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Outer Rim In Collapse
Hacked by: Orphaea Imperium, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 11 Day 224 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser Shuriken in system Fornax (20, 300) on Year 11 Day 223 9:27.

Multiple anti-Union occupation forces and criminal fronts in the Outer Rim have collapsed within recent days, causing strife and uncertainty in this sadly dangerous region of the galaxy. 

The 'InterGalactic Banking Clan', an illegal currency trading front for the failed dark side cultists of the Krath Dynasty, went into administration yesterday as it closed its doors to all transactions through its few remaining branches. There are as yet unverified reports of panicked customers of the collapsed bank attempting a massive run on the former headquarters of the IGBC trying to gain answers as to the whereabouts of their invested funds, as a force of cultist militia repulsed the angry customers and kept the doors to the office barred. As a result, all those who use the artificially inflated 'Nova Crystal', the currency backed by the IGBC and the Krath cult in their objection to the use of the ubiquitous and stable Imperial Credit, are currently unable to recover their funds or exchange their crystals for other currencies. Economic analysts paint a grim picture for the billions of indentured workers resident in cultist-occupied worlds, where the Nova Crystal has been the sole currency allowed by cultist forces for several years.
Investors rush an IGBC branch
The sudden but predictable collapse of the IGBC has also caused immense instability within the Outer Rim underworld where the Nova Crystal has been used as the currency of trade by drug dealers, gunrunners, smugglers and other criminal figures. It is unanimously agreed by analysts that the unforeseen closing of IGBC’s doors will most certainly cause crystal usage to drop to 10% of current levels within days, while over the long-term the sinking currency will become a curiosity and niche medium of exchange in illegal commodities trading.
Quickly responding to the impending collapse of the region concentrated around the Krath cultist’s government, the Galactic Empire’s Department of Families, Housing and Immigration (DFHI) has announced that refugees arriving from cultist worlds, or those stranded in Imperial territory on the 'pilgrim trail' as a result of the bank's collapse, will be granted residency on Imperial worlds, subject to a rehabilitation and criminal check,  and their crystal losses reimbursed at a rate of 10,000:1. 
Meanwhile, the leaders of the Republican revolutionaries appropriately known as ‘Rogue Squadron’ and the Imperial deserters under the banner of the Pentastar Alignment have been forced to go into hiding in basic settlements on remote worlds and take inventory of their small organisations as they both experience internal power struggles and revolts with both groups seeing massive desertions amongst both their occupation and picket forces. 
Forest refuge of rebel leaders
Holonet broadcasts have been rife with reports that Rogue Squadron has made a desperate arrangement with terrorist leader Olivaw and the Pentastar leadership, perhaps at blasterpoint, to absorb the latter's holdings into their own as both organisations scramble to maintain themselves as a recognised faction within the Galactic Alliance. It is unknown how the quasi-Imperial ideology of Pentastar will survive in the notably anarchical Squadron that has been so opposed to anything resembling Imperial structure and efficiency. 
At least one planet was able to briefly overthrow its military government as news of the amalgamation arrived, but any hopes of enlightened rule were short lived as the leaders of the protests were executed by collaborators, leaving the populace in a state of subdued and fearful resentment. 
Rogue Squadron firing squad
An unnamed DFHI spokesperson during a press conference detailed the Empire's response to the devolving situation on the worlds now under military governorship of Rogue Squadron with the allocation of one billion credits set aside for relocation and redevelopment efforts in the affected sectors. A further billion credits will be dedicated to military operations aimed at liberating occupied worlds, and bounties on the rebel leaders. Speaking at the annual Empire Youth awards ceremony, Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium spoke to the aspiring Imperial leaders on the importance of galactic stability, and care for the general populace:
"With the collapse of the 'State Bank' of the Krath, and the unification of two rebel groups - or perhaps annexation of one by the other - there is a serious question as to the well-being of the citizens of at least five sectors. We are, however, encouraged by this news of anti-Union groups weakening. It shall be only a matter of time now before the Imperial Union liberates the Outer Rim and the tentative 'Outer Rim Alliance' collapses. Until then, in the event that they can hear this via pirate broadcast, the Empire encourages all pro-Union forces currently in occupied territory to continue their campaigns against our common enemies."

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 1: Naahla Raar, the leader of Centurion Arms was replaced today by Samantha Dordoli.
Year 25 Day 1: Trik Kuh`runi, the leader of Mining Guild Authority was replaced today by Belial Sicari.
Year 25 Day 1: The Inner Circle has been renamed to Annuli Sentinels. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 25 Day 1: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Sweetbriar Engineering specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Aeron Llywelyn Rees. The first headquarters of Sweetbriar Engineering opened today in New Beginnings on Asteroid 24-W-231 Gamma.
Year 24 Day 365: Aeron Llywelyn Rees, the leader of Corellian Transport Services was replaced today by Jonas Kanuteau.
Year 24 Day 365: Erik Haskell, the leader of Cybot Galactica was replaced today by Telo Danodel.
Year 24 Day 365: Today marked the ascendency of The Mando Cabure into Clak'Dor IV politics, as they managed to secure their own candidate's legitimacy was respected by the planet's previous ruling powers long tied to The Krath.