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Economic News
Credit Downgrade Advisory: Centrepoint Space Station
Posted by: Virak Kira, Dukha Industrial
Date: Year 25 Day 109

Ord Trasi - In response to Centrepoint Space Station's announcement earlier this week that it is closing its independent mining and medical factions - a move that has rattled investors and sent shockwaves through the financial centers of Ord Trasi...

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Shifting Tactics in a Changing Galaxy
Posted by: Sinya Ani, Guri-n Krayt
Date: Year 25 Day 87

PERINN - The Knights of the Guri-n Krayt announced today that the scope of their operations is expanding. While traditionally a mysterious order of exclusively Force-sensitive mercenaries devoting their time to bring balance to the galaxy in their...

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"The Rescued CEO: A Tale of Villainous Pirates and the Knights Tarre's Return"
Posted by: Joe Wales, Unnamed Manufacturing
Date: Year 25 Day 77
BREAKING NEWS: Galactic Heroes, The Knights Tarre, Rescue Hostages from Pirate Vessel

In a daring and heroic operation that has sent shockwaves across the galaxy, The Knights Tarre, renowned defenders of justice known for their daring exploit...

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PISTON is DOWN - Panic erupts across the galaxy!
Posted by: Wynk Waawat, The Legacy of Ithor
Date: Year 25 Day 57

The holo springs to life with a familiar hexagonal lotus icon. An urgent theme plays on woodwinds and strings.

An EV droid stands before the camera in front of a large computer control room. Panels with ...

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Black Rose Extractions Announces Formal Expansion Into Weneen Sector
Hacked by: Amara Shailene, Black Rose Extractions
Date: Year 24 Day 356

     Greetings, Sentients. My name is R66, 3PO Protocol Droid and official spokesdroid for the Black Rose Extractions Corporation. I have been tasked with reporting to you, the galactic populace, on a matter of some import to the company.

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Green Forest Day: A Day of Remembrance
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 24 Day 332

Kashyyyk, Kashyyyk (FFNN).  Today, aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer TFF Pixie POWAH, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel, monarch of the Faerytail Family, finished the preparations in Kashyyyk for the celebration of the fourth annual Green F...

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Jawa Offworld Bankruptcy
Hacked by: Jic Uiji, Jawa Enforcement & Forensics Force
Date: Year 24 Day 203

Founded almost 5 years ago on a shoestring budget, the plucky band of Jawas who founded JOE were simply unable to adequately spend what little capital they had. However, after years of hard work, expenditures have managed to grow exponentially, re...

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An Ithorian, a Falleen, and a Gundark walk into a bar...
Posted by: Wynk Waawat, The Legacy of Ithor
Date: Year 24 Day 150



The holo springs to life with a familiar hexagonal lotus icon. A stirring theme plays on woodwinds and strings. An EV droid is seen on a bridge with space-fireworks going off behind him over Falleen Prime.

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Hyper-Gate Opens New I-BEAM Production Hubs
Posted by: Wynk Waawat, The Legacy of Ithor
Date: Year 24 Day 145

As the holo springs to life, you see a protocol droid sitting across an interview table from a dark-haired hapan. The caption indicates this is Carlo Constantine, CEO of Hyper-Gate.


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Abraxas establishes free trade zone, invites imports as population and GDP soar
Posted by: Ogban Orineddi, Czerka Corporation
Date: Year 24 Day 112

ABRAXAS, Yushan -- Czerka Corporation officials announced today that they have come to an agreement with the planetary governments in Abraxas to designate the system a free trade zone, eliminating all import and export tariffs in the system.  Cze...

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Ithorian Merchant Herd Sighted En Route to Tatoo
Posted by: Wynk Waawat, The Legacy of Ithor
Date: Year 24 Day 106

The holo springs to life with a familiar hexagonal lotus icon. A stirring theme plays on woodwinds and strings. Before you, you see a green and gold colossal-class carrier docked in a class-4 shipyard, surroun...

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The Legacy of Ithor launches the Galactic Parks Network
Posted by: Wynk Waawat, The Legacy of Ithor
Date: Year 24 Day 4
The holo springs to life with a familiar hexagonal lotus icon, before shifting to Wynk Waawat, lead Jungle Priest of Ithor, standing in a botanical garden. You hear the deep brassy notes of an ithorian two-throated voice, followed by its translation.... [Read More]

Bringing the galaxy closer together, one zoo station at a time!
Posted by: Jon Petrik, The Legacy of Ithor
Date: Year 23 Day 299

A symbol appears on the vid screen, one you’ve never seen before; an eye-catching blue and green lotus with splashes of yellow. As the image fades away, it’s repla...

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Pioneering Research on Kamino Returns Gene Enrichment
Hacked by: Samux Marus, Kamino Medical Laboratories
Date: Year 23 Day 296





RNN - Tipoca City, Kamino – Members of the press joined Resistance Command at a much anticipated press conference today at the headquarters of Kamino Cloning Facilities...

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Population surge strains public services in Abraxas
Posted by: Ogban Orineddi, Czerka Corporation
Date: Year 23 Day 282

ABRAXAS, Yushan -- A rapid influx of tourism and new resident population threatens to overwhelm public services in Abraxas after the southern Mid-Rim system was featured on the popular holoprogram Cantina Rescue, on which hospitatlity expert Mirj'...

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Exclusive Pressrelease concerning the rebranding of ORS into SHE
Posted by: Zoltan Grubb, Slice of the Hutt`s Emporium
Date: Year 23 Day 278

Greetings Sentients everywhere.. We have received the following statement about “Slice of the Hutt's Emporium” from their CEO Zoltan Grubb the Hutt.

"Bo Shuda Ohta su marvalic plesodor"



*translator ...

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Koensayr Manufacturing Launches Salvo of Lawsuits
Posted by: Raptor Cardel, Koensayr Manufacturing
Date: Year 23 Day 230

Year 23 - Vahaba Asteroid Belt

Sources within the Trade Federation have reported that the resurgent corporation known as Koensayr Manufacturing has brought a series of lawsuit...

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Galactic Bazaar Celebrates First Anniversary
Posted by: Eli Descartes, Holowan Conglomerate
Date: Year 23 Day 142

(RNN) Galactic Bazaar, Issor

A female Nautolan reporter stands in a vast hall lined by ice sculptures. At the centre, a large fountain modelled after the Issor system towers over the people below. The hal...

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Tatooine Prepares for Historic Swap Meet
Posted by: Kolomon Seph, Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Date: Year 23 Day 102

What is a swap meet? Who is Uli-ah Gafsa? Where on Tatooine is this happening? Why should I care about this GNS? All of these questions and more are being asked as sentients from Sevetta to Serenno seeking to learn more about the second largest cu...

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Vucnen'ah Tucan'si
Posted by: Truse`vala Ilone, Scrapper Guild
Date: Year 23 Day 32

(CHAGRI, BOGDEN SECTOR) - This week journalists were invited to a local re-processing plant where the Scrapper Guild and Chimaera Fleet announced the merging of both companies into a single corporation.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 180: Celestial Trans-Tech has been renamed to CELESTIAL. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 25 Day 180: Wes Dewback, the leader of Celestial Trans-Tech was replaced today by Ctov Shek.
Year 25 Day 179: While the political situation on Procopia III remains turbulent, most governments across the galaxy now recognize Endless Endeavors to be the legitimate government, declaring XXX MINERS to be a rebel movement/minority player.
Year 25 Day 179: The ruling classes on Procopia II have lost confidence in XXX MINERS to govern their world effectively and have instead appealed to Endless Endeavors for leadership.
Year 25 Day 179: With a super-majority of planetary legislators comfortably in pocket, Endless Endeavors has all but assumed control of Procopia, previously governed by XXX MINERS.
Year 25 Day 179: After reports of military and political leadership on their payroll, most analysts suggest that Hapes Consortium is the de facto power on Arvala-4.
Year 25 Day 179: After widespread accusations of corruption by Hapes Consortium in Arvala-4's elections, it is unclear who is the rightful leader of the world's government.
Year 25 Day 179: With no one left who is willing to challenge their leadership or run for planetary office, Hapes Consortium has now assumed complete control of Arvala-4.
Year 25 Day 178: Zeison Sha Assembly was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 178: After bitter negotiations, the citizens of Kalarba VI have relented and agreed to allow Confederacy of Independent Systems to govern them.
Year 25 Day 178: Citizens of Kalarba VI go to the polls this week in a referendum vote that is projected to remove Confederacy of Independent Systems from leadership. The world's future after the vote is still unclear.
Year 25 Day 178: Sons of Turul has been renamed to Children of Turul. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.