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The Gathering Storm
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 20 Day 259 Onboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser [SAN] Exterminator in system Mek va Uil (187, -103).
The feed switches on, a large table filled with all sorts of races from around the universe, they appear to be discussing several things. Looking up from the middle of the table sits a Talz, his protocol droid behind him translating.
“Welcome to our discussion. These representatives of various subjugated worlds are here today to discuss the on-going strife that engulfs us all. We have come to the conclusion that a tipping point is at hand. I have personally surveyed the human rebellion in Corellia, it was something of a disappointment. It was nothing more than inactive Imperial warships and a general array of confusion. I quickly departed, leaving the Humans to murder one another.”
Various representatives meeting with Grizzik on Mek va Uil.
“While in hyper space I was alerted to an announcement by the human Weylin vi Cron, who I was told was a ‘street peddler’ and ‘con artist’ and who declared a crusade against Sanctuary Prime. If this so-called holy man wishes to declare a great crusade upon all non-human races then we shall respond in kind! Over the millennia others have tried to silence us, to crush us, but no more! If this is to be the thirty-fifth time a crusade has been declared, for the humans this will be the last!”
“My colleagues here today and I have all come to the same unanimous decision: this crusade will only be stopped by an ‘Ar’krai.’ For those who are not familiar with this phrase let me explain; this is a Bothan concept of total war against an opponent, to scrub them from the pages of history and eradicate them from the universe. This Ar’krai will stretch across the galaxy as a whole, uprooting any of these zealots and the humans they take into their service! We are done with simple words! I pledge to you amongst the stars, this Ecclesiarchy will feel the wrath of our power.”
“I call upon all groups and races of non-humans to step forward. To the large Governments that have seen their fire extinguished in the past, I implore you to use this spark to start your fire again. I hope for this Ar’krai to stir the souls of all races that have been subjugated under humans! Let me be clear. If you are not with Sanctuary Prime and you believe that keeping your head down, ignoring the oppression before you is the answer, you are sorely mistaken. You must look these harsh realties in the face and say ‘Enough’. It is time to move forward.”
“In the spirit of bringing us all together I would like to offer one hundred million credits to the person that brings me this meddlesome priest alive. Together we will bring this mere man and his false gods to justice.
Mek va Uil, base of Sanctuary Prime. 
“I would like to thank and acknowledge all those groups whose representatives couldn’t be here today that have reached out and contacted us. It has been this out pouring of support that further fuels my resolve in the great justice we are set to dispense.
“As the movement steps towards more military based objectives, I am needed on the front line. If this is to be the last time you see me, know that I leave you with a pure heart and clear mind. And remember this, the wind is swift and strong, but only those who stand together will weather the storm. ”
The transmission quickly ends, as if cut off from another source.
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Grizzik Lo-Lo, author. Edits done by NETWORKRabbit.

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 351: Blue News Inc. has been renamed to Xenoarchaeological Institute. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 351: Tazer Aasa, the leader of Blue News Inc. was replaced today by Kaze Zill.
Year 20 Day 351: Press Wars has been renamed to Blue News Inc.. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 351: After a daring and perhaps brash political move on the part of Mando`ade, Golan Arms has decided to cede the reins of power, leaving the citizens of Dagu IV under the control of Mando`ade.
Year 20 Day 351: Metyl Onyx, the leader of Dorinian Military Corps was replaced today by Shandra Raa.
Year 20 Day 351: Shandra Raa, the leader of Red Nebula was replaced today by Lynna Bandelow.
Year 20 Day 351: Kal Siru, the leader of University of Sanbra was replaced today by Hemi Cuda.
Year 20 Day 349: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Archangel Armaments & Equipment specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Draven Diesel. The first headquarters of Archangel Armaments & Equipment opened today in Jericho on Chasin.
Year 20 Day 349: Kira Corporate Monoclan has been renamed to Coalition Production Group. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 20 Day 349: Virak Kira, the leader of Kira Corporate Monoclan was replaced today by Qymaera sul C`an.
Year 20 Day 349: Today marked the ascendency of Shadola Sector Security into Maldra C politics, as they managed to secure their own candidate's legitimacy was respected by the planet's previous ruling powers long tied to Galactic Weapon Systems.