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Third Uli Memorial Swap Meet: Year 18 Day 14-21
Posted by: Astrid De LaRouge, Faerytail Medical
Date: Year 18 Day 2 Onboard the Arquitens Light Cruiser TFF Hawt Ass in system Foless (30, -94).


Third Uli Memorial Swap Meet: Year 18 Day 14-21


Kiffex and Kiffu


Due to popular demand, the Knights of the Fountain will be hosting a third annual Uli Memorial Swap Meet. This event will be held in the Inner Rim on the planet Kiffex.  Planet Kiffex is located in the Kiffex Sector, within the Azurbani System (Galactic Coordinates (-10, -130)).  The main festivities will be located in the city Basa Oihanak Gotorleku, which correspond to the planetary coordinates (4,5).  The official starting and ending date is Year 18 Day 14 through the 21st while traders and game hunters have already started to flock to the planet early.  Although much of the Third Uli Swap Meet will remain the same as the second, one thing will change. The Grand Marshal Cadeus Iram has retired, and in his place presides our very own Tolando Krieg. Although the legacy of Cadeus Iram doesn't leave too much room for his successor to improve, we expect to see great things from Tolando in the near future, beginning with this Swap Meet. 

This particular location is the home world of the queen of The Faerytail Family, Astrid De LaRouge.  In light of this, The Farytail Family has sponsored this Swap Meet and will be providing the monetary prizes for various events that will be held during. These events will include Krieg's Run (by Tolando Krieg, the Uli Speed Trials (by Tolando Krieg), the Duros Union 2nd Speeder Time Trials (by Damyo Kruder), and the Death Hunt (by Peter Max).


Those who intend to race should have no trouble making it in time, but visitors who plan on attending the swap meet should check their navigational systems to ensure they have enough time to make it to Kiffex and either set up their exhibitions or settle into a comfy suite before the events begin!  Please remember to check with the local authorities regarding your imported goods and remember to follow sector regulations regarding questionable cargo...

Along with prizes for events, plenty of exhibits to peruse, and exceptional wares at fantastic discounts, there are plenty of free gifts for visitors without many credits to spend!  From complimentary services and giveaways just for visiting, no one should leave this Meet empty handed!

Faerytail has elected to kick off the spirit of charity by offering whole storehouses of our various wares, from our medical stock to ships that we haven't ever offered to the public before!  Faerytail has also promised to have a large number of G-1A Transport’s available a few days before the 14th at the local starport on Kiffex for any in the galaxy that do not own their own ship.  They can simply buy a Star Tours ticket at any other eligible Starport and choose Kiffex as their destination.  Upon arrival please message the Faery King Simkin Dragoneel and he will give you your ship.  In the spirit of love, Faerytail will also be giving away crates of Stun Cuffs and selling them for a discount during the event.

Don't miss out on  the fun!

The Two Homeworlds of the Kiffar People

Nestled side by side in the Azurbani System the worlds Kiffex and Kiffu are both considered the Homeworlds of the native Kiffar people.  Kiffu is a hot world covered in mountains, rocky crags, and deserts.  Due to the harsh conditions it was discarded as the site for the main festivities of the Swap Meet.  
On the other hand, the planet Kiffex is a temperate world, lush in vegetation and more accomodating to the growing number of various races who attend these Swap Meets each year.  All Jawas or those who enjoy a trip to the desert to hunt the vicious prey in those kind of environments are encouraged to take the short flight over to Kiffu to get back in touch with their people's traditions before getting down to business on Kiffex.

The Kiffar Race

The Kiffar are a race of near humans who are almost identical to humans with the exception of two traits.  

First, the blood of a Kiffar is scarlet colour instead of the darker more crimson coloured blood of a human.  Second, the Kiffar normally have facial tattoos which show their affiliation to the various clans that make Kiffex and Kiffu their home.  
The Kiffar are a very aggressive and warlike race, which has made them into good mercenaries, bounty hunters, and similar pursuits.


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