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Gree Press Release: Belles Are Ringing
Hacked by: Tomas O`Cuinn, Gree Trade Authority
Date: Year 18 Day 53 Onboard the MC-60 GSS Scotia in system Gree (-20, 439).

CONTACT: Tomas o`Cuinn, CEO; Cait Catra, COO
Gree Trade Authority


Gree Press Release: Belles Are Ringing

18.53, Gree, Gree IV

The Gree Trade Authority today announced the detainment of the notorious criminal Varro Belle less than a year after his betrayal of the Krath Dynasty. Belle, allegedly a former member of Imperial Intelligence, took advantage of his position within Krath to allow operatives of the Tresario Star Kingdom, an Imperial-allied government, to capture more than a dozen Galactic Alliance officers and seize a large number of ships, vehicles, droids, and equipment. It was on 17.262 that the Krath Dynasty announced that Tresario had seized thousands of their starfighters, a quantity that Belle later stated comprised "nearly all restricted Krath fighters," and captured an alarming number of their officers, including Krath Lord Lazarus Kell. While Kell was later released after the Rift Alliance withdrew from Loedorvia, the Galactic Empire announced the mass execution of the remaining thirteen prisoners as Year 18 began. Most notable among the executed was Krath Lord Xel Novastar and head of the Pentastar Alignment, Marcus Nightcloud.

The Gree security team that confronted Varro Belle was led by Tomas o`Cuinn, Gree's Chief Executive Officer, and successfully detained the criminal in orbit of the Gree IV gas giant.
After Belle's transfer to an ancient prison on the surface of Gree Prime immediately following the arrest, o`Cuinn provided the following brief statement to the press:

"The criminal Varro Belle was apprehended by Gree's security forces at 2239 on 18.52. The arrest took place without incident and was the result of an intelligence operation designed specifically to lure Belle into our custody. Belle will be processed according to local Gree laws and regulations."


In a press release the day following Belle's arrest, CEO o`Cuinn provided the following statement:

"Varro Belle betrayed the Krath Dynasty and hoped for a high-level position within the Imperial Union for his efforts. Having outlived his usefulness to them, the Empire offered Belle nothing more than entry-level employment as a Class B citizen as a reward for his career-ending services. While he declined this offer, Belle had proven himself impossible to trust and desperately sought a new start in the Outer Rim, which has notoriously served as a safe haven for the galaxy's pirates and criminal elements due to its distance from the developed galactic center. As Varro Belle quickly learned, Gree does not conform to the minimalistic law enforcement practices common in the Outer Rim and regularly detains the wanted criminals foolish enough to pick our system to hide out in."

Interestingly, the Gree Trade Authority allegedly chose to profit from Varro Belle's employment prior to detaining him. High-level sources within Gree, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the matter's sensitive nature, stated that Belle oversaw the construction of multiple city districts on the Gree IV gas giant during his short employment with Gree. These sources cited CEO o`Cuinn's profit-driven management directives as the reason for delaying Belle's capture while allowing him to labor for the benefit of the Gree corporation. Some analysts have suggested that Gree may have been luring Belle into a false sense of security - a tactic that would fit well into Gree's toolkit considering the four seasoned (former) intelligence officers currently serving on Gree's Board of Directors.


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