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Shadola Sector appoints new Governing Power : update from Alissma
Posted by: Kuro Neko, Alissma
Date: Year 20 Day 361 Onboard the MC-60 Star Cruiser [ALM] The Grace of Ara in system Baummu (428, 180).

As the signal gains strength and the static reduces, voices may be heard.  A male human voice says: "Kuro, transmitters are warming up and we are starting the broadcast."
The reply is from a voice with vowels sounds that change between a deep cat-like purr and soft growl: "George, dial up holo-chapel number four for me, I'll use that today."
The human replies: "Kuro, how about number one, or one of the new ones?"
The feline voice says: "No George, number one was rubbish, and so are the new ones."

The signal becomes stronger and an image of a humanoid cat-like creature appears.

Kuro Neko in an alter setting

"Greetings to the faithful of Ara, citizens of the Shadola sector, and all others who receive this broadcast.

"I am Kuro Neko, Steward of Alissma and Ruetsavii priest of Ara.  I am here today to provide further information about changes that have recently been announced, that affect the Shadola sector.

"Until recently, Alissma was the official controlling power in the Shadola sector.  But in recent years we have seen more bandits and pirates appearing in our systems and we have had to develop paramilitary forces to keep the citizens of Shadola safe.  At the same time we have expanded commercial development of the sector, making use of the abundant natural resources we have at our disposal.  However, management of these practical matters has impinged on the spiritual work of Alissma.  After deep discussions among all those who have been developing Shadola, and within Alissma, we have jointly decided to make changes that will allow the material development of Shadola to move ahead at greater speed.  At the same time Alissma will be freed up to concentrate on the divine and holy.

"With Ara's blessing, and mine, the Shadolan Authority has been given jurisdiction over Shadola.  The Shadolan Authority, under Empress Aylee I of House Stewart, and associated groups, will handle all secular matters in the sector on behalf of Alissma.  Alissma will continue to provide spiritual guidance.

"If Alissma is managing your religious facilities then nothing will change: you will continue to receive revenue from these sources.  All other matters will be handled by The Shadolan Authority: security, system access, planet access, permission to develop cities, and so forth.  In practice, you may not notice any difference, except perhaps these requests may be handled more quickly and efficiently."

The speaker, Kuro Neko, pauses and looks down at his script.

"And now I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of some of the work we do in Alissma, spreading the word of Ara."

The picture changes to a meeting room, a recording with Kuro Neko at centre dressed in a red holy robe addressing a disparate group of sentients.  

Kuro Neko addressing a group of sentients

Kuro Neko continues to speak over the image.

"Soon it will be the time, when every year our priests go forth and distribute presents to the good and deserving in the Shadola sector.  In little over a month's time you may see our ships flying overhead dropping off presents during the night.  Remember, Ara knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!"

As the image fades back to Kuro Neko in the studio chapel, Kuro Neko raises his right paw and says: "The sign of Ara."

With his paw Kuro Neko draws a vertical line in the air, then moves up and slightly to the right, then across horizontally, makes a little half-circle, moves up vertically, and then makes another quarter-circle with a half-twist.

As the broadcast fades, Kuro Neko says: "May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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