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Military News
Choose what is right, not what is easy
Posted by: Belwarmec Al-Thorac, Moebius Ventures
Date: Year 21 Day 280
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Hacked by: Korin Jal, The Skulls Swoop Gang
Date: Year 21 Day 274

(The feed cuts sharply to an image of 3 bound prisoners on their knees in the streets of a city. They have hoods over their heads, wearing orange jumpsuits...)

"Okay... it's on..."

(The camera pans sharply, landing on an image of b... [Read More]

Ruug'l'aka Ru'mar'eyir - An Old Mission Discovered
Posted by: Kai Oryk, Mando`ade
Date: Year 21 Day 259

(MNB) Ord Mantell, Bright Jewel Sector - While most of the denizens of the galaxy enjoyed the planet-wide gala on Ord Mantell, Mandalorians who had had their fill of ne'tra gal and festival games took to the stars for a more th... [Read More]

Join the Imperial Navy today!
Hacked by: Natalis Oro, REBEL SCUM
Date: Year 21 Day 245

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Stability in Coalition Space
Hacked by: Tandis Valeek, Triumvirate Coalition
Date: Year 21 Day 239

With reports of fugitives all over the galaxy as well as members of the Galactic Alliance moving their entire base of operations, the Triumvirate Coalition remains a pillar of stability in the center of the ongoing war.

While the Triumvira... [Read More]

Rogue Squadron parries pirate assault
Posted by: Jake Azzameen, Rogue Squadron
Date: Year 21 Day 208

Rogue Squadron Headquarters
For immediate release

Rogue Squadron announces the successful defense of Bes IV against Eidolon pirate raid.


In the late hours of Day 195 Year ... [Read More]

Under the Chaos Star
Hacked by: Joel Mortuus-Aquila, Void Wolves Pirates
Date: Year 21 Day 199



While the Galactic Empire continues its alleged clashing with the fumbling Rebel Alliance and so-called Resistance, the infamous Zann Consortium and a pirate gang known as the Void Wolves ... [Read More]

Eternal Fires of Freedom
Hacked by: Coren Rinou, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 21 Day 161

Xagobah system

Encouraged by the swift victories in Polardio, Orto, and Denab, spirits are high here in the Xagobah system. Our team of Rebel Broadcasting Group (RBG) reporters have been granted access to one of the orbital defensive platf... [Read More]

Order and Prosperity Marches Onwards!
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 21 Day 148

Mytaranor (FFNN) The galaxy was shocked today as Imperial Union forces launched a massive military assault across Galactic Alliance worlds in the Mid and Outer Rims. Composed of forces from Black Sun(BS) and Tresario Star Kingdom(TSK), a Union inv... [Read More]

Camden Evac Complete, Guardians Look Southward for New Home
Posted by: Gothar Elensar, Guardians of the Whills
Date: Year 21 Day 143

In a solemn ceremony, custody of the of the Temple of Kyber was turned over to the Maurari Blackguard by the Guardians of the Whills on D 143. When the Guardians of the Whills completed their voluntary evacuation of Camden, those staying behind br... [Read More]

Spark of Hope
Hacked by: Coren Rinou, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 21 Day 143

Rebel Broadcasting Group Mobile HQ - Year 21 day 142: While former New Republic officials have flooded the holonet with calls to action and promises of hope, one question has loomed over the many riots and protests of former Republic worlds: Wher... [Read More]

Jedi Spearhead Assault On Core Worlds
Hacked by: SyberJedi, The Jedi Order
Date: Year 21 Day 140


                                                                                             ... [Read More]

IU Strikes Against Terror
Posted by: Clive Redrum, Tresario Star Kingdom
Date: Year 21 Day 140

Cejansij (TNN) – Planets controlled by the Resistance and Jedi Order came under attack on Y21 D139 as Black Sun and the Tresario Star Kingdom launched strikes against rebel-aligned territories in the Mid and Outer Rim. In weeks prior, spokesmen ... [Read More]

Camden Evacuation Underway as Galactic Empire Overwhelms Planetary Defenses
Posted by: Gothar Elensar, Guardians of the Whills
Date: Year 21 Day 138

Panic and chaos have gripped the otherwise peaceful world of Camden. On D 138, following the incursion of Imperial battlegroups into former-Republic sectors, Resistance Command has raised the threat level of many of their systems from “high” t... [Read More]

De Fideli Administratione
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 21 Day 95

RAITHAL II (INB) - The Imperial Union Defence Committee has formally broken the ongoing secrecy regarding the Imperial Union’s activities and plans for the occupied territories of the former New Republic. Ending the two-month silence on ongoing ... [Read More]

Flames of Rebellion
Hacked by: Coren Rinou, The Rebellion
Date: Year 21 Day 82

Polordio, Polordio II - Resentment and riots have reportedly taken hold of the Republic after citizens all across the galaxy woke up to find their freedom, rights, and lives given away to the Galactic Empire. Billions of citizens found themselves... [Read More]

An Open Letter from the New Republic CMO
Hacked by: Josh Jericho, The Inner Circle
Date: Year 21 Day 36

From: New Republic Armed Forces
Office of the Chief of Military Operations

To: All Galactic Sentients

Re: Open Letter from the Chief of Military Operations

I am High Admiral Josh Jericho, ... [Read More]

Jedi Fight On In Wake Of Republic Collapse
Hacked by: Thragg Craghorn, The Jedi Order
Date: Year 21 Day 29

Jedi Fight On In Wake Of Republic Collapse

The Galaxy has been plunged into a period of darkness. Galen Darksol has betrayed the New Republic and given everything to the Empire. His actions have wrought upon us a Second Gala... [Read More]

The Reclamation Resistance
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 21 Day 16

With the news that the Galactic Civil War came to an anticlimactic ending, the rumors and misinformation swirled throughout the galaxy. An emergency transmission was sent out by the Decimar and leader of Sanctuary... [Read More]

Reclamation of the Future
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 20 Day 284
  As news the last several weeks has circulated throughout the galaxy, Sanctuary Prime comes to the forefront once again. The Talz known as Grizzik Lo-Lo stands with his protocol droid at a podium, many wait for their newest announcement.   ... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 329: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Deep Space Trading specializes in Trading and will be led by Sarai Andromeda Morbus. The first headquarters of Deep Space Trading opened today in Yen #165 on Urce IV.
Year 21 Day 327: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Spectre specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Nikolaj Eyre. The first headquarters of Spectre opened today in New Garretton (9,3) on Fitca Prime.
Year 21 Day 327: Garm Munin, the leader of Galacian Mining Corporation was replaced today by Hugh Grishnak.
Year 21 Day 327: Hugh Grishnak, the leader of Galacian Mining Corporation was replaced today by Garm Munin.
Year 21 Day 327: Ran Sode, the leader of Shadolan Authority was replaced today by Avelyn ca Vella.