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Events in Brief
- Year 16 Day 271:: Rather than fall in line with Rogue Squadron's recent requests, Spindrift IV issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Rogue Squadron a criminal organization on their planet.
- Year 16 Day 270:: The population of Jhas, largely disenfranchised from their planetary rulers sponsored by the despised Rogue Squadron, have announced today that they are transferring the bulk of power to Total Outer Rim instead, in hopes of stimulating their economy through their mining operations.
- Year 16 Day 270:: Jedi Corps of Engineers was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
- Year 16 Day 270:: Wade Flynn, the leader of Veril Line Systems was replaced today by Simon Eusnomis.
- Year 16 Day 270:: The ease with which Veril Line Systems had visibly improved the economy of Bestal Three has made it increasingly obvious to Bestal Three's citizens that Veril Line Systems would make more than sufficient leadership, and have called together a council, intended to hand over authority to Veril Line Systems.
- Year 16 Day 270:: All good things must come to an end, and The Empire of the Hand's excavations on Bestal Three are no exception. Thought to be the result of a decline in both supply and demand, they announced today that they were largely abandoning their efforts on the planet.
- Year 16 Day 270:: Simon Eusnomis, the leader of Veril Line Systems was replaced today by Wade Flynn.
- Year 16 Day 270:: Eira Cardas, the leader of SoroSuub Corporation was replaced today by Anakin Aikinar.
- Year 16 Day 269:: Hal Gevant, the leader of Jedi Academy was replaced today by Onasha Katr.