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Discovery of Forgotten Star System Stirs Exploration Renaissance
Posted by: Dollian Teague, Darkness
Date: Year 13 Day 64 Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette [No Name] in system Resh (269, 245).

Kiffar Navigators Enter Forgotten Star System

Resha Star System  --  Following the re-plotting and updating of star-charts of the galaxy, the curious discovery of a previously unknown system has triggered astronomers, navigators and historians to hypothesize that the new systems of hyperspace routes and star-charting has opened up previously unexplored parts of the galaxy to potentially more unknown and forgotten star systems.  After having studied information compiled from a forgotten survey filed by an automated Corellian probe and subsequently forgotten over 200 years ago, Kiffar navigators set out to explore the "Resh 9376" comet.  Upon arrival in the Resh System, the exploration team discovered a small, isolated community living on the comet claiming to be descendants of a little-known Corellian Pirate, Salovan Fische, who used the comet as a base of operations several centuries ago before a mutiny left him and portions of his crew stranded in their hideout and forgotten from the galaxy at large.

A Kiffar survey ship approaches the surface of Resha 9376.

According to reports of the initial survey, the comet follows an elliptical path that brings it close to many inhabited star systems though never crossing into any of them.  Besides observations on geologic and topographic surveys, the Corellian survey's only other note was to classify the comet as an 'astronavigation hazard.'  According to surviving reports, Salovan Fische's crew discovered the comet and spent over a decade hollowing the interior to accommodate a small and self-sufficient community.  Stories of the descendants still living in the comet describe Fische's growing obsession with the accommodations within the comet and less emphasis on actual pirating ventures, leading portions of his crew to mutiny against their captain, leaving Fische and loyalists stranded and forgotten to time within the comet.

The approach to the isolated community living on the Comet.

The recent improvement of the modern star charts and hyperspace routes has generated immense interest in the scientific community for the potential to more easily explore and discover more uncharted star systems such as the discovery of Resh.  Astrocartography experts theorize that the potential for discovering uncharted systems throughout the galaxy could usher in a profound new era of exploration and expansion.  On the heels of this latest discovery, many exploratory expeditions have already begun to mobilize; financers have begun hiring navigators, seasoned pilots, and other experts in hopes of being the first to discover new star systems and carve a place for themselves in modern galactic history.



Credits: Reporting by Fenn Drayson.  Editing and distribution by Kiffex Wireless.  Images by Jevon Lambright

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Events in Brief
Year 23 Day 54: Sadie de Chatillon, the leader of Cantrell Institute of the Arts was replaced today by Lara Navos.
Year 23 Day 54: Sarai Andromeda Morbus, the leader of Deep Space Trading was replaced today by Tyr Kratos.
Year 23 Day 53: Iviin Debrek, the leader of AeroSource was replaced today by Burun Ukoro.
Year 23 Day 52: Winter Angelos, the leader of Stellar Sphere was replaced today by Gwenedith Ordos.
Year 23 Day 52: A new military force emerged today. Fyrnock Highlanders is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Mercurio Plomez. The first headquarters of Fyrnock Highlanders opened today in Port Plomez on Pedducis Chorios.