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Shili Free Press Announces Unique Partnership
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 136 Onboard the Crusader-class Corvette [PRESS] Public Relations in system Devaron (35, -100).

An immense Togruta, made even wider by an intentional fish eye lens effect from his holocam recorder, appears on screen to provide a brief announcement.


“Today Shili Free Press announces a first of its kind partnership with the Zoo Keepers’ Alliance.  We are proud to become the official broadcasting partner for the Alliance, in order to spread its message of conservation and responsible, sustainable management of the creature populations across the galaxy."

"Recent events such as the devastation of wildlife by all sides in the Hosnian system, on Krmar II, and routinely at the Swap Meets has shown the need for an organization to spread the message about the burden each sentient life bears to protect innocent wildlife and ensure the biodiversity of the galaxy for future generations.


In addition to simply broadcasting this important message, Shili Free Press has committed to working with the Zoo Keepers to integrate our advanced technology into their existing systems to enhance creature management. By improving their existing tracking, observation and security systems with the advancements we have made in visual and audio recording and broadcasting abilities, we can improve the safety and security for all sanctuaries and managed wild areas across the galaxy. Our goal is to manage all creature populations in a sustainable and humane equilibrium with the environment and sentient populations in all places, including coordinated and controlled hunting arrangements.


So please, help Shili Free Press support the Zoo Keepers Alliance.  Join us in our efforts to control the creature populations by having your local poachers spayed and neutered.  And as always, stay safe out there, no matter which side of the feud you with which you decide to align."

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 290: Kathleen Tate, the leader of CorSec was replaced today by Walter Watts.