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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 34 22:09)

Happy New Year!

- Added count of total bids to galactic market auctions
- Facility construction screen will preload nearby data from accepted build permissions
- Submitting your own build permissions plans now will auto accept if you have necessary privileges
- Improved city show status page (can see under construction ETA and can pause and resume construction from city stats screen if you have necessary privileges)
- City maps now draw under construction buildings with a transparent construction overlay
- FI Transaction tool maybe works better when ouputting to CSV for large factions Does not work better
- Added split crates multiplier on equipment crate split screen
- Added split piles multiplier on material loading screen

- The two panes for the material loading screen and ship/vehicle loading screens now displays vertically on narrow screens.
- City show stats screen can now display vertically on narrow screens.

- Fix issue with item inventory crashing when viewing filtered summary and filtering by cargo container type
- Fix issue with city designer offset when resizing the browser window
- Made it more clear when repair failed because your entities were in a party
- Fix a rare crash in MovementUtil::getTravelETA causing sidemenu to crash, update sidemenu to show travel actions like other actions
- Make travel screen input boxes update when single clicking on map
- Fix an issue with admin login when accessing unverified accounts
- moveElementToCursor javascript updated from using clientX/Y to pageX/Y (Maybe fix samsung browser map click issue)
- Fix issue where NPC cannot command board in some situations / Issue with lazy loaded fields with null value incorrect isset return code (#5162)
- Fixing some security issues with community pages/login/ban screens, non logged in users will no longer be shown internal error details.
- Improve inventory jump error handling when entity is not found
- Fix forum links not showing up underlined
- Fix being able to target medical items on full HP targets
- Some fixes for custom images and items tools

- Allow XP to be given to all Entities

- Update HP rules to use correct terminology and add calculation example

Edit fixed Y20D36:
- Issue with facility construction crashing with invalid build permissions
- Issue with FI Transactions not forcing CSV file download (note: previous fix was ineffective for large factions)
- Fix issue with scanners crashing when characters present
- Rules page added for bandit capture

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 36)