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Third Time is the Charm.... Or is it????
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, Guardians of the Fey
Date: Year 16 Day 78 Onboard the Corona-class frigate GoF Petulent Pixie in system Mechis (29, -147).


Complete Victory in the Mechis System


The Faerytail Family

Faerytail News Network (FTNN) -- Mechis System

Your screen flickers as it transitions to an image of a pink haired reporter standing in front of a podium.

Erza opens the news report

The young woman looks up, nervously clears her throat, and begins to speak.

Erza - "This is Erza Heartfilia reporting aboard the Corona class Frigate 'GoF Petulent Pixie' that has the mission of guarding the Mechis System located within the Renillis Sector of the galaxy.  As many who watch the Galactic News Flashes may have noticed, on Day 71 the Mechis System has completely come under the control of the Faerytail Family by swearing allegiance to the current head organization, Guardians of the Fey.

What is lesser known is that since the initial discovery of the Mechis System on or around day 22 by Tull Mat, and the subsequent discovery of the Mechis System by Simkin Dragoneel on day 23/24, the Mechis System has been beset by a war of control that has ultimately ended in a clear and resounding victory for the Faerytail Family.

The exact details from the viewpoint of the victors, Faerytail, have been classified as a military secret.  However, as of today the owner and leader of the Family, Simkin Dragoneel, is going to make a statement revealing exactly what happened from the viewpoint of the Leader of the assault.  Please give your attention as we switch over to him now."

The image on your screen pans out to a different podium also located on the same ship.  This podium is slightly taller and covered with microphones.  After a few seconds, a strange green alien pounces behind it and begins to speak.

Sims tells the facts

Simkin - "First I would like to thank everyone for their time and thank you Erza for the introduction.  As was previously said, I am the second person to have discovered the Mechis System while attempting to find new planets for Guardians of the Fey to colonize.  I was thrilled to find what appeared to be an uninhabited system with three planets on it and immediately started colonizing one of them, Mechis II. After ascending to orbit to go colonize another I noticed another ship in the area.  A GR-75 Medium Transport with an identifier beacon proclaiming allegiance to the mining company 'Total Outer Rim' was flying past Mechis II, presumably on the way to Mechis III or Mechis I. 

Needless to say, I was shocked and stunned for a few seconds, then immediately flew my ship away to stay out of the range of the GR-75's inferior scanners.  At that point in time, I had three choices to make which was diplomacy, fight, or flee.  Diplomacy was right out of the question because Total Outer Rim is the mining company of Rogue Squadron, one of the Galactic Alliance Governments who has been at war with Faerytail since we fought with their ally Infinite Empire to liberate oppressed planets undergoing cruel darkside force experiments.  Fleeing was out of the question too, for we have never backed down from a fight with the Galactic Alliance.  As the record shows our last two battles against the GA has ended with our victory.  Really then, fighting was the only option that I was willing to consider.

With my chosen path laid out, I immediately sent secret messages to numerous Faeries, both near and far from the struggle, in order to get our forces in the area as soon as possible.  Thankfully, one of Faerytail's Force users, the Je`daii Ranger Legend Myre, along with the Faerytail Je`daii Order Master, whose name and identity are classified, were helping me search for any undiscovered systems in the first place and were only hours away.  Other Faeries like Def, Myr, Erza, and Ryykal were working in the nearby Harrin System and also were able to respond quickly, while a few like Toshiba and the hidden Faery Hawkeye were days away even at their vessels maximum hyper.

After the messages were sent I, Legend, and his master began our assault primarily focusing on the planet Mechis II.  We made sure to keep our ships away from any that broadcast the Total Outer Rim beacon and started a ground assault where we claimed as much of the available land as we could while not being detected.  In the process Legend found a hidden enemy base that was flying the colours of the Eriadu Authority.  While this puzzled us slightly, Eriadu Authority is known as being one of the Krath's affiliate groups so we assumed it was just a Galactic Alliance Joint campaign to find new territory.  

After a day or two of our unseen war, I knew that to win we would not be able to go unnoticed forever.  Leading a team of some of Faerytail's elite troops, I personally led a raid on the Eriadu Authority hidden city and killed all hostile troops there.  Upon examining the bodies, the troops located in that city bore the insignia of Total Outer Rim and I was contacted shortly after by the leader of Total Outer Rim inquiring about his dead soldiers.  I informed him his troops were found in what we considered to be our territory, to which he responded by telling me that those troops were currently hired out to a shipbuilding company named 'Bakuran Shipyards.'"

Simkin pauses for a moment to take a sip of liquid and to clear his throat before speaking again.

"That statement completely confused me.  I had never even heard of that group before other than vaguely remembering a sale of a planet Bakuran had discovered and then sold to Total Outer Rim on Centrepoint Marketplace.  What had been told to me clashed with the city which we had just attacked flying the Eriadu Authority flag.  This just made it appear that whoever Bakuran Shipyards were, they were aligned with the Galactic Alliance and so was still our enemy.  

Undaunted, we kept up our assault on Mechis II, while I went over to Mechis I to meet a newly arrived veteran of our last battle Toshiba as well as our secret Faery Hawkeye.  Together the three of us attacked and quickly completely controlled all the available land on that planet and Toshiba found a hidden base just like on Mechis II, this time flying the colours of Bakuran Shipyards.  I immediately led a strike team against that base and killed everyone in it.  When examining the enemy corpses the insignia of Total Outer Rim was found again.

With two out of the three planets secured, Hawkeye and I flew over and attacked Mechis III, knowing that it was too late, but still attempting to gain as much territory as we could on the planet.  Strangely enough upon our attack run we passed another GR-75 Medium Transport and a Tabder Heavy Transport both broadcasting a Total Outer Rim beacon.  After securing close to 10% of the total land and making the planet unable to be completely covered by planetary shields, the hidden base put there gave control of the planet to Bakuran Shipyards.

Within a couple hours after Mechis III was claimed by the enemy, our initial colony on Mechis II came under attack by what appeared to be one of the GA government forces, who captured around thirty of our soldiers and prevented some of our building from completing in time.  I went ahead and dropped more troops while hostile forces were still in our colony, allowing our final buildings to finish.  Afterwards, I led a raid where I released all our captured troops by breaking them out of their bonds with an electronic lock breaker."

Complete Victory

Simkin - "When the system was revealed to the galaxy on Day 29, we only had political control over Mechis II, Mechis I we owned all the land except one city and were working on building housing for new Faerytail colonists.  Bakuran Shipyards had political control over Mechis III and briefly had system control, which they used to build four Trade I stations with childishly insulting names.

In the time that has passed since, the Faerytail Family took system control and continued strengthening our control over the system.  A couple weeks ago, Bakuran Shipyards decided to sell their planet to the 'highest bidder'.  In reality, I suspected they were simply trying to flee the war they had lost and also find a neutral party who would be forced to fight us in their place.  Acting upon my suspicions I issed a warning on one of the largest Trading Holosites in the galaxy stating that we the Faerytail Family viewed Mechis III as being part of our territory and would be at war with whoever bought it unless the buyer gave us the Trade I stations in the system, the city on Mechis II which had changed its flag of allegiance from Eriadu Authority to the Bakuran Shipyards flag, and the city on Mechis I which still had the Bakuran Shipyards flag.

This move gained me a lot of criticism but allowed for neutral parties that wanted to live in peace with us to have a way to attain that peace.  Secretly, our hidden Faery, Hawkeye, used information from his past to pretend to be my worst enemy and express his desire to attack us if he was sold the planet.  After many days of negotiations between the leader of Bakuran Shipyards, the neutral buyers, and our hidden Faery the leader of Bakuran Shipyards decided to sell Mechis III to our hidden Faery for 850 Million credits, instead of accepting offers from others in the amounts of 1 billion credits and 1.3 billion credits.  I was a bit saddened to see my gut feeling was correct that  Tull's goal of selling was deceitful from the start, but I was pleased that with the sale everything owned on Mechis III was transferred over to Guardians of the Fey giving us complete and total control of the system.  Another interesting fact was leaked in the trade warning that was interesting to me.  Tull Mat claimed Bakuran did not have the funds to fight a war with us, yet he supposedly sold the planet and system of Woostri to Total Outer Rim recently..... a sale, or a gift?

After presenting the facts that have been released to public knowledge, I would like to simply state that based on the evidence we perceive Bakuran Shipyards to be some type of hidden Galactic Alliance affiliate.  To quote an old Corellian saying, 'If it looks like a Tauntaun, if it sounds like a Tauntaun, and by all the gods if it SMELLS like a Tauntaun then it IS a tauntaun.'   We attacked and defeated all within the Mechis System because the Galactic Alliance have not ended their war with us with a Cease-Fire or a Non-Agression Pact despite repeated diplomats sent from Faerytail in order to do so.  If peace is something the Galactic Alliance ever desires in the future, they may send representatives to our current head Diplomat, Ottomar von Ismay, who now holds the challenging job of taking what I say and making it diplomatic.  Until that time, we rejoice in the addition of our 13th planetary body to the Faerytail Family and again caution the universe that anyone affiliated with the Galactic Alliance or with the Zann Consortium/Dark Star Hellion group are considered enemies of Faerytail and will be dealt with per Faery Law if found in any of our territory.

On a lighter note, in view of our recent victory the Faerytail Family will be hosting a party known as the "Faerytail Powder Fete" with many door prizes within the next week.  A live holofeed will be transmitted to the intergalactic holoforums known as the 'Scenario Hall'.

Thank you to all that have listened to this broadcast and also I would like to express my love and thanks to all of my sweet Faeries.  You are the ones that make me fight so hard and try to make us a success.  Without you all, I would be nothing.

This is Simkin Dragoneel on board the Corona class Frigate "GoF Petulent Pixie" signing off."

The screen fades to black then displays the following information:

Holosites of Groups involved

Faerytail Holosite
Galactic Alliance Holosite
Total Outer Rim Holosite
Eriadu Authority Holosite

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The Faerytail Family was initially started with the creation of Faerytail Medical. Faerytail Medical was formed by the dream of Simkin Dragoneel, Erik Thor, and Kirlos Serlon in their desire for medical items and services to be more easily accessible for all people located in the galaxy.
The name of Faerytail was created from a legend in certain backwater worlds located on the rim about a mythical creature known as the Faery. According to the legends, this vicious little creature’s tail has the power to cure any illness, and even regenerate limbs. Some legends even claim this object has the power to bring back life to the recently dead. The Faerytail family has been devoted ever since to curing the sick and selling Medical Items to all beings.
However, this universe is not a nice or kind place. Many different groups and people have tried to hurt members of Faerytail in their benevolent quest. In order to better defend themselves, Guardians of the Fey was formed (GoF).
Guardians of the Fey are an elite group of soldiers dedicated to protecting all Faerytail members and territory. While their primary goal is defensive, sometimes the ideal "A good defense is a good offense" is called upon to strike first at other groups and organizations we view to be a threat to us.  GoF is currently led by the owner of all the Faery factions, Simkin Dragoneel and is considered the head organization within the Faerytail Family.  
We are Guardians of the Fey, and we will protect our people.

Nagatee Kingdom Merges into the Faerytail Family

On Year 15 Day 340 the Nagatee Kingdom and all their territory, namely the Harrin Sector, was merged into Guardians of the Fey.  At the time no major press release was done, the sentients who inquired were simply told the truth that all the former Nagatee planets had a peaceful transition into becoming members of the Faerytail Family.

It is a fact mostly unknown that the reason why Queen Drael Nagatee chose Faerytail as the new home of all her citizens is that Nagatee and Faerytail have been close allies since they were both formed.  Simkin Dragoneel and Drael Nagatee worked together in the failed government the Anzatan Commonwealth.

The Faerytail Family is honored to be able to protect all the former Nagatee citizens and welcome them into the Faerytail Family.

The Je`daii Order

The Je`daii Order was an ancient organization based on the planet Tython who believed in true balance of the force.  This belief was further shown by the name "Je`daii" which means "Mystic Center" in the Dai Bentu tongue.  The Je`daii Order was destroyed eons ago by the evil Infinite Empire.  The successor of the Je`daii Order was The Jedi Order.

The Master of the Faerytail Je`daii Order, whose name is Classified, was taught the force years ago by a former Jedi Master who no longer believed in their code or hypocrisy.  The former Jedi instead taught the Faerytail Master the beliefs and the code of the Je`daii, giving him a balanced and neutral view of how the force is to be used and understood.  When the Faerytail Master joined Faerytail Medical, he asked Simkin Dragoneel if he could form the new Je`daii Order within the Faerytail Family.  Simkin accepted and the Je`daii have been testing and training all Faerytail members who can touch the force ever since.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Faerytail Je`daii Order, who wish to be tested, or learn the ways of the force can contact the only public Faerytail Je`daii Ranger Legend Myre for more information.

Faerytail Family Statistics

Population: Over 27 Billion Sentients
Territory Covered: 4 Sectors, 6 Systems, 10 Planets, 3 Moons
Official Religion: Alissma, but all have Freedom of Religion.
Racial Characteristics: All different races with the majority being Givin.
Organizations: Guardians of the Fey, Faerytail Medical, Faerytail Recycling

Did you know...

... Simkin Dragoneel "Sims" is also known as the "Flamboyantly Bi-Sexual Green Alien Kitteh Tubeworm"?
... Hawkeye once fought against Faerytail before he defected to their side?
... Toshiba is a veteran of all three of the wars fought by Faerytail?
... the actual Faery to discover the Denubba System was Def, however she did not know what it was until Simkin told her?
...  of the 3 founding fathers of Faerytail only Erik Thor and Simkin Dragoneel are still alive?
... that Simkin and Erik met when Erik was working in Incom Corporation and Simkin was working for JUGGANOTH Mining Corp?
...  Faerytail employs one of the biggest chubby chasers in the known universe named Myr?
... that Faerytail Medical makes an alcoholic beverage made from the Alazhi remaining from Bacta Processing called "Alarum"?


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