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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Kerdos Company and Smugglers Guild Reveal New System
Posted by: Sol Mazer, The Smugglers Guild
Date: Year 20 Day 343 From the Hotel Olos Embassy Suites and Concert Hall in New Dawn on Mrlsst Asteroid VII (16, -97).

We interrupt your program to tell you of a new star system called "Mennaalii."  The leadership of both Kerdos Company and the Smugglers Guild made the discovery some days ago.  Currently, Guild leader Sol Mazer is holding an audience with the people of Mrlsst: who are an avian-based sentient not yet seen!  We now go live to the address ….

*The holo snaps to a crowded theater.  The audience is a motley of feathers, colors, and beaks. Mazer paces before them on stage.*

“It is a great day to welcome you all into the galactic community.  During the last week, we have been in talks with your leaders.  We have discussed at great length your security and trade opportunities.  I am pleased to announce that through the pan-galactic power that the Smugglers Guild and Kerdos Company wields, there will be total safety of your peoples for all time.  No war shall ravish Mrlsst.  No shield will be erected to diminish your skies.  No city built to pollute this paradise.  We come in peace!”

*The crowd squawks and caws in approval.  Feathers fly as wings wave in applause.  Smiling, Mazer wipes away a tear and continues.*

“That is not all… Our scans of the asteroids of this system have found troubling signs!  Radioactive elements!  Rocks that burn! Minerals that are sharp and pointy!  These hazards will be removed from the system at no cost to you.  Your safety is paramount… Let our technology save you from these perils!”

*More caws of approval and feathers.*

"And the trouble on Mrlsst...  Bandits!  Ferocious beasts!! We have called for our allies to come and eradicate these threats that walk your world without concern.  The dangerous animals and marauders you encounter in your wilds will find a quick, painful end.  All for your safety.  All a part of our promise to you.”

 *More squawks.  Signs are waved in the audience.  One reads “Daroona for President!” another has "VOTE for ZAFF!" in large letters.  Mazer holds up both hands to quiet the audience. *

“As a token of our pact, I present to you this commissioned art piece…”

*Mazer pulls a cord to reveal a large mural on the stage behind him.*

“Let this be a symbol of our mutual prosperity.  And know this, my dear friends... You will always be safely nestled in our hands- or our designee’s.”

*Squawks and caws and feathers fill the holo transmission to its end.*


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Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 132: A new military force emerged today. The Skulls SG is a Pirates group and will be led by Fenri Bjornolf. The first headquarters of The Skulls SG opened today in Partold II 4,2 on Partold II.
Year 21 Day 132: Stack Soto, the leader of Rim Commercial Mining was replaced today by Jeff Kronn.