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Kriz sector coming back to life
Posted by: Rick Farlander, Chir`dorna Manufacturing
Date: Year 18 Day 142 Onboard the MC-80 Home One-class Star Cruiser RFS Farlander`s Fist in system Berrol`s Donn (-63, -375).

--Business Report—


CMD Newsroom




"Hello, this is the Kriz Nexus Network Report, I'm Hector Ja'Aubl and here are today's headlines."


"News out of Berrol's Donn today with Chir'dorna Manufacturing announcing the first of a new line of Hammerhead Cruisers leaving it's Pollux Shipyard.

Stock prices in the company have risen recently due to the establishment of new manufacturing hubs within the Berrol's Donn and Gunther systems, bringing financial and political stability to both systems in the wake of the unexpected dissolution of the former ruling government of the sector, the Empire of the Hand. 


We recently caught up with the managing partners of Chir'dorna Manufacturing; Rick Farlander, Thearn Nightstaf and Duran Endel, and they provided the following statements for us and for the people of Kriz.”







Rick Farlander:

“About ninety days ago one of our ships passing by the area on a routine trade mission received a distress call from the Berrol’s Donn system. 

The transmission was very vague and scattered so we re-routed our ship to see if we could lend a hand. Once they arrived, our trade delegation noticed that the entire system was in disarray, and in dire need of assistance.


An Analyst in our employed noted that most of the chaos seemed to stem from the sudden power vacuum left in the wake of the dissolution of the Empire of the Hand. Much of the damage being done was from the local political blocs struggling to seize control of abandoned governmental assets. 


While we try to stay out of government matters, our hearts went out to the people left in this state. We felt we had no choice but to assist. Our command staff ordered every ship we had to bring much needed supplies to the beleaguered system. Our technicians started right away on some much-needed repairs to the space stations the citizens of the Berrol's Donn system depended on for their way of life."






Thearn Nightstaf:

"Once we had taken care of re-establishing the infrastructure in Berrol's Donn, we saw how much more wide spread the problems were in the Kriz sector. Frankly it was chaos. 

After it became apparent that our stabilization efforts in Berrol’s Donn proved to be a success, we turned our attention to the Gunther system, which required us to take more drastic actions to resuscitate the neglected public works required by the significantly higher population in the area.  


I am pleased to note that several other groups have taken the initiative to assist us in this regard,  which has given us the opportunity to concentrate our resources where they are needed most. While we are not directly involved with the movement, I would like to make special mention of the Chiss Ascendancy's recent establishment of an embassy in the sector, and we are looking forward to assisting any citizens who wish to take them up on the offer of repatriation.”







Duran Endel:

“Chir’Dorna Manufacturing has proven time and time again that what the people need, we will provide. With our help the Kriz Sector will flourish once again."




“Chir’Dorna has proven to us time and time again that what we need, we will get. We are very pleased to have them protecting us and offering help in more ways than we could have imagined. Kriz will flourish once again.


So there you have it. We can see an end in sight and things are getting better every day. We continue to see more and more Chir’Dorna ships coming to our systems. It is showing that they are sparing no expense. With our infrastructure upgrades I am also pleased to announce that the employment efforts are paying off with new ships that are nearing completion as stated earlier. They said they were here to help and proved it. With that my good citizens I bid you goodnight.”

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