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Economic News
Bringing the galaxy closer together, one zoo station at a time!
Posted by: Jon Petrik, The Legacy of Ithor
Date: Year 23 Day 299

A symbol appears on the vid screen, one you’ve never seen before; an eye-catching blue and green lotus with splashes of yellow. As the image fades away, it’s repla...

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Pioneering Research on Kamino Returns Gene Enrichment
Hacked by: Samux Marus, Kamino Medical Laboratories
Date: Year 23 Day 296





RNN - Tipoca City, Kamino – Members of the press joined Resistance Command at a much anticipated press conference today at the headquarters of Kamino Cloning Facilities...

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Population surge strains public services in Abraxas
Posted by: Ogban Orineddi, Czerka Corporation
Date: Year 23 Day 282

ABRAXAS, Yushan -- A rapid influx of tourism and new resident population threatens to overwhelm public services in Abraxas after the southern Mid-Rim system was featured on the popular holoprogram Cantina Rescue, on which hospitatlity expert Mirj'...

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Exclusive Pressrelease concerning the rebranding of ORS into SHE
Posted by: Zoltan Grubb, Slice of the Hutt`s Emporium
Date: Year 23 Day 278

Greetings Sentients everywhere.. We have received the following statement about “Slice of the Hutt's Emporium” from their CEO Zoltan Grubb the Hutt.

"Bo Shuda Ohta su marvalic plesodor"



*translator ...

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Koensayr Manufacturing Launches Salvo of Lawsuits
Posted by: Raptor Cardel, Koensayr Manufacturing
Date: Year 23 Day 230

Year 23 - Vahaba Asteroid Belt

Sources within the Trade Federation have reported that the resurgent corporation known as Koensayr Manufacturing has brought a series of lawsuit...

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Galactic Bazaar Celebrates First Anniversary
Posted by: Eli Descartes, Holowan Conglomerate
Date: Year 23 Day 142

(RNN) Galactic Bazaar, Issor

A female Nautolan reporter stands in a vast hall lined by ice sculptures. At the centre, a large fountain modelled after the Issor system towers over the people below. The hal...

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Tatooine Prepares for Historic Swap Meet
Posted by: Kolomon Seph, Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Date: Year 23 Day 102

What is a swap meet? Who is Uli-ah Gafsa? Where on Tatooine is this happening? Why should I care about this GNS? All of these questions and more are being asked as sentients from Sevetta to Serenno seeking to learn more about the second largest cu...

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Vucnen'ah Tucan'si
Posted by: Truse`vala Ilone, Scrapper Guild
Date: Year 23 Day 32

(CHAGRI, BOGDEN SECTOR) - This week journalists were invited to a local re-processing plant where the Scrapper Guild and Chimaera Fleet announced the merging of both companies into a single corporation.

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Announcing Norvik - A New Trade Market
Posted by: Marcinius Turelles, Norvik
Date: Year 23 Day 27


Appearing from the bridge of the Ardent Class Frigate “The Galactic Light” a man in heavy armor appears, He removes the helmet to reveal his human face. As he turns to the projector he says “Greetings friends, I...

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Green Forest Day: A Day of Unity and Prosperity
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 22 Day 341

Krmar, Tolanda (FFNN).  Today, aboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser “TFF The Sleeping Dragon.....Eel”, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel, monarch of the Faerytail Family, gathered the last of the presents from across Faery ter...

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AMC Inaugurates Duty Free Zone on Leafar
Posted by: Sophie Blaster, AMC-CNN
Date: Year 22 Day 305

This just in from AMC-CNN Information Magistrate, Sophie Blaster.

The Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums’ Proconsul Max Ameeno Baca, Proconsul Shri Bacca, and Major Adde Dima held a news conference on the planet of Leafar yester...

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Asrat Plaza Grand Opening Ceremony
Posted by: Tanez Kalrade, Trade Federation
Date: Year 22 Day 264

A gotal reporter appears on your holopad as the Trade Federation’s anthem can be heard in the background.

“Good morning, we welcome you to a brief statement from the Trade Federat...

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Galmart: Once You Shop You Can't Stop
Posted by: Jeff Dredd, Arakyd Industries
Date: Year 22 Day 246

You turn on your holo-projector as you start to make a Manpha-fowl sandwich.

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2 Guys 1 Clan - The Hutt Clan Consortium Takes Shape
Posted by: Ozzy Vazul, Vaz! Media
Date: Year 22 Day 234

The HoloCam droid hovers down to a set where two Besalisks sit across from each other, one on a couch and one in a chair. The droid picks up on their conversation on what appears to be a talk-show style set.

“Just wait until you see his ...

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XXX MINERS Present the Ancient Raw Materials Quest!
Posted by: Ozzy Vazul, Vaz! Media
Date: Year 22 Day 196

The GNS sign shows a modern recording studio with presenter Ozymandias Vazul in the center of the image.

“Good evening, galactic sentients! Tonight we open our news program by delving into the latest stunning scientific discovery a...

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“On ne jouit bien que de ce qu’on partage.” : IPS release EasyShare !
Posted by: Vesh Oleander, Interstellar Parcel Service
Date: Year 22 Day 185
The large choice of ships in IPS fleet allows the company to ply every corner of the galaxy

"... and that, the galaxy will watch further developments of that mystery with ea...

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AMC Announces Factory Rental Cities Set Up and Ready for Business.
Posted by: Sophie Blaster, AMC-CNN
Date: Year 22 Day 48

This just in from AMC-CNN Information Magistrate, Sophie Blaster.

The Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums’ Pro Consuls, Max Ameeno Baca and Shri Bacca, traveled to the planet of Leafar yesterday to inaugurate AMC-ITECH’s new open borders...

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From Fest to Fast: Galactic Games Continue at Swap Meet in Nimban
Posted by: Lanavander Olesa, Knights of the Fountain
Date: Year 21 Day 271

BRIGHT JEWEL – The Galaxy Fest may be winding down, but sentients across the galaxy are expected to keep the current streak of merriment going by taking the celebration once again to the Nimban system for the tenth Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap M...

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Galactic Bank Assumes Sovereignty in Churnis
Posted by: Mikel von Bianchi, Galactic Bank
Date: Year 21 Day 153

Ansion (GNS) - Representatives from the Galactic Empire and Galactic Bank gathered today at the bank’s newly-completed Churnis sector corporate headquarters for a ceremony to commemorate the formal transfer of governmental responsibili...

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Cantrell Institute of the Arts Reports Record Surge in Milk Prices
Posted by: Avelyn ca Vella, Cantrell Institute of the Arts
Date: Year 21 Day 142

Sentients of the galaxy, I am Professor Halin Maulk of the Cantrell Institute of the Arts, where we have been studying the benefits of the milk from both the thala-siren and the bantha in these strange times with many under stay-at-home orders on ...

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Events in Brief
Year 23 Day 303: Mechna Yerikov, the leader of Dukha Universal Material Processing was replaced today by Irdo Vag.
Year 23 Day 302: Han Daragon, the leader of eXiles Medical Services was replaced today by Donnie Calaco.
Year 23 Day 302: From today on, a new group will offer medical services to the beings of this galaxy. eXiles Medical Services is led by Han Daragon and opened its first headquarters in Ord Radama Medical Research 3,11 on Ord Radama.