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Quod Circa Nos Manes
Hacked by: Greyson Abrams, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 20 Day 141 Onboard the MC-80a Star Cruiser Thief in the Night in system Vaxal (87, -92).



Earlier this week during an isolated conference, Crime Lord of Zann Consortium Ximaro Jix addressed rumors about the sudden resignation of John Bourne, The Resistance Director of Intelligence, and the reported deaths of two Black Sun fugitives Markos Arlos and Rennek Cor at the hands of Consortium Byveks.


Former Director Bourne a man regarded among the rebellion for his fierce anti-Imperial and anti-Zann Consortium stance, rose to become a New Republic Intelligence agent and later appointed as the Director of Resistance Intelligence.  It was a surprise when Bourne stepped to ahead of Ximaro, explaining that he was planted inside of the New Republic as an agent of Zann. His task was espionage and to exert influence over the government. Zann desired to fuel the fire between rebels and imperials and combat other subversive organizations attempting to exert influence over the New Republic’s decision-making process.


Bourne explained that while he was among The Resistance, Ximaro himself assisted John in the founding of The Resistance’s Covert Activities Cadre, Bourne’s clandestine network created to reveal enemies of the rebellion. Bourne noted that while The Resistance and its allies were pursuing Ximaro and Zann, Bourne was fed information by Ximaro to target agents of the Consortium’s various enemies and to report opportunities for assassinations and sabotage. Bourne identified other infiltrators within the rebel groups beyond himself and used them to aid him in various operations for Consortium objectives, including the removal of the New Republic’s rogue, Jasper Merlyn. Jasper was suspected to be a puppet a splinter cell formerly known as GenoHaradan, a group of operatives that have clashed with Zann agents going back several years, under various identities.


Following that announcement, Bourne addressed the death of Markos Arlos who sought asylum from Black Sun within Zann Consortium.  Arlos was supplying information on the Imperial Union syndicate along with data files from many other contacts he had maintained; however, the Vurk had become erratic and angry, often threatening associates of Zann and the members he met. He adopted this hostile attitude following his failure to pass the rigorous training regimen that Defilers undergo, known as “Phase Training”. According to Bourne, Markos wore out his welcome threatening to reveal names of fellow Kensushei (Trainees) unless they paid him for his silence. The extortion attempt was met with no words, only pursuit. This resulted in his death by the hands of Bvyek Nat N`ightshade.


Rennek Cor, founder of Cor Research and Development (CRDC) was a successful businessman and former member of the Black Sun organization. Cor was loyal to the late Underlord Alexander Von Ismay.  Once the regime changed within Black Sun, Rennek Cor became a marked man; however, he fled and evaded capture by Black Watch, the Intelligence Division of Black Sun. Seth Haze captured him following the 7th Annual Uli Swap Meet. Bourne and Ximaro declined to explain executing Rennek, leading to speculation by those gathered at the conference, but what remains clear is the Consortium’s continued ferocity to those deemed its enemies.


Defiler Bourne spoke of more comical matters.  He was asked to discuss the emergence of recent intelligence brought forth by the mercenary group Eclipse Templars and its leader, a rogue Defiler named Dain Thurith. In a detailed report, Dain presented evidence the Mecrosa Conglomerate was acting as a secret supporter of the Consortium. This report has many insiders confused or bemused.  “Dac Kain is the only VIP in our tavern, Scums Hideaway, which is home to organizations under our umbrella like Blackskull Trading, Car`das Smugglers and Nova Blades. One would assume that perhaps we’ve always been open about our dealings with Mecrosa,” Bourne stated, somewhat puzzled by the accusation.


When questioned why they revealed Bourne as a long-time infiltrator, Ximaro himself stated, “With the amount of organizations we have compromised, this does not harm the integrity of our operations in any way. Bourne has earned his rest.”

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Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 251: A new military force emerged today. Void Wolves is a Pirates group and will be led by Ximaro Jix. The first headquarters of Void Wolves opened today in 14,1 on Drup II.
Year 21 Day 251: Ximaro Jix, the leader of Dark Star Hellions was replaced today by Greyson Abrams.
Year 21 Day 251: It appears today as though brute force is not quite enough to keep the citizens of Woldona VI down, as they have stepped up and taken power from the old leader, long hailed as a puppet of Dark Star Hellions, and forced all Dark Star Hellions-aligned politicians to resign their positions, ceding power to local control.
Year 21 Day 251: Void Wolves Pirates has been renamed to Dark Star Hellions. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 21 Day 251: Joel Mortuus-Aquila, the leader of Void Wolves Pirates was replaced today by Ximaro Jix.
Year 21 Day 251: Ximaro Jix, the leader of Zann Consortium was replaced today by Kyota Navic.