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Falleen Federation Welcomes the New King
Posted by: Rick Farlander, Falleen Federation
Date: Year 13 Day 169 Onboard the MC80 Home One Class Star Cruiser FMS Farlander`s Fist in system Queel (177, -172).

Envoys hailing from points all across Galactic Alliance space and beyond gathered on Day 151 at the Falleen Naval Yard to witness the coronation ceremony of the next sovereign of the Falleen Federation, His Majesty, King Rick Farlander S.L.

Among those in attendance were the vicars of Falleen Clans Huruk-Rah and Ghera`jh, as well as delegations representing the New Republic, the Triumvirate Coalition, the Krath Dynasty, the Jedi Order, Rogue Squadron, the Freedom Warriors, Ankh Biomedical Services, CryoMed Laboratories and the Chiss Ascendancy.

The ascension of King Farlander comes after the retirement from political life of the former Mindano Clan sovereign, King Bisz Aldaris C.R S.L. whose name has been synonymous with the Falleen Federation since Year 5. Regent to King Aldaris since Year 11, King Farlander has been carefully groomed for this appointment and his cornation marks the beginning of a new age under the reign of Clan Chir`Dorna.
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Security was strict around the Falleen Naval Yard, one of several facilities which are producing the Federation's line of Mon Calamari Home One star cruisers, as dignitaries from across the galaxy assembled to honor the ascension of the next Falleen monarch, His Majesty, King Rick Farlander.
" This occasion sets the foundation for a new era of cooperation and strengthened relations between the clans and the Federation.â?? 
-Nathran Syn, Clan Huruk-Rah
"Once, long ago... when I was a lost child amongst the stars, Rick Farlander reached out his hand and took me in. Were it not for his kind words and understanding I would not have stuck to my studies as a Jedi and I would not be the Jedi Master I am today. Because of his help during the trials of my being, I have grown into who I am now. Able now to help others as he helped me, I look back at a Falleen not only worthy of respect but of undying friendship.
All of us applaud the rise of another star amongst the galaxy's fight for peace and prosperity against Imperial tyranny. I expect in the coming months that he will be the leader that we can all expect from such people of great character as himself."
-Jedi Master Onasha Katr, Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance
"This is a special day for the Federation, the beginning of a new era. We're honoured to have been invited to share in these celebrations with the people of Falleen, and look forward to continuing our work alongside the Federation under its new leadership.
-High Ambassador Cheda Quche, New Republic
What began as a solemn and formal ceremony ended up becoming the biggest gala event of Year 13, as King Farlander's supporters and allies packed the sprawling decks of the Naval Yard to celebrate his crowning. Deputy Minister Sir Jink Knwldg, K.R. Taâ??shir of the Chir`dorna Clan acted as Master of Ceremonies for this auspicious event, and following the highly ritualized coronation the royal chamber was filled with the cheers of hundreds in attendance. As is often the custom among the Falleen, the formal event was followed by an impressive schedule of gaming and recreation which has yet to be concluded. This comes at a time of increasing Imperial propaganda campaigns and domestic threats, which event security chief Minister Sir Shae Briston K.R. refers to as "not a significant issue".
Asked to comment on Clan involvement with Federation politics, Minister Prince Jado Dur`rik Ta'shir of the Huruk-rah Clan issued the following statement.
"The Noble Falleen clans will always play an important role in the politics of the Falleen Federation. If not for the struggles of the clans in the past, the Federation as we know it would not exist. I know that I can speak for the Huruk-rah, Ghera`jh, and Mindano clans when I say that we pray that Kiyorath Dihn watches over and guides Clan Chir`dorna and their Nathran, King Rick Farlander throughout his reign."
-Minister Prince Jado Dur`rik

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