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One Rogue Down
Posted by: Xanxus Drol, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 18 Day 47 Onboard the Ardent-class Fast Frigate ZCC Peace Walker in system Vaxal (87, -92).

  Earlier today, the Zann Consortium released a formal statement regarding a recent feud with the Galactic Alliance [GA] government in what has been referred to as an unavoidable incident. Despite a vocal truce orchestrated and guaranteed by New Republic Intelligence [NRI] officials, the New Republic were unsuccessful in negotiating mediation with Rogue Squadron [RS] leading to the event in which RS assault teams moved against Zann Consortium subsidiary Black Hole Manufacturing. This action comes against the intended peace established by NRI to protect Galactic Alliance affiliates.

After Zann attempts to negotiate diplomatically with RS broke down, it left the government in an unfortunate position in which Zann felt it’s interests must be protected. A warning was broadcast on open frequencies which stated, “Galactic Alliance forces who do not wish to sustain peace and stability for their worlds and people require a clear response to protect galactic sovereignty.”

NRI also attempted to negotiate with RS but were reputedly met with an unfavorable response. Newly appointed leader of the Zann Consortium Kyota Navic was quoted as saying, “You would think after what has previously happened to various rebel governments during Zann’s reign, they would prefer peace. Other GA entities would consider the ramifications of turning us down when offered an alternative peaceful solution. It is clear that only half of the Alliance is willing to place what one would expect to be a common goal ahead of pride and prejudice.” The quote was stated shortly after the attempt to offer a diplomatic solution to RS was blatantly denied and invitation returned to Zann to “try and do something about it.”



Zann Consortium has historically answered such calls to action and keeping with that has announced the capture of Commodore Jeff Knight by Defiler Seth Haze, with other unidentified agents supporting, resulting in Knight’s execution shortly after. Public records on the HoloNet confirm Jeff Knight as the senior commanding officer of Rogue Squadron’s primary military force, “The Saber Fleet.” During his capture, Knight assumed he was being kidnapped for ransom claiming himself to be the “Crown Prince of Alderaan.” Knight was met with dismay when Zann Consortium officials informed him that his death would be a politically motivated assassination of an enemy military official and that the government was not concerned with any titles claimed, imaginary or otherwise, by their captive. Rogue Squadron has yet to publically comment on the Commodore’s execution other than listing Jeff Knight as missing-in-action.

This retaliatory move is the first publically committed act of the new Zann Consortium regime, marking the official retirement of Crime Lord Ximaro Jix and Crime Boss Greyson Abrams and the subsequent rise of Kyota Navic and Xanxus Drol. Kyota has stated that where his predecessor Ximaro was known for corruption, sabotage and theft throughout the galaxy; Kyota sees a focus revolving around more violent ways of operating, including increased assassinations and warfare among the government’s enemies. Kyota continued to say that under his leadership, Zann would bring about a new era of violence even greater than the previous administrations history and that Rogue Squadron was but the first of many examples for those that trespass against Zann Consortium and refuse to negotiate.

Following the official statement of Ximaro Jix’s retirement, questions have been raised concerning his whereabouts, safety, and activities. Komoniic [Crime Boss] Xanxus Drol told reporters, “We are proud to continue the legacy that Lord Ximaro Jix has forged for our vast criminal enterprise. All we can tell you at this time is that Ximaro, along with some of Zann’s high command, have retired and relinquished all authority and privileges back to the government and set out to pursue a life of piracy with the outfit Dread. We can confirm that under their control, Dread has withdrawn from the Zann Consortium umbrella, but will remain distant, but friendly, allies. No further questions.”

This unexpected and shocking turn of events has left many to wonder what Zann Consortium will do next and who will be their next intended target.

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