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Posted by: Nikolaj Eyre, The Cooperative
Date: Year 20 Day 338 Onboard the Crusader-class Corvette Dragonfly of AbusE in system n/a (114, -212).

HYPORI, FERRA - On D330 Y20, Sol Savrek was imprisoned then summarily executed by Caedmon Gaines, with the approval of fellow accomplices and conspirators Redjon Mirrabel and initially Nikolaj Eyre under dubious charges. These charges consisting of attempted theft, dissemination of intelligence, jeopardizing the safety of a political refugee, plotting treachery, and general abuse of power have been since highly disputed or unfounded.

Reporters gather inside of the audience chamber on the capital world of Hypori as the last remnants of recently attempted coup d'etat are put out across the numerous worlds of the Cooperative. Silence takes the crowd as Solarius Masha takes center stage to begin his announcement.

"Greetings, I come to you at this time as a crisis has taken root at the very center of our government, jeopardizing all that we hold and cherish. It is only thanks to the true believers of our vision, our ideals, and our morality, that we have succeeded and protected this government from those who seek to do harm for their own greed, their own corruption. Before I continue further though, I would like to present Nikolaj Eyre live from the Garden of Fallen Heroes."

The screen transfers to Nikolaj Eyre in silent contemplation in the garden, before looking up to address the audience, and begins his speech.

"I come before you all, heavy heart in hand to speak up against the harming of a trusting man. The late Sol Savrek offered my group a unique chance to help start something amazing in what was once the eXiles space, which quickly became our home. Working together with Redjon Mirrabel and Caedmon Gaines of the Flower Company, we united to form the government known as The Cooperative.

Today, I must confront the unfortunate circumstance that has forced its way into our lives; the capture of Sol Savrek by Caedmon Gaines, with the assistance of Redjon Mirrabel and myself. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, I would never have dreamt I’d be forced to weigh the decision I found myself in. The choice between supporting two of my peers and my morals, sense of injustice against the people and values of The Cooperative.

It’s not my intention to make people believe my hands are clean as they are forevermore stained until my dying breath from the sins I have committed. I apologize to the people of the Cooperative for failing to act decisively sooner. This apology further extends to Redjon Mirrabel and Caedmon Gaines as I should have provided a better council regarding this matter. There are no saints or heroes here tonight."

As the live feed ends of Nikolaj Eyre personally overseeing the digging of the grave, the screen turns back to Solarius Masha, who begins his closing statement.

'Thank you, Nikolaj Eyre, for standing for your beliefs, and protecting the sanctity of the office you hold. I would like to announce that due to their actions of greed, corruption, abuse of power, and murder of fellow a leader and high command member Sol Savrek, Caedmon Gaines is hereby wanted in chains before the court to answer for his crimes. Co-conspirator Redjon Mirrabel, while being suspected to have been in an ill state of mind, has tendered his resignation, and has been banished henceforth from the government and its holdings for his involvement.

In addition, on a sober note, a memorial service is planned for Sol Savrek at the Hypori palace pending a further announcement on the main government communications network. As he is laid to rest, so shall the Cooperative, to be reborn again anew under a new banner. Per his final wishes, Hugh Grishnak has been granted the late Crimson Lord’s position on the high council joining Nikolaj Eyre and me, to form a triumvirate to lead the government towards a better future in the days ahead as we move forward from this tragedy."

End of Transmission.

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