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Death of a leader and a friend.
Posted by: Rho Galfona, Rogue Squadron
Date: Year 10 Day 284 Onboard the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter Black Magic in system Derilyn (73, -430) on Year 10 Day 283 14:17.


The Nova Industries logo flashes on your screen and you see the familiar face of Rho Galfona, second in command of Nova Industries. Miss Galfona is standing in front of the Headquarters of Nova Industries and is dressed in a black suit, black boots and gloves. Flags from Nova Industries and Rogue Squadron’s can be seen in the background at half staff. As the camera moves in on the young Human it depicts the enormity of the surroundings behind her. Finally it rests on Rho’s face, and she begins her announcement.




                            "Good evening citizens. Today Nova Industries mourns the passing of our leader, Shosho Smahnatia. He was killed yesterday in a fire fight, while he and two RS operatives were in the process of apprehending a fugitive. Mr. Smahnatia was a genius, taking us to new heights, increasing our shares by a reported 1120%, from bankruptcy to a meteoric rise in the stars, up to his climatic fall into oblivion. He will be sorely missed."




                            Rho pauses, sighs deeply, and continues with renewed vigor, "Ex-employees of Nova Industries say he was trying his hand in illegal substances. Our members scoff at the idea. Others say that there is a possibility that his enemies were involved in his untimely death. His close friends and compatriots mention that the Empire or Trade Federation may have had a hand in his death. We are currently conducting an investigation in that direction"




                            Rho moves up the steps to the entrance of the HQ. When she reached the top, she turns around, looking directly into the camera and with a worried look on her face she finishes her speech. "Allegations about his death aside, we are worried that  our new leader, who ever that  may be , won't be up to the task of upholding the high standards that Mr. Smahnatia set, before his untimely death. We will make sure we will try our hardest. When we work together as one, we will persevere."




                            With that, Rho concludes her part of the farewell ceremony for Shosho Smahnatia and enters the building... Sounds of crying and sobbing could be heard throughout the crowds. In some parts citizens also expressed their disbelief and anger. The camera took a slow, wide shot of it all, before swinging back to Nova Industry HQ. There it settled on the podium, where officials of both Nova Industries and Rogue Squadron stood. The camera was collecting statements from the people present there.




alt  Mister Lud Star, there’s a talk of you being one of the two people who was there with Shosho Smahnatia, when he died. Do you have any comment on that or on Vice President Galfona 's announcement?" The young Gand, member of the Rogue Squadron, looked annoyed at the reporter and his microphone. "Shosho was as crazy as he was devoted to the Rebel cause. Let him be in peace! Amen."


alt Kurami, middle aged male Defel and also from Rogue Squadron tried to get the reported away from the Gand. "What had happened will leave a wound in the Universe. I'm shocked from the heavy loss, of Governor Smahnatia. His death will leave a deep hole in our memory."


alt After him Hexx Harpy, leader of Red Star Mining, said “He was one of the Very First, and I have always hoped him to be one of the very last to go. Alas, it was not to be. Not many have the honour of having served alongside Shosho Smahnatia for as long as I have, so not many will understand the deepness of my grief to see him go. If there is a place where dead warriors go, let them make room at their table for a fierce fighter and a loyal friend, and let them place the biggest cask of ale in front of him - it will barely be enough.”


alt                     From his right, another young Human stepped up. The Coruscanti was wearing a uniform with the RS insignia.  "Shosho was a fearless warrior and comrade, he was a wise leader and a good friend. He was with us from the beginning, when nobody knew us. We fought side by side against the Empire: he was one of the founding members of the great Rogue Squadron. Then he leaded Nova Industries from nothing to new heights. Heavy loss indeed, he shall be remembered.Thank you, Mr. Athanas Nadeset", said the operator and turned the camera around.


alt There, young Anomander Starhunter stood, looking poised and strong. No emotion could be read on his face when he spoke. But his voice sounded both sad and angry."I've lost one of my best friends and a very good soldier. Our enemies can take a breather now, because they are safe at least for a while. His noble death was not in vain, but he is to guide us for many years to come. Rest in peace my friend and arrange something good for us in the future."


alt                     The last Human on the podium, Ryan Roche, looked beaten and tired. The young governor from The Pentastar Alignment was dressed in his gala uniform. He was shaking. He barely noticed the microphone and when he spoke, it was with a soft voice. "It was shocking news... I never thought I'd say goodbye to my old friend like this. Just a few weeks ago we had a great conversation, and we both departed to our ways across the galaxy, knowing we would meet again one day. As I returned from my business in the Churba sector, I received the horrible news. At least he died in honor, fighting for what he believed in. He was a great leader and a good friend. If only I could talk to him one more time, just for once... To say goodbye, for the final time… (Ryan sighed deeply) I never got that chance... Shosho was a good guy and good soul, he was like me in many ways. I remember when we first met, I could never forget it. He always asked me these weird questions and requests, things I would never have thought about unless he mentioned them. I disappointed him, took my time on stuff. I always thought that he will still be there the next day... His presence will be missed the most... I wish now, he will finally, rest in peace."






  Rho turned towards the camera. “With this we conclude this news report about the tragic new of the death of our beloved leader Shosho Smahnatia. I am Rho Galfona, live from the Nova Industries Headquarters.”


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