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Shili Free Press Goes Public
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 5 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [PRESS]Burden of Proof in system Shili (14, 172).

It was recently announced that Shili Free Press has joined the recent boom of business entities registered with the Galactic Business Bureau.  The recent boom of registrations has been predicated on the Bureau’s relaxing of certain requirements for business size and other advanced financial metrics.  The new requirements allowed for more organizations to qualify for registration, including the press agency. 

Registration with the Bureau is highly advantageous to most corporate entities for multiple reasons.  Primarily, it provides a huge boost to publicity by being announced publicly as well as being listed as a legitimate organization in the Bureaus' publications.  In addition, registration allows the Bureau to provide various other services such as networking opportunities, provides stability for the business, adds a measure of legitimacy with other organizations that may be looking for partnerships, and offers helpful advice and assistance on various services such as hiring and payroll services.  The bureau also acts as a collective voice for all businesses with various governments and regulatory agencies across the galaxy.

Some critics have noted that some of the recent businesses that have registered appear to be not only smaller, but also less organized and lacking in the refined polish of their predecessors.  Most of these new registrations are not the typical mega-corporations that formerly dominated the membership of the Bureau.  However, perhaps these smaller and more agile entrepreneurial outfits will be able to provide services previously overlooked by the old mammoths of industry. 

Lahasa Fy, chairman of the board for Shili Free Press, released the following short statement regarding their own recently completed efforts to be listed.

As soon as the Galactic Business Bureau announced their decision to relax their requirements, I knew that Shili Free Press could qualify, but we had many more steps to take before we felt ready to formally apply for registration.  Being committed to our heritage on Shili, we needed to ensure that we retained a presence on Shili, even as we expand into being a galactic-wide organization.  So, I needed to work closely with the New Republic, despite our recent differences, in order to get our building and expansion plans within Shili space settled prior to registering, as they are the controlling government of the system.  I didn’t want to register prematurely and have issues with our foundation crumble later, which would leave a black mark on our reputation.  Now that our building permits have been reviewed and approved, I need to thank Minister of State Rinou and outgoing Chief of State Chran, as well as the entire Senate, for working with me to make this effort possible in a way that maintains the heritage which has defined Shili Free Press’s long history.

Even within the New Republic itself, some critics have stated that maintaining our headquarters in Shili within the control of the Republic might be a seen knock against our independence, a confirmed link and bias toward the Republic.  While we do worry about this, we feel our efforts in the past and our future efforts will show ourselves to be a truly independent force for truth.  We welcome any and all honest and open collaboration efforts with other news, commercial, and political groups across the galaxy.  In addition, now that our foundation has been secured, we will be looking to secure additional broadcasting centers in other quadrants of the galaxy, which should help to solidify our standing as a neutral and galactic-wide source for in-depth reviews of and investigations into events that affect us all.

However, I cannot say that my contacts with the New Republic have entirely ended, despite our independence.  After all, with the recent Chief of State Election and the rumored impending trial of an elected official on Treason and Espionage charges, there are ongoing stories within the Republic that deserve our style of independent reporting, and we will continue to find and cover those stories.

With the registration process behind us, in addition to building up our broadcasting base, we will hope to progress some of our other plans for coverage, including an ambitious series of in-depth stories on the lesser known political powers influencing the galaxy.  Our first story, already in the works, is a review of the shadowy Zann Consortium, and how they have progressed from a notorious swoop gang to controlling multiple sectors of space.

So, until our next broadcast, this is Lahasa Fy, of Shili Free Press, hoping everyone stays safe out there.

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 230: First Sun Mobile Regiment was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 20 Day 230: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Starways Shipwrights specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Jack Starways. The first headquarters of Starways Shipwrights opened today in [S3 12-2] Hiigara SE on Skeebo III.
Year 20 Day 230: Anakin Drogba, the leader of Minerax Consulting was replaced today by Damij Maximus.
Year 20 Day 230: Damij Maximus, the leader of NovaStar was replaced today by Nahtan Bahol.
Year 20 Day 229: Today, scholars have identifed a new religious order gaining followers across the galaxy. Faceless Hunter Ascendancy will try to attract worshippers, under the leadership of Logan Shivers. The first headquarters of Faceless Hunter Ascendancy opened today in Leafar (1, 3) "FHA Legacy Metropolis" on Leafar.