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Imperial No Longer
Posted by: Redjon Mirrabel, Flower Company
Date: Year 20 Day 282 Onboard the Crusader-class Corvette Cardiff Rose in system Xyquine (42, -6).

While news of the rebellion in the Corellian sector has spread across the galaxy like wildfire, actual information regarding the situation has been scarce or distorted by outright lies. This is not just a senseless power grab by a handful of elites, but rather a rejection of an Imperial ideology all too forcefully thrust upon the people of the sector. This has culminated in many planetary populations in the sector standing up and declaring that they will no longer bow before the Imperial throne. This broadcast seeks to clarify what occurred, why it happened, and what happens next.

Corellian, a Sector Fallen From Glory

The past decade has been one of pain for the people of the Corellian sector, regardless of race. The once proud and strong CorSec government that ruled over the vibrant sector began to decline, and it is no secret that the Galactic Empire took advantage of this. The Imperial elites in Coruscant quickly became the real rulers of CorSec, while the Corellian sector and its people became servants to the Empire rather than its allies. Through a series of agreements and deals, CorSec faded from the just and fair rulers of the sector to little more than an outsourced security group, which was a far cry from what once had been.
This was increasingly unacceptable to the Corellian people, who celebrate their proud and independent history as one of the first civilizations to reach galactic prominence, only to be harshly reminded of their continued oppression at the hands of an Empire that cared little for their heritage. With Imperial patrols seizing freighters full of lawful shipments of goods simply due to the captains' political dissent, and citizens suffering brutality at the hands of Stormtroopers, it became clear to much of CorSec that this state of affairs could not be allowed to continue. Even as the Empire broadcast propaganda over the holonet and flew star destroyers over planets, a different message of freedom and independence from this tyrannical regime spread by mouth among the populace as they prepared for the coming uprising. The Empire may have imagined that rounding up dissenters and supposed spies would crush the Corellian spirit, but this was a flame that could not be so easily extinguished.
When the first shots were fired at an Imperial patrol in orbit of Xyquine I almost a month ago, an error on the part of a trigger-happy Corellian, this culmination of decades of mistreatment at the hands of the Empire was thrust into the galactic spotlight. World after world took over their own planetary defense systems and policing as the Imperial puppets were toppled from command and replaced with those who today serve the people of the Corellian sector, regardless of their species, rather than the interests of Coruscant. With help from allied forces in the Cooperative government and elsewhere, billions of sentients have been freed from the Empire and can now for the first time in years experience and enjoy true freedom.

Allied Cooperative Ships Running Through an Imperial Blockade

Vagran and its sister planets were the first to secure their independence, with the Vagran Defense Force able to deter the Imperial Navy until planetary defense systems could be brought online. This was achieved largely due to the almost complete rejection of Imperial ideology by the Vagran populace, who had long been highly accepting of sentients from what the Empire would classify as inferior species, while remaining firmly opposed to the extreme industrialization of planets that has become an unfortunate hallmark of Imperial policy. This rejection of the Empire was most profound among the immigrant Aleena populace, which had grown substantially in recent decades. While the future direction of the system remains the subject of debate, one thing has been made very clear: Vagran will not submit to the Coruscanti ideal and become a city planet that disregards its nature in order to further production quotas.
The Xyquine system has been effectively devastated by the conflict, with the accidental firing of shots alerting the Imperial regime to respond with force. However, that did not prevent several planets from managing to hold out against attacks from the Empire and securing their independence for the time being. Troops on Xyquine III also reported a large Imperial Intelligence and Sith operation, which was attempting to sabotage the defense systems and clear the way for a full scale invasion. One eye witness, a Kushiban whose name has been withheld for his safety, claimed to have pretended to be an idle wildlife creature in order to survive an attack from no fewer than three Sith with drawn lightsabers, who slaughtered his crew. After the attackers passed by, he bravely continued to repair the damage they had done to some of the orbital laser batteries.
The New Plympto system has been definitively secured from the Empire, despite some remaining Imperial outposts. The world of New Plympto itself has become a bustling hub of liberated life in the core, with its temperate environment proving to be an excellent place to settle for refugees from throughout the Corellian sector and the rest of the galactic core. This has led to the planet experiencing extraordinary growth, with an estimated 19 billion immigrants arriving in the past month. However, this has strained local resources, with infrastructure engineers working tirelessly in order to set up not just temporary housing, but also the electricity, plumbing, and transportation routes required for a functioning community of this scale. Regardless, this planet has quickly become the pinnacle of what much of this rebellion was about: common folk working together in order to ensure mutual prosperity apart from an Empire that only cared about the prosperity of its own higher orders.

Rejoicing Sentients, Freed From the Empire

With the victories in Vagran, New Plympto, and to a lesser degree in Xyquine, many have taken to celebrating the newfound freedom of these systems, planets, and sentients. However, it is important not to forget the price that was paid and the deaths that occurred in order to secure that freedom. While it may have been a relatively bloodless fight, there were still many deaths, and many more have gone missing. If anyone is unsure whether their loved ones have survived, they are advised to contact Dobbs Mottley  for further information.
Finally, let us not forget that countless sentients remain oppressed by the Empire, and while many have been freed from its tyranny in the last month, they are ultimately but a small fraction of those who are routinely abused under the Imperial regime. Those interested in assisting efforts to resist the Empire are urged to contact Redjon Mirrabel or any local anti-imperial movement leader.

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Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 87: New Republic has been renamed to Rebel Alliance. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 21 Day 87: Rebel Alliance has been renamed to Phoenix Salvage. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 21 Day 87: Mouse Woodlake, the leader of Galactic Weapon Systems was replaced today by James Ices.
Year 21 Day 87: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Tharandon Environmental specializes in Recycling and will be led by Benedict Tharandon. The first headquarters of Tharandon Environmental opened today in Old Hope #4 on Urce III.
Year 21 Day 86: Zoe di Vigne, the leader of Fath Industries was replaced today by Sadie de Chatillon.
Year 21 Day 85: Jeff Kronn, the leader of Rim Commercial Mining was replaced today by Stack Soto.
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Year 21 Day 85: Ximaro Jix, the leader of Zann Consortium was replaced today by Kyota Navic.