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Clashes in Krmar
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 94 Onboard the EF65 Meridian-class Frigate TDF Sole Survivor in system n/a (64, -178).

Following public reports of the capture of Duke Corey Vildras of the Archduchy of Tolonda about three weeks ago, the Archduchy has suffered another recent loss. Adin Cole, the Archduchy's longtime Minister of Defense, was subdued and executed by Fleet Admiral Fooj Iwajo of the Tresarian military. Imperial Union allies have entered the system to help the Faerytail Family defend the planet, as New Republic forces entered the system to aid their former allies in the Archduchy in the wake of their losses.

Reports indicate that the Archduchy forces have reconsidered their approach following the demoralizing blow of Cole's death, reducing the intensity of their efforts. These reports also suggest that any assisting forces from the New Republic are being forced to swear loyalty to the Archduchy if their planned missions involve providing military aid or construction services on the ground. The assisting Republic forces are exercising extreme caution, according to our sources within the Imperial Union personnel in system. They appear to be taking minimal risk with any efforts on the ground in light of Archduchy losses, using droid networks to scan for Imperial Union forces and falling back in the face of even the most limited defense.

In the long term, it does appear that the Archduchy controls a larger land area than Faerytail. This means that eventually, given enough time and effort, the Archduchy should be able to gain and maintain control of Krmar II, but Faerytail seems to be motivated to extract a heavy price and is being highly effective at making progress very slow for the Archduchy. Faerytail has also been flooding the star system of Krmar with space stations and orbital platforms, which may be part of a larger defense or harrying strategy.


Krmar II is not a new battlefield by any means. In fact, it was the Tolonda Sector, specifically the Krmar and Oshora systems, that could be considered the birthplace of the Faerytail government, in addition to being claimed as the rightful territory of the Archduchy. Tensions in the system date back to Year 14. The fighting and ill-will resulting from that period still resonates strongly in galactic politics to this day.

The Archduchy, then referring to itself as the Infinite Empire, was in firm control of the Oshora and Krmar systems. However, a plot was brewing to attack their territory. Simkin Dragoneel, then the leader of a medical company, began to conspire with Ximaro Jix and his band of Dark Star Hellions, a group which would eventually become the Zann Consortium. At that point, Faerytail had no significant land holdings and was looking to expand. The combined forces of the Hellions and Faerytail attacked the Infinite Empire holdings in Oshora and Krmar.

The attack began as spies within the Infinite Empire were able to assume command of a portion of the armed forces and assign control of the planetary power grids to operators friendly to the invading force. In a bold stroke, power was cut to multiple planets in both systems at once. The lawless confusion and chaos that followed allowed both the Hellions and the Faerytail forces to gain control of large areas on the planets and begin to build structures from which they could fight and advance their attack. A handful of mercenaries and third parties also managed to lay claim to small areas of the planets during the confusion. Eventually, Infinite Empire forces recovered from the confusion and began to defend their territory with the aid of Galactic Alliance forces, including Krath, Rogue Squardon, and the New Republic. The fight was brutal, resulting in untold losses of enlisted and conscripted forces, and approximately a dozen mostly low ranking officers on the Alliance side. Faerytail, which had been at least somewhat friendly with the Galactic Alliance prior to the attack, has been at odds with the members of the Alliance since that time.

While the conflict raged, tension increased between Hellion and Faerytail forces. The original agreement between the sides during the attack planning split the territory that they expected to gain. But, as with many pursuits that involve somewhat nefarious endeavors to succeed, individuals often want a bit more than their fair share. Krmar II was slated to become a Faerytail property following the attack, but a number of Hellions decided to try and wrest it from their control. Faerytail succeeded in fending off the Hellion charge on Krmar II, but has never forgiven the group. This is the origin of the animosity between Zann and Faerytail, which still simmers to this day.

Rumor has it that Zann forces had been enlisted to assist Archduchy forces in the current melee. However, Duke Vildras failed to reach an agreement with Zann to procure their services for the attack. Zann sources indicate that and agreementnwas in place, initially agreeable to both sides, but as planning efforts transpired, the Duke himself bristled at taking "orders" from mercenaries and canceled the agreement just days before his well-publicized capture.  As he was cancelling the agreement, Vildras managed to insult the Zann contacts he had been working with on the planning.  Allegedly, the Archduke attempted to over rule the Duke's cancellation after the fact, on two occasions, the day following the cancellation and the day following Duke Vildras' capture.  Due to the percieved slight, Zann never reconsidered rejoining the fracas on the Archduchy's behalf.

Given the history in the system, and the status of the current battle, the fight seems poised to continue for a protracted time, but at a slow pace and with little intense action. This seems apt for a system that has been the site of such tension for years already and is unlike to see peace for even more years to come.


Relatedly, given the vacuum within the Archduchy's leadership from these deaths, we are providing the following warning to the galaxy at large:

Shill Free Press reporters have recently been contacted by an individual claiming to be a Prince and son of the Archduke. To date, we have never seen this individual mentioned in any formal Archduchy documents, nor has the title "Prince" been used among their titles or identification historically, as far as we are able to ascertain. The Archduke has not issued any public statements or comments to date relating to any off-spring, either. We advise caution when dealing with this individual, and would certainly discourage anyone from providing him with any banking information, until a formal clarification from the Archduchy is provided.

In times of power vacuums and leadership changes, many unscrupulous individuals attempt to take advantage of the disruption. While it is possible that he is a family member long hidden from view for undisclosed reasons, it is equally plausible that he may simply be a crisis actor or an opportunistic con artist.

This is Lahasa Fy, on behalf of Shili Free Press, wishing you safe travels and good luck in your journeys.

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 294: A new treaty was established on Kalarba I today between governing officials and diplomats from Confederacy of Independent Systems; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.
Year 20 Day 294: Rather than fall in line with Confederacy of Independent Systems's recent requests, Kalarba I issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Confederacy of Independent Systems a criminal organization on their planet.