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Bando Gora Revelation: Order Of The One Sith Rises
Posted by: Darin Byrch, Bando Gora
Date: Year 20 Day 337 Onboard the Veltraa-class Cruiser [DB]Cardinal Sin in system Venaari (183, 198).


On Day 329 of Year 20, a selected group of news reporters from every corner of the galaxy had gathered before the Bando Gora’s Citadel, located on planet Venaari. The labyrinthine, ominous structure, built at the peak of a mountain overlooking the capital city of Ven-Kav, dwarfed everything in sight, its facades of dark concrete foreshadowing what would have soon unfolded. Despite the numerous requests, access within the Citadel had been routinely denied by the armed and armored sentinels posted at the entrance—only members, allies, and a restricted number of trusted guests had the privilege of visiting the home of the most notorious Force cult. It wasn’t until dawn, after hours of waiting, that the sinister black door of the Citadel began opening, a thunderous mechanical sound flooding the ears of those gathered outside. From the depths of the Citadel emerged the powerful Force user known as Darin Byrch, a Chagrian from the ancestral world of his people: Champala, in the Bogden sector.




Byrch’s imposing figure stood at the highest of the large steps leading up to the black door, his blue eyes scrutinizing the congregation below. Donning black robes and an elaborate ceremonial armor as dark as the building behind him, the High Priest of Bando Gora lifted the open palm of his left hand as a sign of greeting. One couldn’t help but feel the sheer charisma that Byrch’s mere presence seemed to propagate. Perhaps his mastery of the Force influenced the souls and minds of those around him, or perhaps he was naturally gifted with such a magnetism that was impossible to ignore. It was simple to understand how such a sentient had raised to lead an organization like the Bando Gora. Even those who, while waiting for something to happen, had declared skepticism, or even mistrust, now stood in silence, their focus glued to the majestic Chagrian as they waited for him to speak.


"I greet all of you," High Priest Darin Byrch finally uttered. "The Bando Gora has been a bastion of true freedom for all sentients across the galaxy. From this date and for the rest of days, the Bando Gora shall be known as something even greater."


The High Priest went on to summarize what the Bando Gora had originally been, and what the organization had become under his wise guidance. A reemergence of a Force cult from before the Clone Wars, the Bando Gora had once been a deadly power in the underbelly of the galaxy. Operated out of the Bogden sector, the name Bando Gora itself had become akin to a terrifying boogeyman to the citizens of Bogden. However, years before the Clone Wars had begun, the cult was destroyed when an exorbitant bounty was placed on the leader, a fallen Jedi. Decades later, a child of the Bogden sector embraced the Dark Side, and brought the cult back from the grave. The Bando Gora was alive once again.Taking legends he had heard as a child, the information that he had discovered about the Cult's history, and the teachings that he had received over the years, he shaped the Bando Gora into what he wanted to see. Unlike his predecessors, he chose not to use his power to corrupt his followers and thus creating mindless beings of servitude. He chose, instead, to focus on leading his people to prosperity, even if it meant destroying the rest of the galaxy.


That child of the Bogden sector was none other than High Priest Darin Byrch, the Chagrian whose abilities and allure had helped restore an organization long forgotten—one that now had been brought to prominence once again. Darkness had descended upon the Citadel  when Byrch revealed the true purpose of the gathering. "A truth will soon be revealed to you," the High Priest announced, a murmur following his words. As a score of guards lit the ceremonial braziers of wrought iron placed at either side of the black door, the floating droids recording the event swirled around the High Priest. "Come," Byrch ordered with an ample gesture. "Reveal yourselves." At his command, other figures loomed from the shadows past the threshold of the black door. One by one, at a deliberate, almost mesmerizing pace that reminded of a ritual, the newcomers arranged themselves in a perfect line behind the High Priest. They all donned armors or garments black as night, haunting masks shrouding a few of their visages. Darin Byrch pointed each one of them in turn, pronouncing their names with a booming voice: "Darth Custos, Darth Valefica, Darth Crucus, Darth Regiis, Darth Cinerus, and Darth Drachen."




"From this date and for the rest of days," the High Priest continued, "I shall be known as Darth Pristis, Dark Lord of the Sith." The reporters who had traveled to Venaari exploded in a blaring turmoil, their frantic voices a cacophony rising in the brisk air. The Chagrian immediately quieted the crowd with his own powerful words. "The Bando Gora shall continue to champion absolute freedom  through the Code, and the One Sith,"


Peace is a lie, there is only passion

Through passion, I gain strength

Through strength, I gain power

Through power, I gain victory

Through victory, my chains are broken

The Force shall free me. 


Byrch recited the Code of the Sith before he explained the vision that would have now driven the Bando Gora forward. Unlike the Sith of old, who thrived on controlled chaos, constant conflict and the concept of survival of the fittest, Bando Gora would have respected and obeyed the will of the newly revealed Dark Lord. One leader, one purpose. This philosophy, known as the Rule of One, ensured that the Cult would have stayed focused on its goal to bring true freedom and wealth throughout a galaxy in turmoil. Freedom by whatever means necessary. Those who had embraced the Dark Side would be organized as acolytes, apprentices, lords and ladies, and Darths, while those who were unable to project the Force would have been treated equally and given the same opportunities to grow and prosper. The Dark Lord assured that the Cult would have doubled its efforts to achieve its goals and vanquish whoever would have been foolish enough  to stand in its way.

"Throughout history," Byrch stated, "the Sith have been ravaged by civil war and conspiring against one another. That is not our way. We are a singularity. No enclaves or pyramids. We exist for the sole purpose of bringing the Sith, our vision of the Sith, to prominence. We are One, and for that we are powerful." The black door of the Citadel opened fully, a loud metallic creaking muffling the crackling of the braziers and the mating calls of nocturnal wild animals that could be heard off in the distance. A glimpse inside the grand entrance  hall of the Citadel was revealed, the intricate architecture resembling that of an ancient temple. The Dark Lord of the Sith signaled that it was time to retreat within the chambers of the Citadel, but not before he had addressed those gathered before him one last time. "Take your new knowledge of us, and spread it to the corners of the galaxy. We are here, and we are One."

The Dark Lord and his congregation of Sith warriors disappeared in the bowels of the Citadel, leaving the reporters outside in a state of shock. There was no doubt that the galaxy at large would hear more from Darth Pristis and the Bando Gora in the future. 

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