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White Thranta Trading Company Press Release
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 175 Onboard the EF65 Meridian-class Frigate TDF Sole Survivor in system Serroco (100, 195).

Shili Free Press staff recieved the folloing press release, and are transmitting it, with only minimal formatting for retransmission.

Year 20, Day 173; Galactica Group Press Office; For immediate Release


In a live press conference earlier today, a spokesperson announced the formation of a new company under the Galactica Group umbrella. White Thranta Trading Company is now officially registered with Galactic Trading Registrars. The new company is headquartered on, what can only be called a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, Asher I.


White Thranta Trading Company has shown itself to be a stable company within the galactic transportation industry over the past few months. In the logistics industry, the company has seen unparalleled growth - outperforming even internal estimations and predictions.


The Galactica Group Press liaison caught up with Tavon Allyii, White Thranta CEO, and Dendran Bastile, White Thranta COO, for comment outside of Cybot Galactica’s Asher II headquarters.


Tavon went on record as saying “This is an extraordinary day for this Gand. It is this gand’s honor to have the backing of Galactica Group and Cybot Galactica. The White Thranta team have already shown to this gand and to Galactica Group leaders that they are capable of great things. This gand looks forward to the continued success of this team as White Thranta continues to expand its offerings to the public at large.”


Dendran added, “I was concerned when we first started negotiating this deal, because I had not yet had enough dealings with Cybot Galactica or the Galactica Group. After a few days of good talks, it became very clear that Tavon and I were making the right choice for White Thranta, and that joining the Galactica Group is a great decision. Furthermore I am ecstatic to be a part of this growing enterprise and look forward to more continuous years of greatness and prosperity for White Thranta and all of its members as well as the Galactica Group and its affiliates.”


While headquartered in Asher, White Thranta Trading Company will maintain regional offices and staff around the galaxy to meet any logistics need. Regional office construction has already begun in the North-West, South-East, and Central Galaxy with additional regional offices currently being planned.


The Galactica Group Press Office was able to reach Dex Sehrin, CEO of Cybot Galactica and Chairman of the Galactica Group for comment. His office provided the written statement, “I am excited to announce the addition of White Thranta Trading Company to the Galactica Group. These are truly great individuals, and I think they will make a great fit with our portfolio of goods and services. Above all else, the Galactica Group maintains its commitment to its clients, and I feel this addition will allow us to provide a broader range of services to them. I hope everyone enjoys the Grand Opening festivities.”


Upon being asked about future plans for White Thranta Trading Company, Tavon Allyii added, “We have big plans going forward. Logistics and Fleet Management will always be at the heart of our organization, but we have have high hopes, big dreams, and this gand feels like, with the backing of the Galactica Group, we have the right organization to accomplish them.”

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