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Imperium Sine Fine
Hacked by: Tanez Kalrade, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 12 Day 13 Location Unknown
Chandrila (INB) - Breaking news out of the Bormea sector today, as an unprecedented agreement was reached between the Galactic Empire and Ailon Nova Guard that will see an Imperial takeover of the once Galactic Alliance-aligned government as well as its shipbuilding subsidiary, TransGalMeg.
The acquisition follows a short, amiable period of negotiations between the leaders of Ailon Nova Guard and the Galactic Empire. With this deal, the Empire assumes control over two additional sectors, strengthening its already dominant position in the Core Worlds and ensuring the continuing security of its citizens there. Celebrations erupted throughout the Bormea and Farffin sectors as the news leaked to the public, reaffirming the pro-Imperial sentiment felt throughout the Core.
The move deals a serious blow to the Galactic Alliance war machine, as a significant producer of New Republic war materiel refocuses its massive production capabilities toward Imperial products. Additionally, the Empire, and presumably the entire Imperial Union, gains access to the designs of several useful starships, including the highly valued Tabder-class Heavy Hauler.
A magnificent ceremony was held on Chandrila today to officially transfer control of the sectors to the Imperial Government, as lead diplomats from both the Empire and Ailon Nova Guard were on hand for the historic proceedings. As a testament to the safety and authority enjoyed by the citizens of the Empire, a number of massive Star Destroyers could be seen in orbit of the former capital, where the system's shipyards continued to work relentlessly. This further confirmed the notion that the move is largely supported by the Bormea and Farffin citizenry, no doubt aided by the announcement that existing business deals with neutral or pro-Imperial parties would be honoured by the Empire.
With this most recent announcement, the new Imperial regime continues to assert its dedication to the use of diplomacy as a tool for galactic progress. This undoubtably would have been impossible under the previous Imperial leadership, who considered diplomacy a sign of weakness and was often noted by neutral governments to have been quite experienced at burning bridges out of spite. Noted political commentator Cutter Blith remarked, "This agreement merely re-affirms what I have been observing for the past several months, that Emperor Cherokee is wisely dedicated to diplomacy in order to further the reach of the Empire."
Following the ceremonies on Chandrila, a representative for the Throne confirmed that this is merely one more tangible result of Emperor Cherokee's ongoing campaign of diplomacy for the Empire, and that announcements touting expanding Imperial control throughout the galaxy could indeed be expected to become the norm.

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