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(Posted by Gav on Year 14 Day 32 16:12)

A few notes and changes.

- Shields have been fixed to actually look like a rules page.
- The Join team have been added in a nice "Info" (Under "Protected Handles").
- Bugs now has a more rules-pagey type feel.
- Races has been updated to reflect that it only looks for the top 10 active with the highest XP.
- Facilities also now has the "Facilities Available to All" (From Faction Creation page).
- Individual Race Pages now have clickable planet names.
- Faction Creation - Banner Rules Updated.
- Movement now has a note added in regarding the unassignment of entities in a travel action.

I think I covered them all, looking at the SVN history for the rules. Thanks to Kendall for helping in doing the updates. If anything needs updating, please either post it in the Rules Update Forum, or email gav@swcombine.com