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Imperial Union Strengthened As Faerytail Family Granted Parliamentary Membership
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 20 Day 185 From the Imperial Palace Imperial Palace in Coruscant 09,01 on Coruscant (-15, 88).

Coruscant (INB) - Citizens of the galaxy rejoiced today as the Imperial Union welcomed the Faerytail Family as a full member of the Grand Parliament in a public ceremony. The full membership of the Imperial Union was granted after a unanimous vote following the ten month assessment of the Faerytail Family, during which time it was conferred the status of a Provisional Member of the Grand Parliament.

Raithal II: Seat of power for the Imperial Union

Representatives from the Faerytail government met with their counterparts from the Galactic Empire, Tresario Star Kingdom, and Black Sun to celebrate the entrance of Faerytail and its subsidiaries into Union. Gathering on Raithal II, headquarters of the Imperial Union, the Grand Parliament ceremonially welcomed the Faerytail Family as full members of the Imperial Union. This move affirms the increasing importance of Faerytail as a state actor within the galactic conflict, and their strategic bearing in the galaxy. Since its formation, the Faerytail Family has opposed the tyranny of the Galactic Alliance. This enmity was born out of the atrocities committed by the Infinite Empire, a Galactic Alliance puppet state and the predecessor to the Archduchy of Tolonda.

The Faerytail Family’s resolve was first demonstrated when they assisted Union forces in the Battle for Hosnian as a provisional member of the Union. The incursion by the Galactic Alliance and greedy mercenaries was contained by Imperial Union forces acting under the terms of the Charter of the Imperial Union. The battle was the first instance of Faerytail forces actively and openly cooperating with the Union, resulting in Union recognition and appreciation for their effectiveness and successes in the battle for Hosnian.

Imperial Union cooperation in conflict would be quickly called upon again as Faerytail became the target of aggression once again; this time by their long-time enermy, the Duchy of Tolonda. Conflict for control of Krmar II erupted in the Krmar system, and this time it was Faerytail which received the support of the Imperial Union. The Imperial Union task force came to prominence for a number of successes during the conflict, including the capture of Corey Vildras and his subsequent re-education, and the capture and subsequent executions of Adin Cole and Vellan Mun-Riliin.

Forces of the Imperial Union engage hostiles in Krmar

Shortly after Faerytail’s Kingfather Simkin Dragoneel signed the Imperial Union Charter, officially making The Faerytail Family a Parliamentary member of the Imperial Union, all four leaders of the Imperial Union addressed galactic press.

In his opening statement, King Simkin noted "Since our inception, Faerytail has mostly been alone. We've fought alone, built alone, and triumphed alone. It is a strange and yet gratifying feeling to be part of a large alliance where the things we do normally are valued and commended. Our Kingdom looks forward to continuing to bring prosperity and order alongside our new family."

The sentiment was expanded upon by Dark Prince Jeor Knight, as he reflected on the recent collapse of the Galactic Alliance: “I am very excited to welcome our friends, the Faerytail Family. They have shown themselves to be true friends and allies, and make it clear that they are committed to our common goal and not simply themselves. The Imperial Union continues to grow and strengthen while the Galactic Alliance has fallen apart due to infighting and bickering.

King Alto Rexar of the Tresarian Star Kingdom noted that “Few are worthy of joining the Imperial Union. But the tremendous success of our recent joint military operation on Krmar II has led Tresario, alongside the other Union members, to believe that the Faerytail Family deserves the privilege of pursuing this greater endeavor as a part of the Imperial Union.

Adding to his allies’ comments, the Emperor of the Galactic Empire spoke of the enduring nature of the Imperial Union that stands today “As those who oppose the New Order fade into discord and chaos, we are proud of the Imperial Union we fought hard for. As the Union continues to show the galaxy what a strong and capable alliance looks like, we continue to welcome those who have the aptitude and determination to fight the forces of corruption and discord. I am proud to welcome the Faerytail Family into a Union I, and many others, have spent years building into what it is today; a beacon for the galaxy.

Imperial Union Leaders address gathered crowds

While citizens throughout the Imperial Union celebrate the addition of another capable government to its ranks, political strategists expound this event as further solidifying the Imperial Union as the most resilient alliance in the galaxy. Academics from Raithal II's prestigious Strategic Institute of Government Policy have stated the Imperial Union is an alliance bound together not by just economic and technological agendas, but also common military and political goals; a last hope of stability for a troubled galaxy.

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