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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 14 Day 58 9:59)

Cybernetics are now available to be installed. Remeber this is a risk reward feature and there can be only one...installed at a time.  The rules page has also been updated to reflect what is coded. That can be found here: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Cybernetic_Operations

- Boarding locations for Squads are now based on leader position vs character position. Partial Exploit (Bug: 2820)

MikelEdit: I forgot to include in the last sync report that characters and NPCs now regain 10% of their maximum health per day, rather than the silly and useless equation that was used previously.

Kyle Edit: I did some minor updates to the cyberentic pages where it will now show a + for adding skills. Also I fixed the annoying issue where you get an error when trying to load bacta refills into medical items.  

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 14 Day 58)