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Celebrating the Seventh Swap Meet
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 120 Onboard the Crusader-class Corvette [PRESS] Public Relations in system Malastare (78, -257).


While military minded sentients engage in a battle for the planet of Krmar II, the merchant and social community have descended on Malastare in the Dustig Sector, the homeworld of the Dug, for the seventh edition of the Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet.  The swap meet mimics a traditional Jawa-style festival from Tatooine, modified slightly for its wider audience.  The meet brings together merchants and revelers from all corners of our galaxy to mingle, trade, compete, and relax in a safe, open-air market setting.

The swap meet is a biannual event organized by Tolando Krieg and the Knights of the Fountain.  In addition to the organizer, each meet has a financial sponsor and backer to support many of the events.  The sponsor of this edition of the meet is the New Republic.    When asked for comment, Jin Solas, the Chief of State replied, “It’s heartening to know that even in a galaxy stricken by war or mistrust, that so many flags and ideologies can come together to peacefully take part in a time-honored tradition that many cultures can share together regardless of their differences, that of commerce.  The New Republic is happy to do it’s part to help carry on this tradition not only in a general sense but also specifically regarding the Uli Memorial Swap Meet.”

Although the meet officially opened on day 115 and runs through Day 124, hosts, vendors and volunteer organizers have been in the area for weeks in preparation, setting up shops, installing the sensor network, programming the security droids, and laying the groundwork for the massive event.  Attendees begin arriving weeks in advance, and at least one hundred stalls, shops and party venues have been erected and are in use.  Many of the attendees we have spoken to plan to linger at the meet well past the official closing date, so it is not too late to join us.  In fact the length of the meet, and the volume of traffic, has been noted to cause environmental damage to the host planets, necessitating a rotating schedule for the host venue.

Highlights of the event are expected to include:

-              The return of the Death Hunt competition, organized by Kai Oryk of Mando`ade

-              The Uli speed trials, a sub-lightspeed race, organized by Lanavander Olesa

-              A sandcrawler race sponsored by Jic Uiji of Jawa Offworld Enterprises

-              At least a pair of gaming tournaments

-              Viewing unique ships such as Eidola’s Fairwind-class gunship

-              And many more impromptu events

Euna Miriel, an artist at the meet, produced this sketch of the Eidola Pirates contingent relaxing onboard the Fairwind, just before the official opening of the meet.

Although the event is relatively safe, the event is known to have the occasional mishap due to so many ships and sentients in one place.  Each sentient is ultimately responsible for their own safety.  Already one sentient has had their meet cut short due to carelessness.  Shortly after she arrived, Gyra Fallon was unaware of the potency of the traditionally brewed style of jawa juice served at the meet and consumed too much.  After overindulging, she was told about a rare bourbon that was brought to the meet aboard someone else’s ship.  She foolishly boarded the ship, grabbed a barrel, and locked herself within a storage closet onboard with the barrel.  Due to her mental state and blood alcohol level, she was then restrained by the ship’s owner for her own safety.  We share this story as a reminder for all attendees to stay alert and follow their normal personal safety guidelines.

Shili Free Press is here live at Swap Meet to report and breaking news as it unfolds, but in the interim, have fun, and stay safe out there!

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