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Resistance Report: Fall of Gree
Hacked by: Tomas O`Cuinn, The Resistance
Date: Year 18 Day 120 Onboard the MC-60 Star Cruiser RMS Scotia in system RZ7-6113-23 (12, 385).

After three years of minor border skirmishes between the Gree Trade Authority and Black Sun crime syndicate, a surprise offensive launched by the Imperial vassal state has led to the fall of the Gree system. Many analysts have pointed to the Authority's merger with the Resistance, a Galactic Alliance member, as the catalyst that finally provoked the Imperial Union's assault. Communications from the Gree system indicate that the Black Sun crime syndicate has already begun a campaign of active oppression against the civilian population for their support in the system's uprising from Imperial control in Year 14 (CGT). Reports of entire energy grids being deactivated throughout the system along with the widespread kidnapping or outright execution of innocents have flooded galactic news agencies, but these reports have allegedly been suppressed by the Imperial Union.


Resistance Oversector Commander Tomas o`Cuinn provided the following statement: "The fall of Gree is a regrettable loss in our ongoing conflict against the Empire's tyranny. The Gree defensive fleet retained from the Authority's was insufficient to repel the syndicate's attack, while the newly-assigned Resistance fleet had not yet arrived. Upon their arrival, Imperial Union forces began indiscriminately targeting both Resistance and unarmed civilian vessels. Unable to face the Imperial fleet head-on with our current forces, I ordered the immediate evacuation of as many civilians as we could protect. Unfortunately, we could not evacuate the eleven billion civilians in time. I personally made the difficult decision to withdraw so that we could live to fight another day. We will not forget your sacrifice, Gree, and we will return for you."

The Resistance's statement confirms several reports of an orchestrated tactical withdrawal in the face of overwhelming odds. However, this event also sparked the acceleration of a long-planned operation regarding other Resistance forces launching simultaneous assaults in the Homon and Sevetta sectors. While the syndicate was focused on Gree, the Resistance successfully liberated seven worlds and an inhabited asteroid from Imperial oppression, ensuring that the pending loss in the north would not go unanswered. Galactic census data indicates that more than one hundred and sixty-five billion civilians were emancipated from Imperial authoritarianism. The operation was also seemingly designed to protect their allies from future attack, as it included seizing control of an Imperial sector located on the territorial borders of the New Republic, Krath, and eXiles.


Theed University financial analysts have estimated that the crime syndicate has suffered a massive loss in revenue, expected to be several hundred million credits per month, as a result of losing their operations on the heavily-developed ecumenopolis planets of Homon and Woldona VII. While the syndicate may be able to recoup some of those losses through the Gree system, there is little doubt that the Resistance and Galactic Alliance will capitalize on the seized incomes, using them to fund future operations against the Imperial Union.

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Events in Brief
Year 25 Day 140: Baobab Merchant Fleet was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 139: After reports of military and political leadership on their payroll, most analysts suggest that The Faerytail Family is the de facto power on Randon Asteroid Belt II.
Year 25 Day 138: The Industrial Confederacy was dissolved today.
Year 25 Day 138: While their coup has been condemned by many across the galaxy, Outland Mining Corporation has formed a government and assumed control of NaJedha, replacing The Industrial Confederacy.
Year 25 Day 138: Now that Outland Mining Corporation controls the vast majority of Jedha’s economy, its leadership has come to be seen as the real authority on the planet instead of The Industrial Confederacy.
Year 25 Day 137: Hondo Walker, the leader of Hutt Cartel was replaced today by Ximo Jobal.