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Thragg's Galaxy Diner: 5 Star Review
Posted by: Shri Bacca, AMC-ITECH
Date: Year 21 Day 245

After a long hyper space journey to get to Bright Jewel, I was thirsty, hungry and looking to blow off some steam. Boy was Thragg's a great find. I had delicious meal of Grilled Dagobah Vine Snake washed down with several ice cold Dagobah Slug S... [Read More]

Highlights and recap from UFC#1, on SportsCentre
Posted by: Korin Jal, The Skulls Swoop Gang
Date: Year 21 Day 237

(The Holoscreen cuts to black, then opens to a logo with short but thunderous theme music playing with it)

“Hello, and welcome, to Sports Centre... [Read More]

Shockball is Back!!
Posted by: Nat`rhon L`uukh, Arakyd Industries
Date: Year 21 Day 232

Great news for sports fans throughout the galaxy; the tough-tackling, all-action, goalfest that is the Colonial Shockball League will be returning to media device near you soon!

<... [Read More]

UFC #1 : Jal vs Stellar : Behind the Scenes
Posted by: Fenri Bjornolf, The Skulls SG
Date: Year 21 Day 229

(The Holoscreen cuts to a Sports Broadcast on a Local News Station)

The Underground Fighters Championship makes its debut on Day 234 with UFC #1, which takes place in purpose-b... [Read More]

Imperial Union Declares Final Victory
Posted by: Jeor Knight, Black Sun
Date: Year 21 Day 229

RAITHAL II (BSN) - The Imperial Union Defence Committee claimed a significant victory for the rule of law and order today as they briefed the galactic press on the current state of the galaxy. Despite the Imperial Union bringing greater stability ... [Read More]

The Fall of the One Sith: An Interview with Morgan Sathel
Posted by: Vagnar Fivkei, Exelis Runners
Date: Year 21 Day 223
On Day 212 of Year 21, the Order of the One Sith filed bankruptcy and dissolved after suffering a crippling loss of assets and resources at the hand of would-be conspirators. The coup against the former Dark Lord of the One Sith, Darin Byrch, was led... [Read More]

Breaking News: Jax Starblade to Seek Enlightenment
Posted by: Sol Mazer, The Smugglers Guild
Date: Year 21 Day 207

A Chiss news host comes into view with a datapad in hand. He begins to speak to the camera.

"We interrupt your program to inform you that Eidola Pirate, and Guild friend, Captain Jax ... [Read More]

Elder Dumping: Breaking News from the Bes System
Posted by: Carl Warrington, Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 21 Day 206

Bes IV - Reports of the widespread murder of elderly Eidolan retirees by law enforcement officers from the Galactic Alliance has spread throughout the galactic south. Sadly, with the important recent wave of news regarding the Galactic C... [Read More]

GalaxyFest Gossip Grows
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 21 Day 202

Amidst the rumors swirling of the upcoming GalaxyFest Celebrations, the mostly defunct Shili Free Press announced an intention to cover the event; this announcement temporarily ends their withdrawal from the galactic press pool. Shili ... [Read More]

From the Shadows
Posted by: Carl Warrington, Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 21 Day 199

[Read More]

Mystery in the Swamp II - Midnight
Hacked by: Russ Leman, Jedi Order
Date: Year 21 Day 196

The Jedi have completed their preliminary investigation into the disappearance of the lost Knights and Padawans that were sent to Dagobah.

The bodies of three Jedi Knights were recovere... [Read More]

Guild Quarterly exclusive: A peek at the Underworld Race Circuit
Posted by: Sol Mazer, The Smugglers Guild
Date: Year 21 Day 189

A professionally dressed Chiss in a news studio speaks to camera.

“Finally tonight, we have a lighter side of Guild Quarterly news.  The Underworld Racing Circuit is set to start o... [Read More]

The Liberation of Imperial Occupied Sectors Continues
Hacked by: Gand Xitwa, The Resistance
Date: Year 21 Day 184

CALAST SYSTEM, GROHL SECTOR -- Circumstances in the Arkanis and Grohl sectors grew increasingly dangerous this week as the battle between Resistance forces and the Imperial Union intensified over the territory of the former New Republic. Represent... [Read More]

Order of the One Sith Embraces Its Destiny
Posted by: Darin Byrch, Bando Gora
Date: Year 21 Day 179

Ven-Kav, Capital City of Venaari—Numerous reporters from every corner of the galaxy have gathered today within the public halls of the Citadel, the notorious headquarters of the Bando Gora. Darth Pristus, the Dark Lord of the One Sith, wasted no... [Read More]

Mystery in the Swamp
Posted by: Darin Byrch, Bando Gora
Date: Year 21 Day 160

“Jedi Knights are responding to the disappearance of their advance team to the planet Dagobah.”

“On Year 20 Day 140 The Galactic Empire ceded control of the p... [Read More]

NETWORKRabbit Broadcasting Returns
Posted by: Exo Mirax, NETWORKRabbit
Date: Year 21 Day 160

NETWORKRabbit has now begun to provide full galaxy-wide coverage of its broadcasting services after a period of absence resulting in only local coverage. With the completion of the Torque Broadcasting relay station the broadcaster will now conti... [Read More]

Target Integrity Has Been Breached! There's An Opening.
Hacked by: Gand Xitwa, The Resistance
Date: Year 21 Day 147

Tythe System, Savareen Sector -- In a shocking display of strength and coordination, a Resistance-led coalition of former Republic and Galactic Alliance units rallied in the Savareen sector and secured a decisive series of victories in the name o... [Read More]

JEN Special Broadcast - The Little Guy Report
Hacked by: Jic Uiji, Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Date: Year 21 Day 146

We here at Jawa Entertainment and News have heard your complaints loud and clear: you’re tired of long, factual, unbiased news articles detailing exactly what is occurring at the high level of the galaxy. When the story by the Daily Jawa, a well... [Read More]

We All Lift Together
Posted by: Solarius Masha, The Hyporian Commonwealth
Date: Year 21 Day 144

HYPORI - FERRA - The Hyporian Commonwealth is a flurry of activity preparing for the investiture of Va`Li Owa of the Arkanian Brotherhood as the next Hierarch of the Commonwealth, coinciding with the approaching Fortuna festival which is held this... [Read More]

Into the Abyss...
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 21 Day 142

The nightly Galactic News runs its course, the anchor comes to the next story of the night and an image flashes across the screen. 


“Well it app... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 248: Outer Rim Consulting has been renamed to Argent Company. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 21 Day 248: Hondo Walker, the leader of Outlaw Tech was replaced today by Adrovwuatiur Zhetolyr.
Year 21 Day 248: Winter Angelos, the leader of Outer Rim Consulting was replaced today by Outis Hawkwind.