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Political News
Curtailed Cooperation Cancels Cooperative Coup
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 341

On Day 334, Sol Savrek, the leader of the Government known as The Cooperative, was arrested and killed by members of the Cooperative and one of their allied groups, the Flower Company. The Cooperative, based on their recent press event, now... [Read More]

Jawa Industrial Magi Make Thrilling Archaeological Discovery!
Posted by: Jic Uiji, Jawa Industrial Magi
Date: Year 20 Day 339

It is with the highest joy that the Xenoarchaeological Institute, working in cooperation with the Jawa Industrial Magi, announces the discovery of recordings detailing the last decade of the life of Rika Ptek. Short of stature and deep of pockets,... [Read More]

Jakku discovered: Trade Federation leads coalition to stabilize the sector.
Posted by: Jacob Jansen, Trade Federation
Date: Year 20 Day 315

On the morning of Day 307, Year 20, a coalition allied with the Trade Federation formally took power on the planet Jakku and of its surrounding space. It had been widely expected that the sudden revelation of the planet's coordinates on... [Read More]

Jedi Task Force In Corellia Finds Evidence Of Imperial Atrocities
Hacked by: Thragg Craghorn, The Jedi Order
Date: Year 20 Day 288

Y20D286 - Draft presented to Council Y20D287 - Approved by Council for release to public

The Jedi Order has kept a keen eye on the events unfolding in the Corellian Sector since the crisis first came to the attention of the Council roug... [Read More]

Jawas Seize Sands of Sasan
Posted by: Jic Uiji, Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Date: Year 20 Day 286

Jawas have long been drifters who were often overlooked wherever they went in the galaxy and no matter what they have been subject to laws set by others. This has led to a persecution of Jawas around the galaxy, with draconian droid rights laws an... [Read More]

Controversy in Corellia
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 285

A few weeks ago, an unexpected revolt began to spread across the Corellian sector as multiple planets removed the Imperial magistrates from their ruling positions and declared loyalty to the organization known as the Flower Company. This chan... [Read More]

King Rexar Steps Down
Posted by: Xias, Tresario Star Kingdom
Date: Year 20 Day 275

Bal`demnic (TNN) – Earlier today, His Majesty, King Alto Rexar S.S. M.F. signed documents formalizing his abdication and elevating Fleet Admiral, Sir Fooj Iwajo C.F. to the office of Sovereign of Tresario.

In a statement to the media, Mi... [Read More]

Guardians of the Whills Seek Balance in the Force
Posted by: Gothar Elensar, Guardians of the Whills
Date: Year 20 Day 269

CAMDEN, MORSHDINE -- "The ways of the Galaxy are not the same as those of the Force," pronounced the Keeper of the Whills, Gothar Elensar, of the newly formed Guardians of the Whills from their temple on planet Camden.  Rejecting the long... [Read More]

MandaPharma offers medical aid to victims of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy's Crusade of Hate
Posted by: Teroch Qir-zan, MandaPharma
Date: Year 20 Day 265



The following is a statement put forth by the Medical Company MandaPharma.


My name is Teroch Qir-zan of the Mandalorian Clan Qir, owner and founder of MandaPharma, a medical com... [Read More]

Talak Kasra Appointed Emperor
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 20 Day 221

Massive nation-wide celebrations across the Krath Empire concluded today with the coronation of the former Lord Imperator, Talak Kasra. In a grand ceremony attended by all the key representatives of the government, the first Empe... [Read More]

Midrim Mourns
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 220

On the heels of Zann Consortium and Card’as Smugglers operations in the Triumvirate space and the killing of Adam Hughes of the New Republic, it is reported tonight that the Consortium also carried out an attack against the neutral transporta... [Read More]

Aliit Ori'shya Tal'din
Posted by: Kai Oryk, Mando`ade
Date: Year 20 Day 215

(MNB) Aloriya, Manda - Speaking from the headquarters of Mando'ade today in the capital city of the planet Manda, Mand'alor Kai Oryk made the following statement:

"Su'cuy - Greetings, I stand be... [Read More]

Confederate Flag Flies Once More Over Genarius
Posted by: Siejo Kutol, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Date: Year 20 Day 200

Genarius - As evening slowly turned Raxus Prime a beautiful color of orange, the tramp of thousands of battle droids was heard. These battle droids were not one of a conquering army, however, but of a procession leading directly to the once abando... [Read More]

Imperial Union Strengthened As Faerytail Family Granted Parliamentary Membership
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 20 Day 185

Coruscant (INB) - Citizens of the galaxy rejoiced today as the Imperial Union welcomed the Faerytail Family as a full member of the Grand Parliament in a public ceremony. The full membership of the Imperial Union was granted after a unanimous vote... [Read More]

Tears of the Coalition
Posted by: Kyota Navic, Car`das Smugglers
Date: Year 20 Day 182

    Today, news broke that the Car`das Smugglers successfully completed an operation within Triumvirate space, evading detection and manoeuvring through the Coalition’s ramshackle security.
The event followed no... [Read More]

Playing with Fire.
Hacked by: Nat N`ightshade, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 20 Day 161

In a brief announcement today, Zann Consortium officials confirmed a recent assassination overseen by Zann Consortium Circle member Kyota Navic and executed by Defiler Seth Haze.

Aldasec Mathai, once a kidnapper himself, left his pirate wa... [Read More]

Clashes in Krmar
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 94

Following public reports of the capture of Duke Corey Vildras of the Archduchy of Tolonda about three weeks ago, the Archduchy has suffered another recent loss. Adin Cole, the Archduchy's longtime Minister of Defense, was subdued and executed by... [Read More]

Rebirth of an Empire
Posted by: Grevendar Togl, Empire of the Hand
Date: Year 20 Day 89


Being contractually obligated to also provide a written statement with our holograms, the transmission cuts to a Chiss male in a white imperial-style uniform on the bridge of a Sabaoth Destroyer.

[Read More]

Tion Hegemony hosts Galactic Concordiate's first Biennial Gala
Posted by: Salamku Derov, Trade Federation
Date: Year 20 Day 83

For six days, from Day 55, Voss thronged with visiting heads of state, industry tycoons, and high society as the Tionese capital played host to the Galactic Concordiate's first Biennial Gala. The Gala was organised to officially welcome... [Read More]

Introducing the Interstellar League
Posted by: Sion Plagueis, AeroTech
Date: Year 20 Day 76

Year 20 Day 75

The Interstellar League District on Feriae Junction

The past few months have been historic for galactic citizens. Galactic alliances have shifted significantly, with the three ma... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 351: Blue News Inc. has been renamed to Xenoarchaeological Institute. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 351: Tazer Aasa, the leader of Blue News Inc. was replaced today by Kaze Zill.
Year 20 Day 351: Press Wars has been renamed to Blue News Inc.. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 351: After a daring and perhaps brash political move on the part of Mando`ade, Golan Arms has decided to cede the reins of power, leaving the citizens of Dagu IV under the control of Mando`ade.
Year 20 Day 351: Metyl Onyx, the leader of Dorinian Military Corps was replaced today by Shandra Raa.
Year 20 Day 351: Shandra Raa, the leader of Red Nebula was replaced today by Lynna Bandelow.
Year 20 Day 351: Kal Siru, the leader of University of Sanbra was replaced today by Hemi Cuda.
Year 20 Day 349: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Archangel Armaments & Equipment specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Draven Diesel. The first headquarters of Archangel Armaments & Equipment opened today in Jericho on Chasin.
Year 20 Day 349: Kira Corporate Monoclan has been renamed to Coalition Production Group. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 349: Virak Kira, the leader of Kira Corporate Monoclan was replaced today by Qymaera sul C`an.
Year 20 Day 349: Today marked the ascendency of Shadola Sector Security into Maldra C politics, as they managed to secure their own candidate's legitimacy was respected by the planet's previous ruling powers long tied to Galactic Weapon Systems.