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Twilyght Ogre? More like BOAR.
Posted by: Spek Toekom, Baummu Orbital Automated Recycling
Date: Year 20 Day 151 Onboard the Kaloth-class Battlecruiser [SSS] Malevolence in system Maldra (420, 171).

A spokespig for Baummu Orbital Automated Recycling approaches the holorecorder. She looks at the device with interested eyes and the interviewer gently reminds her to pay attention. The headline on the holoscreen reads “JOI BELOS, WANTED FOR ATTEMPTED EMBEZZLEMENT”

“Spek Toekom, you are here as a spokespig for BOAR.” the interviewer says in basic. “We wanted to talk to you about the name change of your group.”

The Gamorrean squeals and oinks and a droid nearby translates, “Yes I tell you about that.”

“Good, now we wanted to ask you, in your own words, to explain the reason for the change.”


The Gamorrean squeals and grunts a bit longer this time, and the droid translates. “We decided to change the name after Joi Belos tried to say bad things about us. She fudged the books and tried to take money from us. She tried to frame us for her badness and scams. We were able to stop her.”

“Okay, that explains why Joi has left your employ. Why did you change the name?”

The Gamorrean had been distracted by the blinking light on the holorecorder again. The interviewer reached over and tapped her gently, “Ms Toekom, why did you change the name?”

She jumps, starting to pay attention. She grunts a bit again and the droid translates, “We decided to change our name and work towards joining the Alissma Family. They have been good to us when we needed help with our issue with Joi.”

“So you are joining the Alissma Family?”

She looks thoughtful, and the droid translates the slight grunt of a reply, “Yes we hope to. And we hope that anyone affected by Joi's acts come forward to us so we can restablish our reputation going forward”

“Thank you, Ms Toekom! That concludes our interview, this young mother Gamorrean needs to feed her younglings.”

After the holorecording cuts off, a few lines appear reminding all sentients to be careful who they trust, and to watch out for Joi Belos.



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Events in Brief
Year 22 Day 324: Gadzooks! Scouts have discovered the system Leritor at location (270, -180). On discovering the system, we are also welcoming the Sauvax to a life of civil war and starvation.
Year 22 Day 322: A new military force emerged today. Solonar Rangers is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Leland Thakkun. The first headquarters of Solonar Rangers opened today in ORE (3,3) on Xo I.
Year 22 Day 322: A new military force emerged today. Kaine Initiative is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Maggie Kaine. The first headquarters of Kaine Initiative opened today in Balit on Lorpfan.
Year 22 Day 321: Seele, the leader of Galactic Empire was replaced today by Inwe Ventidius.