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Criminal Captured
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 228 Onboard the EF65 Meridian-class Frigate TDF Sole Survivor in system Shili (14, 172).

The Wraiths mercenary organization, the longest continually operating mercenary force in the galaxy, released information of the capture of the notorious scammer, murderer and fugitive Dain vel Iblis. He was detained following his trespass upon a privately-owned ship of a private merchant group. The capture of such a criminal alone might warrant publicity, but the unusual nature of this particular capture warrants additional attention.

It was at the galaxy-wide Swap Meet held on the planet Nimban in Year 18 that vel Iblis came to the attention of The Wraiths. Dain managed to capture Zao Nephalem, longtime leader of The Wraiths, and held him for ransom. Zao had entered vel Iblis’ ship to retrieve items he’d purchased from vel Iblis at the Meet. Vel Iblis had reportedly demanded a billion credits’ worth of items and cash in order to release his captive. Zao paid a random, whose exact value we could not verify.


Stock Photos of Iris Annabella and Dain vel Iblis

After his brief period of captivity, Zao let the galaxy know he had placed a large reward on the capture of vel Iblis. It was this reward that, more than a year later, spurred the owner of a private freighter to turn vel Iblis over to Wraith personnel. But it wasn’t just an average merchant that turned vel Iblis in: it was vel Iblis’ longtime confidant, Iris Annabella. Ms. Annabella was so close to vel Iblis that it has been rumored that they could almost think and act as one.

“I must have seen vel Iblis’ face on one of the ‘Wanted’ posters,” Iris was quoted as saying after Dain’s capture. “It was a little hard to focus on his face, since after I locked the doors on my ship, he must have gone a little crazy. He began stripping off all his clothes and screaming ‘You’ll be dead before I’m arrested!’ I laughed it off, until I realized he had a collection of plushies hidden under his chest plate. That’s just too weird.”

A strange desire for plushies was not vel Iblis’ only odd character trait. It’s been confirmed he also had an unhealthy addiction to porg bacon and bantha milk ice cream, as well as a sadistic streak that included boasting about the hundreds of innocents he’d killed. In addition to multiple charges of scamming, he was also accused of stealing a billion credits from New Republic forces during their war over the Hosnian system. On recalling the Hosinan situation, Lahasa Fy who covered the conflict said, “From my research back then, it was clear that Dain was not exactly someone to place trust in, especially regarding unsecured assets and credits.”



Mug shot of vel Iblis released by the Wraiths

What vel Iblis’ eventual future will include remains unclear. Zao was firm in denying that the Codru-Ji would ever be released, at least, not until he paid his debt to society. “And that debt,” the Wraith leader added, “is longer than all four of his arms put together.”

Ms. Annabella’s current whereabouts are unknown. After stooping so low as to turn in her former close associate for mere credits, rumors began swirling that Iris was the real criminal mastermind, not vel Iblis, and that she had violated the law in some undisclosed fashion. Whether she shows her face in public again is highly doubtful, according to one longtime Wraith member. “I think we’ve seen the last of her,” he was quoted as saying on background. “We’ve tagged her galactic ID, we’ve recorded her DNA, and multiple galactic intelligence agencies have been alerted. If she leaves so much as a strand of hair on a barstool on Tatooine, we’ll know about it.”

Privately, a number of individuals, as well as certain affected governments, shared their relief and gratitude that such an unsavory character as Dain would never harm another innocent again. It’s been rumored that he’s been slated to take part in a special work-release program during his captivity, aboard a soon-to-be-open galactic tourist attraction. However, the exact details of this program, and the attraction, remain unconfirmed.
Thank you for your time, and as always, stay safe out there.




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