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Date: Year 20 Day 44 Location Unknown

RNN Headquarters, Republica -- On Day 1 Year 20 the New Republic welcomes former Chief of Military Jin Solas as the newly elected Chief of State (CoS). Jin Solas is replacing Orion Chran, whom served two full terms as Chief of State. After a week long election Jin Solas emerged with 61% of the popular vote, chosen to lead the New Republic by the people and for the people.

Day 351 Year 18 marked the opening of the campaigning season for the office of Chief of State. With CoS Orion Chran wrapping up his second term in office, the Republics’ eyes were ready to see what new faces would appear. Jin Solas and Gothar Elesar both threw their hats into the ring. Jin Solas was the Chief of Military Command, the highest military office in the New Republic, and a long time citizen. He faced a fierce veteran of the New Republic, Gothar Elensar. Elensar a renown Knight of the Republic who also held the position of Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry at the start of the race.



Jin Solas's campaign largely ran on promises of his dedication to the positions, and determination to do right by the citizenship. As a long standing citizen, and battle-tested soldier, his claims of patriotism and resolve were well backed. Recounting his time in the New Republic, from humble beginnings to his current status, the narrative captured the attention of many. Citizens of Rodia were of great interest for political analysts, many of whom said how they swayed would dictate the ultimate winner of the race. Being Solas's home, and a planet that Elensar has helped develop in his governorship of the Tyrius system, many found it difficult to decisively pick a candidate.

To help with this, the campaigning period was filled with multiple intense question-and-answer sessions with either of the candidates, and broadcast to all New Republic worlds. Attendance was high, and each candidate received a plethora of questions, some specific to their campaign promises and others which they shared. Having multiple Q&A sessions lent the added ability to allow further outreach of voters and garner greatest interest with populous in harder to reach locations.

“The Q&A format of campaigning has been incredibly important to the (New Republic’s) elector and diplomatic process. Collaboration from folks of all walks of life is inspiring, and helps to bring every citizen into our representative government.” A senatorial correspondent said. “Our representative government is the key to what makes us truly who we are, and this election is one of the most focal points to up holding that.”

With the election results announced, and Jin Solas the new Chief of State, Gothar Elensar took the chance to address his supporters and Jin himself. “I just wanted to say thank you all for giving me the opportunity to run in this years election. I would like to congratulate Jin on his victory and I am sure the New Republic will be well watched over for the length of his stay at the helm of the New Republic.”



Later on in the day Jin Solas swore into his role as CoS. As is customary, he also gave his first speech to the New Republic as CoS.

"It is an honor to stand before all of you today, as your newly elected leader, charged with the responsibility of command, duty, and as representative of our dearly held values embodied by the office of the Chief of State. I expected to be filled with emotion should I have found myself standing here as I am. And now that the moment has come, I find that emotion only partially as a consequence to how I had hoped for and imagined this day coming to pass, in which I achieved a goal which I had held for so long. Greater than this personal sense of accomplishment, and wholly superseding it though, is the sense of deep recognition of the faith placed in me to carry out this great responsibility. So I will simply say, thank you to all those that chose to place your faith in me. I will work diligently throughout the course of my term to make sure I am worthy of it. To those of you whom placed your votes elsewhere, though I may not be the candidate you hoped for, I shall likewise endeavor to earn the position I've been granted and through it, I hope, your trust and faith in the coming year as well."

CoS Solas went on to extend praise to his competition, Knight Consular Elensar. "I'd also like to thank Gothar Elensar for putting in the time and commitment to run for such a difficult position. And for participating in these elections, one of the greatest treasures of democracy. I'll be looking forward to working with Gothar as well, and in helping him further along the goals he outlined in his own campaign." As of Day 35 this year, Elensar now holds the position of Minister of State, working alongside CoS Solas.

Closing, Solas took the opportunity to discuss the changes the New Republic is currently undergoing with departure from the Galactic Alliance. "Though separated from the words and articles of the charter that once held us together, we remain united to those close to us by the stronger bonds of friendship and fellowship. And so though uncharted, I am excited by the prospect of furthering those bonds and reinventing ourselves to the galaxy, yet remaining firmly committed to our ideals."

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 173: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. White Thranta Trading Company specializes in Trading and will be led by Tavon Allyii. The first headquarters of White Thranta Trading Company opened today in [Cybot] IL5 Headquarters on Asher I.
Year 20 Day 172: Minimum Men Mercenaries was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 20 Day 171: A new military force emerged today. The Kingdom of Midrim is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Jason Phanto. The first headquarters of The Kingdom of Midrim opened today in Stormwatch 8,6 on Fitca Prime.