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Political News
Faerytail: The Future Is Better
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 23 Day 326

Kashyyyk, Kashyyyk (FFNN).  Today, aboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser TFF Mermaid's Fear, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel, monarch of the Faerytail Family, finished the preparations in Kashyyyk for the celebration of the third annual Green Forest Day ...

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End of an Era
Posted by: Ro Ru Wok, Trade Federation
Date: Year 23 Day 320

Tanaab, Zeemacht Cluster
Y23, D320

In a quiet ceremony amongst the palace gardens of Camp Gunray, the Viceroy’s official residence on Taanab, Jacob Jansen announced his retirement. Atte...

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Nau'ur Evaar'la'goyust
Posted by: Jevon Lambright, Bounty Brokers Association
Date: Year 23 Day 320

(MNB) Aloriya, Manda – The capital of Manda has released an official announcement, following months of rumors surrounding the disappearance of the Mandalorian leader, Kai Oryk.

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Froz's Deal with the Devil
Posted by: Vera Zhaif, Unnamed Military
Date: Year 23 Day 312

The holoprojected image crackles to life oddly and freezes on a cute furry head. The distorted small furry creature suddenly looks furious in the hologram and the next image appears to be a very close look at some very sharp teeth. A moment later,...

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Galactic Concordiate Redux
Posted by: Dru Snotz, Aurodium Legion
Date: Year 23 Day 250

Year 23 Day 250

The camera pans to seven leaders, each standing at a podium with their government crest on it.. Five colorful banners hang in the background representing each of the governments that are seated there. A rather tall Amani wi...

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Death Watch Guerilla Fighters Engage Mandalore Blockade
Posted by: Lazarus Grimm, Death Watch
Date: Year 23 Day 225

A guerilla force of the infamous Death Watch cult scored a cascade of battlefield victories against the Mandalorian military, one of galaxy's oldest Mando’ade forces. GNS journalists witnessed the decisive battle in a rising civil war.


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Dominion Press Release: Tomas o`Cuinn
Posted by: Tomas O`Cuinn, Blue Star Engineering
Date: Year 23 Day 136

Dominion News Network
Woldona I, 23.136

In a press release today, a spokesman for the Blue Star Dominion publicly distanced the organization from Tomas o`Cuinn, a reputable businessman who was accused by the F...

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Imperial Union Announces Major Change
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 23 Day 132

Faerytail Capital, Messert III, Mytaranor (FNN) - The Imperial Union met early last month in the resplendent chambers of Grand Parliament to discuss an amendment to the Imperial Union charter that would ease the entrance of new members to the excl...

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Mass Funeral Held in The Pentastar Alignment
Posted by: Anubis Hothyck, The Pentastar Alignment
Date: Year 23 Day 24

A mass funeral for lost comrades was held in The Pentastar Alignment, sources reveal, as it appears the Moff Council’s forces have been stricken by a wave of losses. Alignment citizens were required to gather in public spaces, wail and express p...

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Ch'a Bsivi Csir
Posted by: Remus Soran, Chiss Ascendancy
Date: Year 23 Day 13

Your holonet flickers to life, with the image of a Chiss reporter on the screen. She begins to speak, seated smartly behind the broadcast desk of the Chiss Public Information Network.

Ac'siel, Csilla...

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Per Angusta Ad Augusta
Posted by: Zaala O`Kessa, Dark Star Hellions
Date: Year 23 Day 11

"Greetings, Sentients of the Galaxy and welcome to my first episode of Hellion Broadcasts. I'm your Host, Dexen Ganymede."


*Breaking News*

Hellions Announce Coronation

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Insurgency subverts Kowak restrictions
Posted by: Ximaro Jix, Void Wolves
Date: Year 22 Day 333


The Void Wolves pirates today released a broadcast against the Blue Star Dominion’s issuance of authority over the newly foun...

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Empire In Crisis After Abdication
Hacked by: William Siethr, The Resistance
Date: Year 22 Day 325

The insignia of The Resistance flashes into view for a moment before fading to reveal a sturdy man in nondescript clothing.  Behind him, a shining, cream colored planet hangs in spac...

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Invictus! Vitam Amplificare Hominibus Hominesque Societati
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 22 Day 321

CORUSCANT (IIS) – Celebrations began throughout the Galactic Empire today with the coronation of Empress Ventidius I. Occurring within the Imperial Palace at the traditional time of 13:00hrs Galactic Central Time, Lady Inwe Ventidius was crowned...

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Successful administrative coup in The Pentastar Alignment, Anubis Hothyck self-promoted
Posted by: Anubis Hothyck, The Pentastar Alignment
Date: Year 22 Day 68

Grand-Moff Marmot Walker, of the Pentastar Alignment [PTA], has been replaced by former Minister of Industry Anubis Hothyck. The abrupt takeover happened overnight and was entirely bloodless. Reports from within the PTA indicate that the now entit...

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Infiltrator Arrested Following Failed Sith Imperium Plot
Posted by: Teroch Qir-zan, MandaPharma
Date: Year 22 Day 47

MandaPharma CEO Teroch Qir-zan has issued a statement announcing the death of Sith Imperium hopeful Komik Ki, following his attempted infiltration of MandaPharma. In a press room filled with the scent of frying ...

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Hope for Wookiees just a fairy tale
Hacked by: Tandis Valeek, Triumvirate Space Technologies
Date: Year 22 Day 3

Reporting from the galaxy newsroom at the Triumvirate Coalition Capitol on Pesmenben III: The atrocities of The Faerytail Family know no bounds. Undercover sources of the TIA (Triumvirate Intelligence Agency), hidden among the population of Kashyy...

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Scars Of Past Mismanagement Fade to Usher A Tomorrow of Hope
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 21 Day 350

Messert, Mytaranor (FFNN).  Today, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel, King-Father of the Faerytail Family, announced publicly the first annual Green Forest Day. The celebration, which will be hosted on the Wookie homeworld Kashyyyk, will be held on Da...

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Long May She Reign
Posted by: Lilith Delcroix, One Nation Under Jou
Date: Year 21 Day 308

On Day 308 of Year 21 the independent system of Morobe ceased to be a protectorate of the Tion Hegemony and became part of the Vorsian Crown territory, embracing Sovereign Countess Lilith Delcroix as its monarch and the new federal governing body ...

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A New Chapter: Trade Federation Viceroy Appointed
Posted by: Salamku Derov, Trade Federation
Date: Year 21 Day 292

The setting skies over Taanab marked the end of a historic day for the Trade Federation as Viceroy Jansen announced that he would be retiring. The Federation fleet had assembled for manoeuvres above the planet, ...

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Events in Brief
Year 23 Day 363: Zobear Culan, the leader of Unnamed Market was replaced today by Maverick Fulman.
Year 23 Day 363: Vonar Solon, the leader of Faerytail Trading Company was replaced today by Geran Nightshadow.