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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Centurions return to crusade.
Posted by: Ignatius vi Cron, Notron Centurions
Date: Year 20 Day 361 From the Command Centre The Colosseum in Port Orlais on Loedorvia (-61, -40).

On Year 20 Day 333 the Notron Centurions, a group disbanded centuries ago that traces it's legacy back to the Taung Wars re-emerged under the leadership of the Zhellic Priest Vicar Erasmus I. The original Notron Centurions defended Holy Notron, the Zhell homeworld, against foreign aggression which lead to their involvement in the millennia long crusades. After the 34th and final crusade, no longer serving a purpose, the organization was disbanded and it's members settled across the galaxy.

Here today in Port Orlais, Zhellic faithful have gathered for the first address of the Vicar since the Galactic News Service informed the galaxy of their resurgence.

"Greetings faithful, I would like to thank you all for making the pilgrimage to be with me here today. As you're all aware, Sanctuary Prime has begun a campaign of hate and aggression, an unprovoked war against all the Zhell tribes." The Vicar paused, bowed his head a moment before he raised it and continued on. "Just over 100 days ago our Grand Vicar declared the beginning of the 35th crusade with the full support of the High Synod, a crusade I deeply believe in. Though we were silent during that time we were not idle, our call was sent to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.Your ancestors dutifully gave their blood and lives in service of the Thirteen and many of you here today have decided to do the same." Applause from the crowd broke out but quickly died down as the Vicar raised his arms. "With the declaration of a new crusade I have resurrected the Notron Centurions, a group that for over a millennia protected the Zhell keeping them safe in times of war. I will lead this group as it's Legatus and continue to serve the Zhell as the Vicar of Azurba. Unlike those in organizations such as The Krath who are more than willing to stand back and watch the eradication of the human species in our galaxy, the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy the Notron Centurions and with the help of the faithful followers of the Thirteen we will defend our culture and our ways of life from those who threaten it, like our ancestors before us. I feel for the human members serving a government that condones the mass execution of their species, because I know you must feel helpless. Fear not, the rest of the Zhell will protect you.

With me here today is the leader of our faith His High Holiness Grand Vicar Cronus IX."

Erasmus stepped aside and the Grand Vicar moved into frame. "Today marks a new day. A day where the Centurions once more fight for the survival of the Zhellic peoples. Champions of the thirteen Battalions of Zhell in time immemorial, they have been on the front line of our survival for tens of thousands of years.

Again these brave men and women answer the call. They seek to end the blight on the galaxy that is 'Sanctuary Prime'. They fight not the non-Zhell, but the terrorists and their supporters. They fight for the Zhellic peoples, be they Coruscanti or Miralan, Naboo or Zeltron, Corellian or Iridonian, Hapan or Kiffar, Chiss or Kuati, Alderaanian or Thyferran. All of Humanity and its various lost colonies are under their protection and, like the Faith, they will fight to defend them.

Praise be the Thirteen, Blessed be the Faithful, and victorious be the Centurions!"

Erasmus joined the Grand Vicar centre stage as the crowd erupted into a deafened applause. "Thank you for being here with us today your High Holiness. 

Victory to the Centurions."

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Events in Brief
Year 21 Day 220: Locrian Industries was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 21 Day 219: Xanxus Drol, the leader of Temple of Zann was replaced today by Shall Ti.