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Military News
Changing Name to Avoid Confusion
Posted by: Oranda Matgorna, Children of Turul
Date: Year 25 Day 179

In a strategic move to eliminate brand confusion and enhance market clarity, the well-established company formerly known as Sons of Turul has announced its rebranding to Children of Tu...

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Breaking news from Derra, a system embattled by incessant warring
Posted by: Bram Dupol, The Whisperers Network
Date: Year 25 Day 84

Breaking news from Derra, a system embattled by incessant warring - 


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Celebrating New Milestone, Dispelling Misinformation
Posted by: Lilith Delcroix, One Nation Under Jou
Date: Year 25 Day 82

Morobe - Greetings, this is Rannah Lecyllath reporting for the Royal News Network. In recent weeks One Nation Under Jou, Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Northern Separatist States have celebrated a milestone in their social and econom...

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Breaking News from Derra: Stolen hats, a battle in Syn’s Mom, and a murder solved
Posted by: Carl Warrington, Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 25 Day 74

This is Derra News 8, reporting live from the Derra System. It seems that local officials may have thanked The Resistance too soon for chasing off the brigands which had been plaguing the area. Only days after The Resista...

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Depravity, Diversion, Desertion
Hacked by: Jonas Kanuteau, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 25 Day 74



“This is Tuk Rhim, a reporter from Rebel Broadcasting Group, bringing you an urgent update!

In the last 72 hours, t...

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Pirates Raid Conservation Group, Liquidate Assets
Posted by: Krodo Rask, Eyttyrmin Batiiv
Date: Year 25 Day 73

GORDIAN REACH - The Eyttyrmin Batiiv has struck again! The pirates raided and dissolved the Galactic Conservation Society (GCS), a group with ties to powerful factions in the Gordian Reach.

The raid was orchestrated by Tel von Sydow, Capta...

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Puck Exchange Robbed by Pirates
Posted by: Krodo Rask, Eyttyrmin Batiiv
Date: Year 25 Day 64

MOROBE - The Morobe Puck Exchange, where bounty hunters trade and exchange bounty pucks, was robbed by an intruder who stole all the bounty pucks contained in the vault. The intruder has been identified as Mitth Wake, a notorious Chiss Pirate.

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Crime Spree Unfolds: Security Forces on Alert!
Posted by: Zefa Xeed, Eclipse Defense Systems
Date: Year 25 Day 49
Sculpture Heist in Xyquine.

A mysterious thief is on the run after stealing a series of valuable sculptures from a local gallery in Xyquine I following a daring heist that has terrified the Xyquine Art Association. The brazen act occurred late ...

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Parjai ra Kyr'am
Posted by: Kaze Zill, The Mando Cabure
Date: Year 25 Day 21

The following press release has been distributed among Mandalorian warriors across the galaxy, as well as copies being sent to major media outlets.

Within the past few hours, Mandaloria...

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Void Encounter: Mandalorian Cult's Ruthless Tactics in a Sinister Message
Posted by: Lazarus Grimm, Death Watch
Date: Year 25 Day 3

The wreck of a ship holds an ominous message from the infamous cult Death Watch.

Text by Samasca Dedclar

CONCORD DAWN, Mandalore sector: In a startling development, a wrecked corvette class starship was found on the fringes of an ast...

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Breaking News: Eyttyrmin Batiiv Captures Over 100 Ships
Hacked by: Krodo Rask, Eyttyrmin Batiiv
Date: Year 24 Day 352

Shadola Sector - The Outer Rim is in shock and disbelief as a new pirate faction, the Eyttyrmin Batiiv, has executed one of the most daring and devastating raids in recent history. The pirates have captured over 100 ships belonging to two factions...

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Zann regime change prompted by battlefield failures?
Posted by: Tachibana Ryu, Blue Star Engineering
Date: Year 24 Day 310

In a recent development within the Kowak system of the Outer Rim, the Zann Consortium boldly claimed responsibility for an attack, touting it as a significant triumph. Yet, upon closer scrutiny, a divergent narrative emer...

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Hacked by: Nat N`ightshade, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 24 Day 307

In a display of Zann’s ideals of sowing chaos across the galaxy; a Consortium fleet aided by elements of the Death Watch has conducted yet another raid on the poorly prepared Rebel Alliance in the Kowak system. While most of the Rebellion’s High C...

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Has Zann lost their touch?
Hacked by: Jonas Kanuteau, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 24 Day 301


On Year 24, Day 290, Defiler Tor Giidyc attempted a hostile takeover of Norvik, a small-time trading faction. While this was not the type of fact...

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Might or Flight? Imperial War Machine Breaks Down
Hacked by: Eli Descartes, The Resistance
Date: Year 24 Day 247

Resistance News Network (Kowak) – In a stunning military faux pas, the Imperial Navy has been forced into an embarrassing retreat from the Kowak system.

The ill-fated mission was plagued with issues from the outset....

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Tion Welcomes Zann to the Neighborhood
Hacked by: Klec Tormo, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 24 Day 202




Reports of incursions into Tion Hegemony territory by the crime syndicate, Zann Consortium, have been substantiated today. Insurgents have successfully captured multiple planetoi...

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Rebellion’s Legacy Strikes Back!
Hacked by: Darcks Galvan, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 23 Day 351


Rebel Alliance operatives from the famous Legacy Battle Group (Special Combat Unit) have managed to retrieve several assets under Tresario Star K...

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Hacked by: Ximaro Jix, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 23 Day 269

Following a repetitive Rebel Alliance propaganda warning about the Zann Consortium causing mischief around the planet Kowak, before being driven away, the underworld network known for its intergalactic transgressions breaks their silence on the ev...

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Kowak Pirate Threat Eliminated
Hacked by: Larry Turner, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 23 Day 268

Year 23, D266 Kowak System, Sevetta Sector Rebel Alliance officials today held a press conference to confirm that the Zann Consortium threat to commerce in the system has been eliminated and that all travel advisories and no fly zones hav... [Read More]

Breaking News - Attack of the Terror Consortium
Hacked by: Jonas Kanuteau, Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 23 Day 263
Breaking News - Attack of the Terror Consortium
The known terrorist group, Zann Consortium, in a pitiful attempt of raiding traders in the Kowak System, started to attack the Alliance’s satellites. These satellites were primarily used for ... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 211: Deep Space Trading was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 25 Day 210: Scitrok was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.