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Te Ori'Oyakarir (The Great Hunt)
Posted by: Kai Oryk, Mando`ade
Date: Year 20 Day 281 Onboard the Crusader-class Corvette Akaan'ulik in system Nimban (340, 60).

(MNB) Nimban, Hutt Space - Broadcasting from the planet of Nimban, Ver'alor Kara Vhekade gave a brief statement to inform and celebrate the return of the hunting event that has become a tradition throughout the history of the Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meets:


"It is with great pleasure that the Mando'ade announce the return of the hunting event that has become synonymous with the Swap Meet. Although we will be bringing many changes to how the event is run in an effort to continually improve the challenge for the competitors, we will still keep to the spirit in which the event was created."

"In dire times such as these, where our fellow beings of different species are at each other's throats over their differences and the discrimination faced as a result, the galaxy deserves an occasion where they can come together, sharing hope and fellowship once more. It is with this goal in mind that we announce The Great Hunt; an ancient Mandalorian competition of martial ability that served as inspiration for the original Death Hunt made famous by its association with the Swap Meet. We come from different backgrounds and have many ideas and lifestyles, but we can all take part in the thrill of the hunt!"

"For those curious about the old Death Hunt event: The Great Hunt will take all of the best parts of the previous Death Hunts and improve upon the template to give our competitors the most immersive, challenging, and enjoyable hunt we can provide with the vision to continually improve upon each event for all."

"As a result, we will be allowing the capture of droids - a nod to the Jawa culture that started the swap meet, a separate Junior Hunter event - for those new to hunting, and we will be changing how we approach the target list from the previous event - something we will explain further to all prospective competitors nearer the time. Additionally, there will be a full planetary sensor network in place for all future hunts, which droid manufacturing giant, Cybot Galactica, will help us provide for the competitors."


"The Great Hunt will take place from Y20 Day 292 until Day 295, following the commencement ceremony by Mand'alor Kai Oryk and Huntmaster Vi Kairo. As with the previous hunting event, Mando'ade will be providing a winner's pot for First, Second, and Third place finishes and will welcome donations that any groups wish to contribute during this exciting occasion."

"Finally, we look forward to seeing our fellow Mandalorians from across the stars take part and show the rest of the galaxy what we're all made of. Oya!"
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Haat, Ijaat, Haa'it - Truth, Honour, Vision!

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Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 89: Photino Friovor, the leader of Nakesh Alliance Extractions was replaced today by Galain Quin.
Year 21 Day 89: A new military force emerged today. Shadow Wing is a Pirates group and will be led by Victor O`Cuinn. The first headquarters of Shadow Wing opened today in 6,5 Par'jila on Dagu.
Year 21 Day 88: Jeff Kronn, the leader of Rim Commercial Mining was replaced today by Stack Soto.
Year 21 Day 88: Stack Soto, the leader of Rim Commercial Mining was replaced today by Jeff Kronn.