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Pre-Uli Swap Meet Krieg's Run Starting Date Announced
Posted by: Lanavander Olesa, Knights of the Fountain
Date: Year 20 Day 252 Onboard the Strike-class Medium Cruiser KSS Wrath of Emanon in system Usk (385, 35).

NIMBAN – The Knights of the Fountain announced today that this year’s Pre-Uli Swap Meet Krieg’s Run will take place this year starting on Day 284. This annual event pits the galaxy’s best pilots on a multi-system race through Hutt Space, beginning and ending on the planet Nimban, as a way to kick off the Uli Swap Meet.

Tolando Krieg, President and CEO of Krieg’s Run Racing reflected on the history of the popular sporting event in announcing this iteration of the race’s sponsor and prize money. “Ladies and gentlesentients, the Krieg’s Run has been around in some form or another for over eight years, and I am proud of the growth that the race has seen since its invention in Year 12. Our first ever race involved a champion’s purse of a mere eleven million. This year, thanks in large part to our generous sponsor Black Sun, we are in a position to offer 175 million credits in prize money. Whoever is crowned champion this year may need to bring a heavier freighter to help get their winnings back home.”

Last year’s race saw Black Sun dominate the field, with two of its sponsored racers—Jad Hep Viridux and Alexi Genesys—finishing in the top five, and Viridux taking home the grand prize. Regulus Jagarnat finished in second, and Drav Refter rounded out the top three. Sharp oddsmakers from the Core to the Outer Rim are watching with great interest to see if Black Sun team will be putting forward another racing team before setting figures.

This year, however, Krieg indicated that he wanted to spend the race as a spectator rather than organizer. “I will step back from the day to day operations of the Krieg's Run. To that end, this year’s Krieg’s Run will be overseen by Knights of the Fountain Colonel Lanavander Olesa. Lan has helped organize the Uli Speed Trials before, and though initiative, hard work, and dedication has earned the promotion to Commissioner of Krieg's Run Racing.”

“I would like to thank the Knightcommander for passing the torch and entrusting me with overseeing the race this year.” Colonel Olesa added. “The Knights do not anticipate much, if any, change to last year’s race, and we hope to offer the same excitement and entertainment that the Race has brought so many sentients in years past. Therefore, veterans of the course should not be too surprised when the checkpoints are finalized and announced. Stay tuned as details such as entry fee, the course, and prize money are announced in the coming days.”

Knights of the Fountain announce race start date in interview with NETWORKRabbit

Not everybody is eagerly anticipating the upcoming event, however. Locals complained about past races that increased the waiting time at the local starport, as well as the piles of debris that accumulated around the planet from all the spectators that hunted to pass the time while following the race results. “It’s madness,” griped Vriko Averrod, an elderly Nimbanese clerk who resides in Nelvaan. “I spent weeks on my commute through the system dodging GRZ-6B’s cleaning up after those Zoon Consortium Alliance folks, or whatever they’re called, who left all those dee-enya wrecks in system, and now I have to worry about a bunch of speed junkies coming to my home planet and leaving their garbage lying around my favorite vacation spots in the wilderness? Blast it all!”

Colonel Olesa understood the frustration. “It’s inevitable, unfortunately, that a bit of a mess will be made whenever a galaxy-wide event draws this many sentientss together. Although the Knights do not condone littering, we cannot force people to pick up their Gizka legs and their heavy belts once they’re done with their hunting. We ask that all incoming guests be respectful of others’ home-world, and consider giving their unwanted items to either a new trader or a Jawa before departing.”

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