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Political News
Long May She Reign
Posted by: Lilith Delcroix, One Nation Under Jou
Date: Year 21 Day 308

On Day 308 of Year 21 the independent system of Morobe ceased to be a protectorate of the Tion Hegemony and became part of the Vorsian Crown territory, embracing Sovereign Countess Lilith Delcroix as its monarch and the new federal governing body ... [Read More]

A New Chapter: Trade Federation Viceroy Appointed
Posted by: Salamku Derov, Trade Federation
Date: Year 21 Day 292

The setting skies over Taanab marked the end of a historic day for the Trade Federation as Viceroy Jansen announced that he would be retiring. The Federation fleet had assembled for manoeuvres above the planet, ... [Read More]

Krath Enters The Endor Pact
Posted by: Raidan Spike, The Krath
Date: Year 21 Day 287

Shesharile 3 (KNN) - Southern sectors of the galaxy have seen yet another major step towards ongoing peace in the region with the Krath Empire recently entering the Endor Pact.

While th... [Read More]

Hyporian Havoc
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 21 Day 285

With their recent renaming to -ARK-, the Arkanian Brotherhood completes the dissolution of their merger with the Hyporian Commonwealth, now called Erythri. This concludes one of the more perplexing attempted mergers in recent times. T... [Read More]

New Revelation Strikes Holy Tatooine!
Posted by: Tilba Ugama, Jawa Industrial Magi
Date: Year 21 Day 278

Your holoscreen abruptly cuts to the iconic red robed Jawa Tilba Ugama, Decoder of The Will, Hand of the Tinkerer, Psychopomp of the Great Salvage, and Guide to Jawa Heaven (the real one).


[Contribute to the greater good][Read More]

Ch'at nuz bazan
Posted by: Prard`aga Rono, Chiss Ascendancy
Date: Year 21 Day 264

Nuz Bazan(formerly K'eb), Csilla (CPIN) - Mere months after regaining control of the Chiss homeworld, the Ascendancy’s ruling families gathered once more to celebrate the appointment of a new leader for the Chiss people. In a joint statement by ... [Read More]

The Black Veil - A new criminal threat?
Hacked by: Korin Jal, The Skulls Swoop Gang
Date: Year 21 Day 242

Disturbing news from the Outer Rim. Earlier today, we received a holorecording taken from a Colossal-class Heavy Carrier owned and operated by an independent trading company that wishes to remain anonymous. The Colossal was traversing the Kaelta s... [Read More]

Black Sun Scouts Find Lost Planet
Posted by: Vitale Cipriani, Black Sun
Date: Year 21 Day 239

Earlier this month, a scouting unit of the Black Sun's Blades of the Forgotten Prince responded to a distress call from an asteroid mining operation in the Relgim Sector. It seems that the facility experienced a collision between two Y-8 Mining Ve... [Read More]

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 21 Day 214

Coruscant (ING) - A significant moment of galactic history was announced today by the Emperor. Demonstrating that the collapse of the New Republic continues to cause ripples across the galaxy, Emperor Seele provided notice to Imperial citizens tha... [Read More]

A new Beacon in Tion Cluster
Posted by: Abraari To, Tion Hegemony
Date: Year 21 Day 201

Earlier today, many citizens of Tion Hegemony gathered outside The Purple Palace in Spinax, home to Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot-Delcroix, to pay homage as she made her last appearance as Head of ... [Read More]

Confederacy of Independent Systems Sign 2nd Treaty of Forsetti
Posted by: Taldar Logas, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Date: Year 21 Day 161

Hevvrol Sector

Last week marked yet another shift in the rapidly changing political landscape of the galaxy as the Confederacy of Independent Systems was invited to sign the Second Treaty of Forsetti, formalising... [Read More]

Ch'a Nuz Csact'uvitvot
Posted by: Grevendar Togl, Chiss Ascendancy
Date: Year 21 Day 150


After what can only be described as a historic meeting between the then offworld Council of Families, the ruling organ body of the Chiss, comprised of the Aristocra (or heads) of the most prominent families, and a delegation o... [Read More]

Matukai Dragons Secure Stake On Western Frontier
Posted by: Todd Wraithson, Matukai Dragons
Date: Year 21 Day 150

Speculation surrounding yesterday's transition of power in the recently charted territory of Takodana in the Western Reaches has largely died out after a definitive press release from t... [Read More]

Qui Totum Vult Totum Perdit
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 21 Day 147

Coruscant (INB) - The Imperial Palace has announced the formal transition of the Churnis and Csilla sectors to new powers in the form of Galactic Bank and the Chiss Ascendancy. Included as a major item in today’s press briefing, spokesman for th... [Read More]

Out of Suffering Have Emerged the Strongest Souls
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 21 Day 140

Mytaranor (FFNN)  The transition of governing bodies of the sectors of Trax, Mytaranor, and Ghost Nebula has been met with hopeful optimism and deliverance from a predecessor’s dark past. The Faerytail Family(TFF) has spent the last few months... [Read More]

OWL—Gladiators For You
Posted by: Ragnar Masha, The Hyporian Commonwealth
Date: Year 21 Day 139

In a galaxy already darkened by an endless state of war amid a plethora of distinct factions vying for control, do we truly require a violent sport to appease our need for adrenaline and excitement? The answer is yes, according to Ragnar, the Wild... [Read More]

Tatooine Now Under Jawa Control
Hacked by: Zikkan Jaziik, Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Date: Year 21 Day 129

It is our pleasure to report that Jawa Offworld Enterprises has taken formal control of the government of Tatooine and with it the rest of the Tatoo system. As battles intensified throughout the Arkanis sector between Imperial and various Rebel fo... [Read More]

Te Verda Juha - The Warrior's Call
Posted by: Gaarurra Madclaw, Gav Technical Services
Date: Year 21 Day 127

Recent activity from the edge of the galaxy has captured the attention of coreward news agencies; the following is a Galactic News Service rebroadcast of a story originally transmitted by media local to the Southeast ... [Read More]

Three hundred detained Wookiees released unharmed
Posted by: Baz Yen, Dukha Industrial
Date: Year 21 Day 58

Orbit, planet Kashyyyk -- 

The crisis of the three hundred Wookiees seized from Kashyyyk has ended with their release. Late last year, a clandestine humanocentric group snatched the Wookiees from their homeworld during Black Forest Day co... [Read More]

Trials of Sanctuary
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 21 Day 44

The Galactic News continues its weekly program and an image of wreckage flashes before the screen and then minimizes to the corner.

“We bring you an update on a story from last... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 329: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Deep Space Trading specializes in Trading and will be led by Sarai Andromeda Morbus. The first headquarters of Deep Space Trading opened today in Yen #165 on Urce IV.
Year 21 Day 327: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Spectre specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Nikolaj Eyre. The first headquarters of Spectre opened today in New Garretton (9,3) on Fitca Prime.
Year 21 Day 327: Garm Munin, the leader of Galacian Mining Corporation was replaced today by Hugh Grishnak.
Year 21 Day 327: Hugh Grishnak, the leader of Galacian Mining Corporation was replaced today by Garm Munin.
Year 21 Day 327: Ran Sode, the leader of Shadolan Authority was replaced today by Avelyn ca Vella.