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Events in Brief
- Year 15 Day 241:: Jedi Medical was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
- Year 15 Day 241:: Inronkini Wanneng Alani, the leader of The Empire of the Hand was replaced today by Flar Gar.
- Year 15 Day 241:: It was bound to happen sooner or later, the local population of Pheon have risen up against the unsavoury Dread and quickly instituted their own local form of government in an attempt to rebuild.
- Year 15 Day 241:: A new military force emerged today. The Death Watch is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Peter Max. The first headquarters of The Death Watch today opened in Krath Alliance.
- Year 15 Day 241:: Darek Zala, the leader of Jedi Medical was replaced today by Leodous Kyron.
- Year 15 Day 240:: Phoenix Daywalker, the leader of Freedom Warriors was replaced today by Kural Benos.
- Year 15 Day 240:: The Breviin Crusaders was dissolved today.