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"Squall gets drunk, affects foreign policy"
Hacked by: Percilia Kajidic, Eidola
Date: Year 12 Day 57 Location Unknown

Following a night of drunken brawling in the taverns of Deleron I, warlord Squall Chitose finally met his match when he found himself cornered by an angry member of Black Sun with a personal vendetta against the Eidola quartermaster. Unable to defend himself, due to his ignoble lack of skill and his sobering insobriety, Squall Chitose did the one thing a pirate should never do. He sent a holotext to Rogue Squadron, asking for immediate police assistance, forgetting about his own personal history.



After both Squall and Rakionos were brought to Rogue Squadron's headquarters, they went through separate booking procedures. Since Eidola has long avoided operating in Elrood systems, recognising their respective governments as friendly, Warlord Chitose avoided what could have been a much more serious arrest. Had he found himself overmatched in a drunken brawl in the Corellian sector, for example, he would certainly have been shot. However, Chitose has noble beginnings in the Rebel Alliance; proving his hatred of the Empire by leading a squad of soldiers into the frays that captured both a Star Galleon under the command of Vincent Strife, and a Imperial Star Destroyer under the command of Vir Calder. Authorities in Elrood say they took the drunken pirate's once-glorious history into account while judging the case, and note that with Eidola, Chitose continued his feud with the Empire, becoming one of their most wanted persons in the galaxy.

After spending a week behind closed doors with the Elrood leadership, Chitose has promised to help ensure that Eidola will promote freedom and independence for the citizens of the Outer Rim, and to never allow the independent homesteaders to fear the pirates who fight for their freedom against overreaching governments. Eidola's holonet trolls, hackers, and smut peddlers are quick to assure us that the pirate group has not signed any actual allegiances, but, but it seems that both sides have agreed that aggression between their two states is not conducive to their mutual goal of ending the Empire's presence in the Rim.

As events unfold, we will likely hear official releases from both groups, however indications are that both Eidola and Rogue Squadron plan on operating closely in the future to keep Imperial-aligned groups out of the Outer Rim. It has been postulated by the galactic news media that Chitose may have negotiated a Letter of Marque from the rebel government, allowing Eidola to conduct all their usual actions against the Imperial Union, without threat of reprisal.

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