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Military News
Reclamation of the Future
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 20 Day 284
  As news the last several weeks has circulated throughout the galaxy, Sanctuary Prime comes to the forefront once again. The Talz known as Grizzik Lo-Lo stands with his protocol droid at a podium, many wait for their newest announcement.   ... [Read More]

Imperial No Longer
Posted by: Redjon Mirrabel, Flower Company
Date: Year 20 Day 282

While news of the rebellion in the Corellian sector has spread across the galaxy like wildfire, actual information regarding the situation has been scarce or distorted by outright lies. This is not just a senseless power grab by a handful of elite... [Read More]

The Ecclesiarchy Heresy
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 20 Day 269

Following the press release of the Zhellic Ecclisiarchy, massive public protests have arisen in the Krath Empire, the protests primarily calling for the religious sect of the government to declare the Ecclesiarchy as heretics and to elimi... [Read More]

The Gathering Storm
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 20 Day 259
  The feed switches on, a large table filled with all sorts of races from around the universe, they appear to be discussing several things. Looking up from the middle of the table sits a Talz, his protocol droid behind him translating.   “Wel... [Read More]

In Absentia Resistentiam
Posted by: Gryx Hatu, Car`das Smugglers
Date: Year 20 Day 255

Following a recent successful smuggling operation against the Rebel-aligned Triumvirate Coalition just months ago, the Car`das Smugglers have turned their attention to the other side of the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial Union. In Year 15 the fo... [Read More]

Ecclesiarchy Calls For 35th Crusade
Posted by: Weylin vi Cron, The Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Date: Year 20 Day 254

CORE WORLDS -- Murmuring and concern turned into zealous fervor as the latest meeting of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy's High Synod broadcast results of the conclave's session to all their places of worship.  In unanimous approval, with only the Vic... [Read More]

The Movement Continues.
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 20 Day 250
  Your nearest terminal flashes and an unexpected broadcast starts, with a Talz filling the viewing screen.      “Friends, I must say. We have made incredible strides for the cause this last week.”   Although you do not see a transla... [Read More]

Vengeance is at hand.
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 20 Day 242

A storm raced across the unknown planet. Lightning could be seen dotting the country side from the venue. The assembled crowd was glancing around, awaiting the speaker. Most had been brought here with similar backgrounds or interests, but one thi... [Read More]

Chaotic Combat, Radical Retrofitting, and Jovial Jawas
Posted by: Ini Kedi, Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Date: Year 20 Day 224

By Jawa tradition, any battle is not over until all the dead are buried, all the living are safe, and all the salvage is secure or sold. With the completion of the last of the Jawa salvaging at the battle of Nimban, a period of reflection on the b... [Read More]

Galactic Chaos: Just getting started?
Posted by: Boog Rames, Galactic News System
Date: Year 20 Day 148
Who is behind the latest Feud rocking the galaxy?

Our valiant reporters have gone deep undercover to bring us an answer. Remnants of the GenSci Corporation seem to be behind the Tech Lovers as previous officials for the infamous company we... [Read More]

Quod Circa Nos Manes
Hacked by: Greyson Abrams, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 20 Day 141



Earlier this week during an isolated conference, Crime Lord of Zann Consortium Ximaro Jix addressed rumors about the sudden resignation of John Bourne, The Resistance Director of Intelligence, and the reported deaths of two... [Read More]

All Quiet on the Krmar Front
Posted by: Alto Rexar, Tresario Star Kingdom
Date: Year 20 Day 97

Bal`demnic (TNN) - For weeks, Tresarian Peacekeeping Forces have been on the ground supporting the democratically elected government of Krmar II, the Faerytail Family, in defending their homeland against the terrorist organization the Archduchy of... [Read More]

Tolonda Shall be Free
Hacked by: Thrae Claddlyl, Archduchy of Tolonda
Date: Year 20 Day 94

On a recent evening, the Galactic Holonet Network was hacked by members of the Archduchy of Tolanda. The hacked message began with the image of a human male in a dark grey uniform. He sat stiffly behind a heavy durasteel desk topped by a computer ... [Read More]

Dryadalis Caudus Captis Corey Vildras, Exercitium Pro Eo Consurge Comici
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 73

Shili Free Press received a transmission from Krmar II that was abruptly cut-off.  However, we were able to compile the following report based on the information downloaded before the data stream ended.

The galaxy was shocked to learn tha... [Read More]

Vectinia Butcher brought to justice
Posted by: Mike Lackey, Ailon Nova Guard
Date: Year 19 Day 319

Trsid Titan, also known as the Vectinia Butcher to the Ailon citizenry, was captured earlier last month and charged with multiple crimes including being an accomplice to the traitor Kohl Straffer, high treason against the Ailon Nova Guard, and c... [Read More]

Imperial Proclamation - Hosnian System
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 19 Day 197

Coruscant (IPA) – The Galactic Empire is communicating to the galaxy that the Hosnian system of the Byblos sector is declared to be part of the Empire’s sovereign territory. Under the Imperial Territories Act, the Hosnian syste... [Read More]

Greed and clarity - The fall of Vectinia
Posted by: Neria Derycke, CorSec
Date: Year 19 Day 151


In light of the recent press release from the Zann Consortium detailing their victory on Vectinia, Grand Marshal Neria Derycke of the CorSec Conglomerate ... [Read More]

A Loss of Epic Proportions
Hacked by: Nat N`ightshade, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 19 Day 142

Vectinia – Earlier today, news broke regarding professional bandit hunter Lorenzas Atticus and mercenary group Ailon Nova Guard who were recently defeated by Zann Consortium in the Vectinia system.



Fl... [Read More]

A Man Without Honour
Hacked by: Raidan Spike, Matukai Dragons
Date: Year 19 Day 4

Galaxy News Network, Quiberon IV: The Matukai Dragons, a private security company headed by Raidan Spike, recently released a report detailing a successful rescue operation following the abduction of a low-ranking Matukai employee by none other ... [Read More]

Sins of Our Fathers
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 18 Day 323

The citizens of Koru Nemoidia were granted a spectacle in the form of yet another public execution of Death Watch operatives last week, this time led personally by the Lord Imperator Kasra himself. The group in question was exposed dur... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 358: Rather than fall in line with Zann Consortium's recent requests, Irfan E issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Zann Consortium a criminal organization on their planet.
Year 20 Day 357: A new treaty was established on Drupsteroid today between governing officials and diplomats from Zann Consortium; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.