countless citizens of the Archduchy of Tolonda have turned out to mourn the loss of one of their most well-loved aristocracy. Citizens from every planet and every system weep for her loss, as they watch in deep sorrow while Countess Mournfire's body is taken, under royal guard to the catacombs. A tragic death for a well reveared and much cared for woman. 


Citizens when asked for their thoughts on the loss of their comrade were universal in their sadness and in their steadfast belief that her passing would not be in vain. "Chani was wonderful to be around. She was loyal and hard working; dedicating herself to helping the Strykers, the Duchy of Tolonda, and the Galactic Alliance as a whole. Her death is a blow against freedom and leaves a hole in the hearts of everyone in the Galactic Alliance.  May Azurba protect her soul" said Lady Mara Diggins when pressed for her views.


Countess Chani was a member of the Whispered Scrollkeepers before ascending into being the Baronetess of Revyia. During her rapid rise she earned the Command of the Whispered Scrollkeepers and it was in a routine diplomatic mission that she was bestowed the title of Countess of Krmar, a sign of how well respected and loved she was. Her work within the Whispered Scrollkeepers strengthened the fragile relationship between the Duchy and the Jedi Order, and she is well known for creating a strong bond with the religious organisation. It was while she was away on a diplomatic mission, that Chani Mournfire, Countess of Krmar, Baronetess of Revyia, was tragically killed.


As her body was returned home, Duke Vildras spoke of his personal mourning to PURE; “Countess Chani of Krmar was a bright star in the realm of Tolonda. She was looked up to by many in the realm and even guided many. Countess Chani was indeed one of the truest Ladies to have ever ever impacted the realm. She has set the bar high for all of us current lords and those who will ascend into Knighthood or ladyship in the future. Her sacrifices will not be in vain and we will continue forward proudly because of citizens such as her.”

As investigations into this tragedy continue, one thing is for certain, the people of the Archduchy are anxious for an answer to the Countess' sad demise. As more evidence comes to light, it begins to seem less and less likely that this calamity was due to misfortune or accident and this, in turn, leads to frustration and anger within the Archduchy. "She will be avenged" stoicly claimed one citizen. "We will continue to strive towards diplomacy and peace as this is what the Countess would have wanted. No bad actors will be able to scare us away from that goal, only strengthen our resolve" remarked another. 

This has been Xyre from PURE News Network.

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Year 20 Day 144: Today marked the ascendency of Mecrosa into Remsh Moon politics, as they managed to secure their own candidate's legitimacy was respected by the planet's previous ruling powers long tied to PURE.
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