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Derra, Spem Novam
Posted by: Guinar Ndengin, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 14 Day 176 Onboard the Imperial Star Destroyer I Warspite in system Metellos (-29, 86).

DERRA IV (IIS)  The population of Derra IV is beginning to see a glimmer of hope for their future as reports from several unnamed sources within the Galactic Alliance have confirmed the pending completion of withdrawal of the Galactic Alliance's forces from the planet. Political commentators and military analysts have both pointed to the recent losses of Infinite Empire worlds and the deaths of multiple Alliance personnel as continued signs of stress in the alliance's capability, evidencing the overcommitment of resources by the Galactic Alliance in an attempt to hold the strategically insignificant world of Derra IV. Mounting realisation of the dropping morale amidst the deployed forces and the vulnerabilities presented across the home front of governments such as the Krath, Infinite Empire and Rogue Squadron, has prompted a review of deployment strategy at the highest levels.

During debate over the withdrawal from Derra IV Commanding Officer of the Alliance forces on the planet, Admiral Togl, revealed that the Krath Dynasty alone committed 80% of its military personnel to the effort as they remain tied up trying to fend off a single Legion of the Imperial Army. With no victory in sight for the power-hungry and politically ravenous Togl and waning morale across most of the Alliance forces present, the political leaders of the Alliance have been wary of redeploying forces that were previously withdrawn from Derra IV. These recalled forces subsequently failed to fend off attacks on Alliance worlds, possibly motivating the decision of their political masters to refuse to recommit resources to a stalemate on Derra IV. Consequently, Admiral Togl signalled pending retreat of Alliance forces shortly after the recent arrival of the 2nd Legion to rotate with the 3rd Legion, as part of the three month combat deployment system employed by the Imperial Army.



Alliance commanders remain bogged down in the logistical preparations for the withdrawal of their remaining forces, as debate continues amongst the Alliance leadership on how to try and frame the retreat as a victory for the Galactic Alliance in its internal media as well as the galactic news. Meanwhile, Commanding Officer of the 2nd Legion Major General David Terrio, has joined with Colonel Edward Canfield, the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Legion, in a remembrance ceremony to pay homage to the Imperial and civilian lives sacrificed to secure the freedom of Derra IV's indiginous people. A recently declassified Imperial Army report has shown the extent of Derra IV's combat operations, with the 3rd Legion having lodged 153 after-action reports with Army Command over the duration of their deployment. Revealing a stunning commitment by the Empire, the report details the loss of 1,130 Stormtroopers and militia as well as a loss of 14 military droids in the contest to secure Derra IV. The report has also highlighted an inconsistency in the Alliance's reporting of engagements: the Imperial Army's report showed that 60% of the losses were in fact incurred by the GA forces on the planet.


When asked about the discrepancy between the figures, Colonel Canfield emphasized a cunning ruse by the spin doctors of the GA's propaganda machine. "[Admiral Togl] certainly plays games with the facts and figures his office releases in order to present as best a possible facade of the Alliance's efforts. The chief strategy he and his Alliance superiors have employed is simply to refuse recognition of combat droids as counting towards any kind of Alliance loss at all. Through this tactic, he wields an actual force of over 2,000 but pretends to have one of only half that size, because only half of it is flesh and blood." The Colonel continued: "The 3rd Legion has certainly suffered significant casualties in freeing Derra IV, but in a truly humbling testament to my troops, they have taken out significant numbers of Alliance forces, preventing them from establishing dominion over the planet - despite being outnumbered at least two to one the entire time."

Notwithstanding rumours surrounding the Alliance's mercenary corporations wishing to stay behind to continue to fight the Imperial armed forces and local citizenry, the news of the Alliance's main force's pending withdrawal from the virus-ravished Derra IV has enabled citizens to begin to repair the damage caused by the conflict. With the feeling spreading across the populace that there is light at the end of the tunnel, repair and construction projects have already begun. Asked about the future of Imperial operations on Derra IV, Colonel Canfield was positive. "The Empire will not be retreating from here, as I'm sure there will be fringe elements of the GA that try to remain simply for the sport of killing, or even the occasional return of a small military deployment trying to flex political muscle and smile for the holocams. The people of Derra are strong, with a rich culture and tight family structure, and despite the Alliance's best attempts, they're not easily terrorized into submission. It is unfortunate that I won't be there to help [Derra IV], but it's the mission of the 2nd Legion now; to help the good citizens of Derra IV through this period of recovery, and keep them safe from any future invasions."




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